I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 80


Chapter 80: Preventing the Protagonist from Pretentiously Face-Slapping People!

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[Translator/Proofreader: Samael] 

— — —

[Before morning class] 

Qin Yunhan had just finished washing up, and she was about to ask Mu Zhaozhao to go to the classroom together. 

“Sister Yunhan, what do you think of my handwriting?” 

Mu Zhaozhao carefully spread out the long piece of paper on the table, revealing a type of brush calligraphy. 

She wrote a letter wishing its receiver a great and blessed birthday. 

Mu Zhaozhao started writing this last night, finishing it in the early hours of the morning. 

She wrote it no less than thirty times in total. In her opinion, this was the best one out of all the previous ones she made. 

“If Grandpa Mu knew that you only slept for two or three hours last night just so you could write him such beautiful calligraphy, he would be smiling from ear to ear. He wouldn’t care how you wrote it.” Qin Yunhan said . 

“This is very important. My grandfather is a famous calligrapher, and he was the one who taught me how to write. If I can’t write well, wouldn’t that bring him shame?” 

“Look, I really don’t know anything about calligraphy. To be honest with you, I think the ones you wrote are pretty good. I really can’t see any difference.” Qin Yunhan said as she rolled her eyes. 

“Forget it; I’ll choose this one.” 

Mu Zhaozhao dismissed the idea of ​​asking Qin Yunhan for advice, simply choosing the one she thought was the best, before carefully rolling it up. 

“Sister Yunhan, let’s go. But first, let’s have breakfast before returning to class.” Mu Zhaozhao took out the key and prepared to lock the door. 

Qin Yunhan left the room, stepped out, and said: 

“Don’t eat yet. Let’s save some room in our stomachs to eat at the birthday banquet.” 

— — —

‘Mu Zhaozhao’s grandpa is celebrating his birthday today.’ 

As he listened in on the conversation from his earphone, Wang Haoran received this important piece of news. 

If Wang Haoran had to guess… 

There’s a high possibility that Mu Zong’s birthday banquet wouldn’t be a peaceful one. 

If you were to look at those urban cool novels, places like KTV, bars, birthday banquets, etc. are all areas where protagonists tend to pretentiously slap people in the face. 

That would mean Mu Zong himself is a member of the supporting cast. 

In addition, thanks to the birthday banquet, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao will both be present. 

As such, there was a high possibility of drama occurring. 

When he thought of this, Wang Haoran immediately took out his mobile phone and called Wang Xiang. 

“My baby boy, are you short of money? How much do you want? I’ll send it to you directly.” After answering the phone, Wang Xiang said directly. 

“I’m not short on money. I just wanted to ask you something. Do you know someone named Mu Zong?” 

“Did Mu Zong mess with you? How impudent, for a mere calligrapher to act so arrogantly, he must be courting death. Dear son, tell me, how do you want me to deal with him?” Wang Xiang said angrily. 

Wang Haoran was surprised by the way Wang Xiang’s brain was wired. 

“He didn’t offend me. I just heard he’s celebrating his birthday today, so I wanted to ask you if you know him. If you do, I’d like to borrow your name and go to the celebration with you.” 

“I don’t know him, but I do have a friend who once bought his work. I’ve seen him a few times too.” 

“That’ll work. I need a gift, a medical team, and a bodyguard team, to celebrate Mu Zong’s birthday.” 

[Samael: A totally normal request. HAHAHA!] 

“I understand the gift, but why do you need both a medical team and a bodyguard team?” 

“Don’t worry about it, and just bring it. You’re rich, so if they ask why, you can simply say it’s for the sake of self-defense.” 

“Okay then.” 

“I’ll follow after class, and I’ll contact you when the time comes.” 

After speaking, Wang Haoran hung up the call. 

The morning class passed quickly. 

After the bell rang, the students walked out of the classroom one after another. 

Wang Haoran walked slowly towards the school gate. 

In the middle of the road, he “ran into” Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao. 

“Hey, Wang Haoran, are you going out for dinner?” Qin Yunhan took the initiative to say hello and asked. 

“My dad said he was going to attend the birthday banquet of a famous calligrapher, and he wanted to take me there to meet him.” Wang Haoran replied. 

Mu Zhaozhao’s heart was moved upon hearing his words. She couldn’t help but ask him: 

“Was the famous calligrapher mentioned by your dad surnamed Mu?” 

“Yeah, how do you know?” Wang Haoran pretended to be surprised. 

“If I’m not wrong, you’re talking about my grandfather who is currently hosting his birthday banquet at the Dahao Hotel today.” 

“Yes, I’m going there. Speaking of which, I met your grandfather yesterday. I didn’t expect him to be a famous calligrapher.” Wang Haoran suggested: 

“Since we’re going to the same place, why don’t we go together?” 

Last time, he let go of the gangster who wanted to kidnap Qin Yunhan. They’ll probably be back. 

Naturally, Wang Haoran took a few precautions beforehand. 

If he can save Qin Yunhan again, he’ll attain a higher favorability rating. 


Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao naturally had no reason to object to Wang Haoran’s proposal. 

After leaving the school gate, the three hopped in the Cullinan and headed towards Dahao Hotel. 

Along the way, Wang Haoran used his X-Ray Vision to check the surrounding vehicles, trying to find traces of the gangsters. 

However, by the time that the Cullinan reached the Dahao Hotel, he found no one suspicious. 

The banquet hall on the first floor of the hotel was decorated from head to toe. 

There were several guests who arrived for the celebration as well. They took out their invitation cards and handed them over to the greeters outside the banquet hall, as they walked into the banquet hall one after another. 

Wang Haoran, Qin Yunhan, and Mu Zhaozhao did not have invitations, but the people in the banquet hall knew Mu Zhaozhao and Qin Yunhan. Thus, they were respectfully allowed inside. 

As for Wang Haoran, Wang Xiang had sent word in advance. 

The greeter knew that he was the son of the Wang Group. 

Even if they were a hundred times more courageous, they would not dare to stop them. 

The three were invited into the banquet hall. 

But before they could get very far, they heard quarreling from somewhere behind them. 

“Where did this student come from? Did you come here hoping to score a free meal?” 

“I am a distinguished guest invited by the old man Mu.” 

“A VIP? What about the invitation?” 

“No invitations.” 

“Those without an invitation must leave. Kindly step aside, as we can’t have you bumping into actual VIPs.” 

“Only dogs would look down on other people. Are you sure you won’t let me in? It’ll be on you.” 

“Hurry up and shoo! Don’t block the door.” 

“I’m not blocking the door, but alright. I’ll wait by the side; you’ll see later!” 

“You’re quite the pretentious one, aren’t you? Fine, let’s wait and see who’ll be seeing what.” 

Wang Haoran, Qin Yunhan, and Mu Zhaozhao looked back and saw Xiao Yifeng. 

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were both surprised. 

Obviously, they didn’t expect Xiao Yifeng to be here. 

Wang Haoran’s expression was the same as usual, as if he didn’t find it strange at all. 

There’s a birthday banquet and two heroines. How could our protagonist miss the opportunity to act out like some sort of hero? 

“What’s this hillbilly doing here? Did he follow us?” Qin Yunhan felt annoyed at the sight of Xiao Yifeng. 

“He doesn’t seem to have noticed us yet, so that might not be it.” Mu Zhaozhao replied. 

“Forget it; I don’t care. He can’t come in anyway, so let’s just go see your grandfather.” Qin Yunhan said. 

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were the first to leave. 

Wang Haoran stayed put. 

The protagonist was at the birthday banquet. Would he truly be unable to enter? 

The greeter with a bad attitude was probably a mere stepping stone whose only purpose was to have his face beaten in. 

As he thought of this, Wang Haoran immediately walked towards the door of the banquet hall. 

“I know this person; let him in.” Wang Haoran said to the greeter. 

“Yes, Young Master Wang.” Without the slightest bit of fuss, the greeter respectfully nodded and let Xiao Yifeng through. 

[Ding! The Host prevents the Protagonist Xiao Yifeng from slapping the snobbish greeter in the face, receiving 200 villain points!] 

Wang Haoran happily received a wave of small rewards. 

‘A protagonist in my field of vision dares to act pretentiously?’ 

‘Hah, as if!’ 

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