I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Attending the First Year of Junior High?

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— — —

Ling Duanya would’ve gone back to work after she finished speaking to her new colleague… 

However, a messenger arrived. The boss sent a message: 

Ling Duanya was to release Xiao Yifeng. 

Ling Duanya rushed to the office to ask why, only to learn that Qin Kai had found a lawyer who came over to bail Xiao Yifeng. 

With no other choice, Ling Duanya could only let him go. 

“Beauty, I’ll be leaving first. If you want to get medical treatment, you can come to me at any time. I’ll be there for you 24 hours a day.” 

When Xiao Yifeng regained his freedom, he felt delighted. However, before he left, he made an offer to Ling Duanya – still wanting to take advantage of her. 

“Go away!” Ling Duanya coldly replied. 

Her expression was freezing, even showing signs of deep disgust. 

Xiao Yifeng’s mood instantly deflated, the laughter on his face slowly disappearing, as he helplessly followed the lawyer into the long limousine. 

Qin Kai was waiting for him in the car. 

“The matter of your enrollment has been resolved.” Qin Kai said with a slight frown. 

“I can go to school now? That’s great!” Xiao Yifeng was so excited that he jumped from his seat. 

Qin Kai gave him an astonished look upon seeing his reaction. 

“I’m just glad that I can finally protect the Eldest Lady better.” Xiao Yifeng quickly calmed down and explained with a smile. 

In truth, the reason why he was so excited was because he could finally spend time with Qin Yunhan. 

With this opportunity, he wasn’t far from his goal of stealing her heart. 

It would be strange if he wasn’t excited. 

“Although I can enrol you, there is a small problem.” Qin Kai said. 

“What small problem?” 

“Once you’re enrolled, you and Qin Yunhan won’t be in the same class.” 

“Not in the same class?” Xiao Yifeng was a little disappointed, but soon resumed his smile and said: 

“It’s okay to be in the same grade.” 

“Not the same grade.” Qin Kai’s expression grew stranger. 

“Sophomore?” Xiao Yifeng asked in surprise. 

“First year…” Qin Kai said with much difficulty. 

“What?!” Xiao Yifeng was shocked, “The first year of junior high[1]? This has to be a joke!”

[1. AKA 7th grade.] 

He was nineteen years old, and he was sent to study in the same class with a group of children who were either eleven or twelve years old. Others might think that he was mentally retarded, which would make people laugh out loud. 

“Although Mr. Tang agreed to let you go to school, he asked that you go in accordance with the normal process. You haven’t read any books in the village, and your education level has not reached the level of someone in the third year of high school. At most, you’re qualified for the first year of junior high school at most.” Qin Kai bitterly stated. 

Preferably, he wanted to arrange for Xiao Yifeng to be in Qin Yunhan’s class. Alas, Mr. Tang did not seem open for negotiations. 

That was simply something that he couldn’t do anything about. 

But even though Xiao Yifeng would only be admitted to the first year of junior high school, both the juniors and seniors were on the same campus. It was definitely better for Xiao Yifeng to be inside than it was for him to be outside. 

“Uncle Qin, is it really appropriate for a person of my age to be a 7th grader?” Xiao Yifeng said reluctantly. 

“Of course not, but you don’t really need to attend the classes anyway. Your job is to protect Yunhan, regardless of what grade you’re in.” 


“No buts. As long as you can protect Yunhan well, I’ll definitely find a way to make it worth your while.” Qin Kai advised. 

“Then… that’s fine.” Xiao Yifeng reluctantly agreed. 

‘Although I’ll probably be the laughing stock of the freshmen for being there at my age, if I can save the Eldest Lady a few times and make her look more favourably at me, it would definitely be worth it.’ 

At the same time… 

[Ding! The Host manipulated behind the scenes, causing the Protagonist Xiao Yifeng to enter the first year of junior high school, and influencing the plot’s direction, receiving 200 villain points!] 

Wang Haoran, who had just arrived at the classroom door, suddenly received a system prompt. 

— — —

“I’ll have someone take you to school,” Qin Kai said. 

“No need, it’s not far from the school. I’ll just walk over by myself.” Xiao Yifeng wasn’t in a good mood and wanted to take a walk. 

“Alright then.” Qin Kai nodded. 

After Xiao Yifeng got out of the car, he walked along the road toward the school. 

Halfway through, he passed by a park. 

It was early in the morning. 

And the park’s air was very fresh. 

Xiao Yifeng walked into the park and sat on the bench for a while, breathing in the fresh air as he adjusted his mood. 

He didn’t notice how much time had passed until an old man on his morning jog came by and decided to join him on the bench. 

The old man’s face was slightly pale, and he seemed to suffer from shortness of breath. 

Seeing this, Xiao Yifeng immediately stood up and helped the old man with a massage. 

[Mohking: Why TF is this guy, giving out messages to random people.]

[Samael: I keep telling people not to take medical shit from strangers-]

In less than two minutes, the old man’s complexion returned to normal, and his breathing stabilized. 

“Thank you, young man.” The old man said gratefully. 

“Just working my hands.” Xiao Yifeng waved his hands and reminded: 

“Old man, you’re no longer as young as you once were, so don’t go for exercises so early in the morning. It’s very dangerous.” 

“It’s because I’m old that I want to exercise more; otherwise, the old bones will rust.” The old man sighed. 

“Although you’re right, your method is wrong.” 

“Young man, your massage technique just now was rather skilful, are you proficient in the field of medicine?” the old man asked in surprise. 

“I’ve studied medicine since I was a child, and while I don’t dare to say that I am the first in the world, it would be no problem to claim that I am second.” Xiao Yifeng eloquently replied. 

He didn’t feel like he was bragging. To him, the old man’s medical skills were the best in the world. As the only successor to the old man, he inherited around 80% – 90% of the old man’s skills, so to say he was second would be no problem at all. 

“Little friend, please tell me, how should I exercise then?” The old man couldn’t help but ask for advice upon seeing the other party’s confidence. 


“Let me teach you a set of Jiu Duan Jin, this one should be quite suitable for you.” Xiao Yifeng replied after thinking about it. 

“I have heard of Ba Duan Jin, but I’ve never heard of Jiu Duan Jin.” The old man replied, his face full of surprise. 

“It’s a modified version of the Ba Duan Jin, but the effect of exercise is at least five times higher than that of Ba Duan Jin. Look carefully, old man, I’ll show it to you!” 

Xiao Yifeng said, immediately getting up from the bench and stretching a bit. 

The set of exercises was slow and looked similar to any ordinary school campus’ gymnastic routines. However, since Xiao Yifeng – someone with Internal Energy – was the one performing it, the simple act of stretching his hands and feet caused the vague phantom of a mighty tiger to appear, like some sort of martial arts show. 

The old man was shocked. 

Previously, he was quite suspicious of Xiao Yifeng’s words. However, now, every doubt he harboured was simply gone. 

This guy was definitely no simpleton! 

This young man is a hero! 

After finishing the display, Xiao Yifeng stood up and asked: 

“Did you memorize it?” 

“This old man is dull, and I can only remember half of it.” The old man said, ashamed. 

“Being able to remember half of it isn’t bad at all, but I have to go to school now, so it’ll be inconvenient for me to continue teaching you.” Xiao Yifeng said. 

“The only nearby school is Shui Zhe Middle School. Are you going to Shui Zhe Middle School?” the old man asked.

“Yes.” Xiao Yifeng nodded. 

“My granddaughter studies there as well. She’s about the same age as you, so maybe we’ll meet again.” The old man smiled. 

“Then what’s your granddaughter’s name?” Xiao Yifeng asked casually. 

“My surname is Mu, Mu Zong. And my granddaughter’s name is Mu Zhaozhao.” The old man replied. 

“Mu Zhaozhao?!” Xiao Yifeng was shocked. 

Wasn’t that the name of the Eldest Lady’s hardcore bestfriend? 

The old man in front of him was actually Mu Zhaozhao’s grandfather. 

“Mr. Mu, it would appear that our fates are intertwined. I’ll teach you Jiu Duan Jin when I’m free in the afternoon, right here in this park. Will you have time later?” 

After learning that the other party was Mu Zhaozhao’s grandfather, Xiao Yifeng became much more eager. 

“The old man is living in a rare age, and it happens to be my birthday today, so I’m afraid…” Mu Cong suddenly became a little embarrassed. 

“I’ll go to you then!” Xiao Yifeng changed his tone. 

“Yes, that would be very good.” Mu Zong nodded with a smile. 

Xiao Yifeng also smiled; he was even happier than Mu Zong himself. 

Since it was Mu Zong’s birthday, Mu Zhaozhao – the granddaughter – was sure to be present. 

According to Qin Kai, the Qin and Mu families share a friendly relationship. As such, Qin Yunhan is likely to be there as well. 

Once Mu Zong asks for help, he’d have the chance to show off his great abilities. That way, the Eldest Lady and Mu Zhaozhao would be sure to view him in a new light!

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