I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 84


Chapter 84: To save people or to let the professionals handle it?

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— — —

Hearing his words, Mu Zong clearly understood Wang Haoran’s meaning.

From his point of view, Wang Haoran was someone who would inherit tens of billions. With so many paths open to him, it was normal that he wouldn’t pursue calligraphy.

However, Mu Zong still struggled to suppress his obsession of taking on Wang Haoran as his disciple.

He had other apprentices, but none of them showed any particular talent.

This was a source of constant pity for him. So naturally, upon finding this diamond in the rough, he was unwilling to let it slip so easily.

Mu Zong had an idea, as he pulled Mu Zhaozhao to his side:

“Haoran, Zhaozhao is also very interested in calligraphy. You are both young people, so you must sure many common interests. I believe you two should get to know one another.”

“Grandpa!” After seeing herself get sold out, Mu Zhaozhao immediately protested.

“In that case, I will certainly ask Zhaozhao for advice on calligraphy when I have the time.” Wang Haoran pretended to agree.

“My skills are quite mediocre; it’s me who requires your guidance.” Mu Zhaozhao was just as stunned by his ability to copy calligraphy. In her heart, she deeply admired Wang Haoran. Thus, she asked him for his help.

“It’s nothing much.” Wang Haoran smiled and couldn’t help but look at Mu Zhaozhao a few more times.

‘Though I won’t have much time to teach you calligraphy, I’m more than willing to teach you a thing or two about positions.’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Wang Haoran, you’re quite good at this. I never expected your calligraphy to be at this level.” Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but praise him.

“I can do more.”

“Really? What else?” Qin Yunhan asked.

Last time, Wang Haoran showcased an excellent use of martial arts to beat up a gangster, and now he used those same hands to showcase such beautiful and amazing calligraphy.

Qin Yunhan became more and more interested in Wang Haoran, unable to help her growing curiosity.

“Well, if you stick with me, you’ll figure it out eventually.”

“Hmpf, forget it.” Qin Yunhan snorted in dissatisfaction.

At the sides..

Xiao Yifeng was very unhappy when he saw Wang Haoran being in the limelight.

This only grew after seeing Mu Zhaozhao humbly ask Wang Haoran for advice, not to mention that Qin Yunhan was once again flirting with the same man in question.

Thus, Xiao Yifeng grew to hate Wang Haoran.

‘This damned rich kid actually dares to steal my girl. He must be courting death!’

Secretly, Xiao Yifeng pondered on how he could teach Wang Haoran a lesson. He needed to make sure he kept his distance from Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

It was at this moment that a hotel manager went up to Mu Zong, whispering a few words.

After hearing what the manager had to say, Mu Zong loudly said: “The banquet is almost over; please take your seats.”

Hearing this, the guests slowly walked to their seats.

Fearing that the copied works on the ground would be trampled and dirtied, Mu Zong bent over to pick up the papers.

However – after picking up no more than three cards – his head suddenly began to tilt, as he fell to the ground.


Mu Zhaozhao rushed over, shocked.

When the other guests became aware of the situation, they too rushed over, wishing to know what had transpired.

They only saw an unconscious Mu Zong, who wouldn’t wake up no matter how much Mu Zhaozhao called for him.

She was so anxious that tears began to flow.

Someone immediately called for an ambulance; however, it became clear that the emergency personnel wouldn’t make it.

This sudden situation caught everyone present by surprise.

Even Wang Haoran was stunned for a moment, before he immediately thought:

‘This b*****d. Even without doing anything, Xiao Yifeng has completely stolen the limelight.’

It was a chance for the protagonist to make a comeback!

‘Mu Zong’s sudden illness just so happens to grant Xiao Yifeng the perfect opportunity, because why not?’

“Out of the way, let me have a look!”

Just as Wang Haoran was in the midst of complaining, he heard Xiao Yifeng yell, pushing away the crowd and walking to Mu Zong’s side.

“Don’t worry, Mu Zhaozhao, I can save your grandfather.” Xiao Yifeng reassuringly said.

“You know medicine?” Mu Zhaozhao, with tears on his cheeks, looked up at him in astonishment.

“Mhm.” Xiao Yifeng nodded and reassured her once more:

“With me here, your grandfather will be fine.”

Mu Zhaozhao panicked and nodded. She was about to move away to let Xiao Yifeng take a look at her grandfather, but…

“You said you know medicine; do you have a doctor’s license?” Wang Haoran immediately came in to stir up some trouble.

“I don’t have it, nor do I need it.” Xiao Yifeng replied with a frown.

Upon hearing it from Xiao Yifeng himself, Wang Haoran turned to look at Mu Zhaozhao, as he said:

“Did you hear that? He doesn’t have a license, so should you really let him treat your grandfather? He’s about the same age as us, yet you think he’s medically skilled? Maybe age isn’t that big of an issue, but if you let him have a go at it – and if he fails – then I’m afraid you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”


At Wang Haoran’s analysis, the panicked Mu Zhaozhao immediately snapped out of it.

“No, I can’t let you treat him. What will you do if my grandfather gets hurt?”

“Your grandfather is in danger now. If you don’t let me administer treatment, then he may die. But if you really insist, then I’m willing to bet my life that I can cure him.” Xiao Yifeng’s words were harsh, but they ultimately served to comfort Mu Zhaozhao.

Mu Zhaozhao’s heart shook.

“Zhaozhao, it’s better to wait for the emergency professionals.” Wang Haoran quickly advised.

In truth, he could heal Mu Zong as well. However, the method by which the [Supreme Poison Sutra] saves people is quite strange.

Naturally, he wanted to avoid using it in public.

Moreover, this technique is something that can be used to kill, something that he’ll likely be using against Xiao Yifeng in the future.

And Xiao Yifeng was currently unaware of his ability to wield poison.

This lack of information will prove vital to catching him off-guard.

“Where?” Mu Zhaozhao hurriedly asked.

Rather than responding immediately, Wang Haoran turned to look at Wang Xiang:

“Dad, where’s your medical team?”

“Waiting outside, I’ll call them over immediately!” Wang Xiang immediately made a phone call as he went out.

After more than ten seconds, a group of doctors in white coats carrying some first-aid equipment ran over.

Judging by the way they carried themselves, it was clear at a glance that this was a team of professionals.

And on their white coats, they wore the word “Tianhui”.

Some of the wealthier and more influential people immediately recognized that they were the emergency team of Tianhui Clinic.

Naturally, the Tianhui Clinic represented the best of what medicine had to offer.

The crowd automatically gave way for these emergency doctors.

When Mu Zhaozhao saw these professionals arrive, she naturally didn’t interfere. She instead immediately moved to the side.

Xiao Yifeng was dumbfounded. He stood still, until he was rudely pulled away by the other guests.

[Ding! The Host stops the protagonist, Xiao Yifeng, from showing off.

Receiving 300 Villain Points!

  • Xiao Yifeng’s Protagonist’s Halo -15!
  • Host’s Villain’s Halo +15!]

After receiving the rewards he’d hoped for, Wang Haoran couldn’t help but smile.

Xiao Yifeng was proficient in medicine, and he wielded amazing combat power. If they were to follow the usual routine, then showing off needed you to be good at both of these things.

It was because of this that Wang Haoran asked Wang Xiang to bring both the medical team and the bodyguard team over.

‘Seems like it’s paying off…’

These doctors were immaculately clean, as they quickly performed their routine inspections. They used a stethoscope to probe his heart, opened Mu Zong’s eyelids to look at the pupils, and more to figure out what they were working with.

In less than a minute, the doctors had come up with a preliminary diagnosis.

The doctors immediately took treatment measures, and after a while, Mu Zong slowly regained consciousness.

“I… what happened?” Mu Zong blankly looked around.

— — —

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