I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 81


Chapter 81: This birthday gift cannot be accepted!

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[Translator/Proofreader: Samael]

— — —

Rather than be pleased that nobody barred his entry, Xiao Yifeng felt… bored.

That dog of a greeter just now looked down on him. Originally, he wanted to wait for Mu Zong to come over. Then, he’ll teach that snobbish greeter a good lesson and vent some of his frustration.

However, a troublesome stranger suddenly, and very annoyingly, came around.

Xiao Yifeng glanced at Wang Haoran, clearly ungrateful for his help.

Just by looking at his eyes, Wang Haoran could tell what the other party felt, as he sneered in secret.

‘The nerve of this b*****d… he really deserves to be the protagonist. He’ll be upset even if I help him.’

He was Wang Haoran’s natural enemy.

But Wang Haoran didn’t care.

The point wasn’t to help Xiao Yifeng, it was to prevent Xiao Yifeng from acting out.

Ignoring Xiao Yifeng, Wang Haoran turned around and walked toward the banquet hall. Somewhere in the banquet hall, he successfully found Wang Xiang.

At that moment, Wang Xiang’s face was tense. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Haoran asked.

“I am the boss of a famous company, a business tycoon with a net worth of tens of billions, but the old man Mu actually neglected me and didn’t invite me to sit at the table.” Wang Xiang complained.

“Perhaps it’s because of our sudden arrival? The seats were probably full, so that could be why they didn’t arrange one for you.” Wang Haoran replied, trying to relieve the situation.

“So what if it’s full? The others can make room. Are his friends more honourable than me?” Wang Xiang replied with contempt.

“Then what do you want?” Wang Haoran asked helplessly.

“Rather than getting angry, let’s just leave.”

“Wait until after the birthday banquet. I’ll find a way to vent your anger.” Wang Haoran didn’t want to leave.

“My dear boy, what could you possibly do to alleviate my anger?”

“Doesn’t old man Mu have a beautiful granddaughter? I’ll get his granddaughter, play around a bit, then ditch her.” Wang Haoran started spouting nonsense, as he tried to stabilize Wang Xiang.

“HAHAHA! Good!” Wang Xiang slapped his thigh and praised, “An excellent idea, my boy. You have my full support, so do your best. Enlarging his beautiful granddaughter’s belly right before abandoning her, that oughta teach him a lesson.”

[Samael: I’d almost forgotten that the dad was a psycho.]

“Keep your voice down!” Wang Haoran’s face twitched, as he hurriedly shushed him.

“Right, shh!” Wang Xiang’s mood improved a lot.

“Did you bring the medical team and bodyguard team?” Wang Haoran asked.

“I’ve brought them, yes. The medical team is from Tianhui. There are 8 people in the team, and they’re good at first aid. The bodyguards are standard professionals, 10 people in total, and they’re equipped with weapons. They’re currently standing guard outside the banquet hall on standby. They’re ready to act at any moment.” Wang Xiang said.

On the other side…

After Xiao Yifeng successfully entered the grand banquet hall, he looked around for it.

Some of the surrounding guests saw him wearing a school uniform. To them, that was quite out of place, which earned him looks of surprise.

Naturally, Xiao Yifeng paid no attention to these eyes.

Not long after, he found Mu Zong’s location.

Currently, Mu Zong was speaking with several VIPs.

Xiao Yifeng moved straight for him.

“Master Mu.”

When Mu Zong heard him, he immediately left his other guests and went straight toward Xiao Yifeng.

Mu Zong obviously thought quite highly of Xiao Yifeng.

“Little friend, welcome.” Mu Zong pointed and said:

“There is a guest seat over there, which is reserved for you. You’ll be sitting there later.”

Mu Zong planned to ask Xiao Yifeng to teach him more about Jiu Duan Jin after the banquet.

When the surrounding guests saw the old man Mu’s attitude towards Xiao Yifeng, they couldn’t help being surprised. They were curious about who Xiao Yifeng was, and why Mu Zong treated him so respectfully.

For a time, Xiao Yifeng became the focus of everyone.

“Then thank you, Mr. Mu.” Xiao Yifeng held his head high and heartily smiled.

At this time, Wang Xiang and Wang Haoran also came over, the latter congratulated and said:

“Grandpa Mu, I wish you a long life like Donghai and Nanshan.”

Wang Xiang, having just been neglected, was quite upset with Mu Zong. Thus, he didn’t speak.

“Young man, is that you?!” Mu Zong was greatly surprised, curious as to why Wang Haoran had come here.

“I came with my father,” Wang Haoran explained.

“Your father is…”

“Wang Xiang.” Wang Haoran gestured to the person behind him.

“I see, so Wang Xiang from the Wang Group is actually your father.” Mu Zong was slightly surprised.

As a literati, he remained strictly professional. He never sucked up to those rich big bosses, so he’d previously arranged for the uninvited Wang Xiang to sit at the bottom.

However, he didn’t expect that Wang Haoran, who saved his granddaughter, was the son of Wang Xiang.

With Wang Haoran’s heroism, then the father who could instil such traits in his son shouldn’t be that bad… ‘Unlike ordinary businessmen who value profit over righteousness.

As soon as he thought of this, Mu Zong immediately changed his previous attitude and said to Wang Xiang:

“Mr. Wang, please do not mind my negligence just now. I will open another seat, and I will give you a few cups as an apology.”

Wang Xiang’s face softened a little, but he still wanted to tell him that his grandson was on the way here-

[Samael: (°ー°〃) Sir, you need help.]

But he remembered his son’s words of being polite to Mu Zong. Thus, he simply waved his hand and replied with a smile,

“Haha! it’s okay.”

At this moment, two silhouettes walking hand in hand suddenly appeared.

It was none other than Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

Each of the two respectively gave their congratulations to Mu Zong.

“Grandpa, I wrote this. It’s for you.” Mu Zhaozhao took out the calligraphy she worked hard to write all night and handed it to Mu Zong.

Mu Zong smiled and opened it, nodding with satisfaction.

He had personally instructed Mu Zhaozhao in the art of calligraphy, so her style shared some similarities with his own.

Compared to Mu Zhaozhao’s usual performance, this can be considered extraordinary.

Mu Zong could tell that Mu Zhaozhao spent a considerable amount of time on this letter.

‘Despite how busy she must be with the college entrance exams, she still took the trouble to write this…’

Mu Zong laughed so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth.

“Good, my Zhaozhao has a very good heart.”

“It’s good that Grandpa is satisfied.” Mu Zhaozhao doll-like face showed a smile, looking as cute as can be.

On the side, Xiao Yifeng was stunned.

“Mr. Mu, I forgot just now, but I’ve also prepared a birthday gift for you.” Xiao Yifeng suddenly stepped forward and spoke up.

Obviously, he didn’t forget. No, he simply wanted to take out the birthday gift when there were more people around.

After all, this birthday gift is very expensive, a medicinal pill that he specially prepared.


Once you take it, you’ll prolong your life, making it very suitable for the elderly. This is something you can’t buy with money.

If he gives this to Mu Zong in front of so many people, he’ll be sure to stand out.

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao’s presence during this reveal is also quite convenient.

Naturally, Xiao Yifeng couldn’t simply sit still.

“Little friend, I can’t accept this birthday gift.” Mu Zong declined.

Xiao Yifeng taught him Jiu Duan Jin. From Mu Zong’s point of view, this gift is already precious enough, and it would be completely inappropriate to receive a birthday gift on top of that. He didn’t want to take advantage of Xiao Yifeng.

“Master Mu, I insist…” Xiao Yifeng insisted.

“Student, I think you should take this birthday gift back.” Wang Haoran suddenly stopped.

Going by the normal routines of Shuangwen novels, he can be 100% sure that the gift in Xiao Yifeng’s hand is anything but ordinary.

Once he takes it out, he’ll be sure to make waves, shocking the four cardinal directions!

— — —

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