I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Successful Scheme!

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Samael: Now I’m a little motivated!

— — —

“You aren’t going to look at it?” Fang Heng couldn’t help but ask. 

“I don’t need to.” 

“I see. That’s on you, but I can assure you that this painting of Drinking Horse is authentic, so there’s no need for you to harbour any doubts.” 

“I believe you. And if you happen to find any treasures in the future, feel free to come to me. I’ll be more than happy to give you a reasonable price.” Wang Haoran said. 

“Then you have to prepare hundreds of millions or even billions. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t be able to afford it all.” Fang Heng said. 

“Don’t worry; I’ll take as much as you can give.” 

“Okay, if you say so!” Fang Heng was overjoyed. 

These antiques are incredibly expensive. 

‘With the Golden Finger, it wouldn’t take long before I can empty out half of the Wang Family’s fortune!’ 

[Samael: In your dreams, pal.] 

When Wang Haoran no longer has any money for him to collect, he’ll mock him so badly he’ll never show his face again! 

“Come outside. I need to tell you something; it’ll only take a while.” Fang Xuan secretly sent a message to Wang Haoran. From her face, it was clear that she was a bit worried. 

The two entered a vacant ward. 

With no one else around… 

Fang Xuan asked him, suspicious of his intent: 

“You’ve already given the 10 million, so why did you promise my brother you’d buy more of the treasures he collects in the future?” 

“Why not? If not me, then who? The moment he asks an expert, they’ll determine that the previous ones are fake. When that happens, how will he explain the 10 million he earned?” Wang Haoran deceived Fang Xuan with a question of his own. 

Fang Xuan was stunned. 

Her emotions were chaotic, and her thoughts were so complicated that she couldn’t realize the problem. 

But after hearing Wang Haoran’s explanation, she couldn’t help but admire him for his thoughtful and considerate actions. 

“But now that you’ve bought from him twice, my brother naively thinks that he really can identify treasures. If he finds more treasures in the future, will you really continue to spend hundreds of millions to buy them?” Fang Xuan asked, finding yet another problem. 

‘Hah, spend money to buy it?’ 

‘As if!’ 

“I’ll continue collecting them, yes, but you’ll be the one to receive the payment,” Wang Haoran replied. 

Fang Xuan suddenly realized. 

Wang Haoran doesn’t have to give a penny, since she can easily lie to her brother and say that she already received the money. 

If her younger brother asks for the money, she can find a way to stall him. 

After all, this younger brother still respects his elder sister. If she doesn’t want to give him money, then he definitely wouldn’t force the issue. 

Fang Xuan found Wang Haoran’s idea to be brilliant! 

“You’re smart! No wonder your grades are so good!” Fang Xuan couldn’t help but praise him. 

[Ding! The host successfully tricked the heroine, Fang Xuan, affecting the plot direction. Receiving 200 villain points!

  • Fang Heng’s Protagonist’s Halo -10!
  • Host’s Villain’s Halo +10!] 

Wang Haoran smiled in secret. 

‘Of course, I’m smart. In the future, I can buy antiques from Fang Heng for free while selling them for huge profits.’ 

Thanks to Fang Heng, he’ll end up becoming a millionaire, perhaps even a billionaire! 


After leaving the hospital, Wang Haoran sat in the Cullinan and returned to the hotel he stayed at. 

As soon as the door was opened, a shadowy figure rushed toward him. 

The moon and stars are sparse outside, as a fierce battle raged on. Time passed quickly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

When Wang Haoran picked up his phone to check the time, he found it was already 12:00 AM. 

Wen Jing slept like a log, like a well-behaved kitten. 

Chu Bai’s body was cold by now and Xu Muyan’s favorability of him was high. Thus, Wen Jing should hold little value to him. 

However, rather than ruthlessly turning his face and abandoning her… 

Wen Jing was simply too good to be true. He can leave her be to do whatever she wants, and she doesn’t cause him even the slightest bit of trouble. 

Compared with those female protagonists, Wang Haoran felt that he was the most peaceful, most relaxed, and most comfortable when he was with her. 

He wasn’t sleepy at the moment, so he opened the attribute panel to take a look. 

His Villain Points had grown to new heights, 3600. 

Once again, he spent 3,000 villain points and bought another six years’ worth of Internal Energy. 

At the same time, his attributes panel updated itself. 

[Host: Wang Haoran] 

[Combat value: 829] 

[Charm: 268] 

[Villain Halo: 651] 

[Villain Point: 600] 


  • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
  • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun[1]
  • God-level Singing Skills
  • Movie-level Acting skills
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)[2]
  • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
  • Internal Energy (12 years)]

[1. Singing Spring Fist changed to Wing Chun

2. Supreme Poison Scripture changed to Supreme Poison Sutra]

— — —

[In an interrogation room the next morning] 

Xiao Yifeng’s mental state wasn’t looking very good, and his mood reflected it. 

The temperature of the air conditioner in the interrogation room was too low, forcing him to use his Internal Energy to ward off the cold. Needless to say, he didn’t get a good rest last night. 

Moreover, the stools in this interrogation room were also hard. And after sitting for so long, even his buttocks were numb. 

Plus, ever since he was brought in yesterday, he wasn’t offered even a drop of water, let alone food. 

Very uncomfortable, to say the least. 

So when someone came to work this morning, Xiao Yifeng shouted as loud as he could. 

There’s surveillance in the interrogation room, and people outside can see all movements made by Xiao Yifeng. 

After a while, Ling Duanya walked in. 

“Are you willing to confess?” 

“Yes, but I’m very hungry right now.” 

“Get someone to bring in some food.” Ling Duanya said to her colleague. 

After a while, water and food were brought in. 

Xiao Yifeng had a full meal and touched his bloated belly with great satisfaction. 

“Let’s talk.” Ling Duanya turned on the interrogation recorder. 

“About what?” Xiao Yifeng shaved his teeth with his little fingernails. 

With a bang, she hit the table once again. 

[Samael: That poor table, what’d it do to deserve this?] 

“You tricked me?!” Ling Duanya said angrily. 

“Don’t be angry; I’ll tell you.” Xiao Yifeng said with a smile, “Beauty, you are sick. It’s not just any ordinary illness, most people won’t even be able to cure it… but I can. With just a massage and no pain at all, my hands will cure your disease.” 

Ling Duanya took a deep breath and resisted the urge to hit him. 

She is sick, yes, but Wang Haoran had already offered to treat her. Thus, she wasn’t worried at all. 

[Samael: Again, please do not take medical advice from strangers, particularly 18-year-olds who don’t have a medical license.] 

What Xiao Yifeng said about massage therapy was simply him trying to take advantage of her. 

The same can be said for his alternative treatment. Wang Haoran mentioned she only needed some medicine, a massage wasn’t mentioned at all. 

And Xiao Yifeng said that the massage was absolutely necessary… 

‘This is obviously bullshit.’ 

“You can stay here and enjoy the air conditioner.” Ling Duanya didn’t want to waste time with Xiao Yifeng. 

“Beauty, you have to believe me, your disease can’t be cured by ordinary people. There is no other person in Qingling City who can cure your disease except me. If you don’t accept my treatment, you will be paralyzed…” 


The sound of the door closing immediately stopped Xiao Yifeng’s chatter. 

— — —

[Outside the interrogation room] 

“The guy inside will be detained for 36 hours. During those 36 hours, you are not to give him any food or water.” Ling Duanya said to a new colleague. 

“Sister Ling, this isn’t in line with the rules, is it?” The colleague had some doubts. 

“This guy is definitely a thief. Don’t follow the normative procedures too much when dealing with this kind of person. I’ll take care of anything.” Ling Duanya said. 

“Understood, Sister Ling.” The colleague responded. 

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