I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 85


Chapter 85: You’re unlucky!

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— — — 

“Grandpa, you fainted right when you tried to pick something up just now.” Mu Zhaozhao let out a sigh of relief and responded.

“The blood flow of old people is typically poor due to their ageing blood vessels. The act of bending over must have inadvertently allowed for a large amount of blood to flow directly to his brain, causing an acute shock. If not immediately treated, it would’ve easily caused a stroke. Fortunately, the treatment was administered on time. But for safety’s sake, it’s recommended that you go to the hospital for a full exam.”

The doctor leading the emergency team immediately gave his diagnosis of Mu Zong’s condition upon hearing Mu Zhaozhao’s statement.

“Thank you for saving my grandpa.” Mu Zhaozhao gratefully said.

“We do this for money. If you want to thank someone, thank President Wang.” The doctor replied.

Mu Zhaozhao turned her eyes and looked at Wang Xiang, “Thank you so much, Uncle Wang.”

“You’re welcome, niece. I rarely have an emergency team escort me, but my son thought to do so. So really, it’s him you should be thanking.” Wang Xiang gave Wang Haoran an assist.

Mu Zhaozhao didn’t speak. She merely looked at Wang Haoran with moist eyes full of deep gratitude.

Wang Haoran could feel it from a distance.

It was at this moment that a system prompt sounded.

[Ding! The heroine, Mu Zhaozhao, has experienced an increase in her favorability toward the Host by 10.

  • The current total favorability is 40 (Very Friendly).]

[Ding! The Host affects the plot direction, receiving 300 villain points!]

With the emergency team tending to him, Mu Zong didn’t have to worry about a thing. However, he did insist on concluding the banquet before heading to the hospital for that exam.

Mu Zhaozhao attempted to persuade him a couple of times, but it proved fruitless. Ultimately, it was up to Mu Zong.

The banquet proceeded as normal.

There were ten seats in total at the main table.

It would’ve been inconvenient for Mu Zong to drink, so he drank tea instead of wine and offered a few toasts in honour of Wang Xiang.

Many of the other VIPs who sat at the main table knew who Wang Xiang was, so they naturally showered him with words of welcome and praise.

Qin Kai also sat at the main table, and – like Wang Xiang – he was a well-known boss in the business world. The two can be regarded as friends, so there was no need for him to do the same as the others.

However, Qin Kai was very impressed with Wang Haoran’s calligraphy, and he had quite a few things to say about that over the course of the meal.

Though Xiao Yifeng was also present, he was basically ignored.

He felt like he’d been benched.

Xiao Yifeng drank the boring wine by himself.

Then, suddenly…


A loud and sudden noise was heard from outside the banquet hall.

The banquet hall’s warm atmosphere turned tumultuous in an instant.

This was the sound of gunfire!

[Samael: Today I learned that “wooden warehouse” is “gun” in Chinese. *Kshn: Better remember it, you never know when your homeroom teacher might ask.*]

The guests close to the entrance were startled, their buttocks jumped from their seats, as they moved away from it.

The banquet hall was full of people knocking over chairs, accompanied by the sounds of people bumping into one another and screams of panic.

For a while, the scene grew a bit chaotic.

Seeing this unfold before him, Wang Haoran was briefly surprised, as he felt the sudden urge to curse.


‘Mu Zong suddenly falling ill is one thing, but why are these guys here?’

‘The bloody author of this bloody novel is dead set on helping Xiao Yifeng, his protagonist. Doesn’t he know when to quit?!’

[Samael: *hands the author his pills* “You need these.” *Kshn: takes some of those back and hands them to Samael “You need them too”.]

‘To ensure that Xiao Yifeng is granted an opportunity to show off and further the plot, he’s doing everything he can! This is completely unreasonable!’

‘But this is a five-star hotel, so it should have good defences in and of itself.’

‘So what’s with that gunshot?’

‘Did some gangsters arrive with the intent of robbing the place?’

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The noise outside became more intense. By listening to the sound of footsteps, it would appear that two parties are currently in the middle of a crossfire.

Wang Haoran quickly used his [X-Ray Vision] to check it out.

He quickly recognized the two groups: one was the group of bodyguards brought over by Wang Xiang, and the other was a group of gangsters.

Among the latter group, Wang Haoran saw three faces.

They were the three who wanted to kidnap Qin Yunhan at Commercial Street.

Perhaps they decided to come in guns blazing this time after they got beaten last time.

‘Ugh, they were professionals!’

But unfortunately for them, the 10-person professional bodyguard team brought by Wang Xiang had guns too, so they had to keep their distance.

The two sides hid behind cover as they shot at each other, but it was a complete stalemate with neither side suffering any casualties.

However, with these bodyguards blocking it, the gangsters would have no chance of rushing into the banquet hall.

Wang Haoran relaxed a little.

If they can’t get in, Xiao Yifeng won’t get his chance.

However, even if Wang Haoran knew it was safe, the others didn’t.

The loud noises outside the banquet hall made people panic.

Nobody dared to go outside and examine the situation, so they could only wait anxiously in the banquet hall.

“Zhaozhao, isn’t this year a bit too unlucky? We just got out of the fire, and now we’re back to yet another unfortunate encounter.” Qin Yunhan’s face was pale, but she didn’t forget to complain.

“Maybe it is.” Mu Zhaozhao replied, feeling a bit down.

To her side, Mu Zong heard her sentiments and felt the same.

‘There has been much trouble as of late.’

Qin Kai had plenty of experience, so he remained calm. He hurried to his daughter’s side, wanting to give her some sense of security.

“Miss, Uncle Qin, with me protecting you, everything will be fine!”

When Xiao Yifeng saw the opportunity to perform, he immediately went to Qin Yunhan and Qin Kai’s side.

Qin Kai nodded toward Xiao Yifeng with trust in his eyes.

He was pretty confident in Xiao Yifeng’s abilities.

“The fire came around when you went to school last time. And now that you’re here at the banquet, we encounter gangsters. You’re unlucky!”

Qin Yunhan was so upset that she couldn’t help but curse at Xiao Yifeng.

“How is this my fault?” Xiao Yifeng looked innocent.

When Wang Haoran heard this exchange, he wanted to jump right in:

‘Of course, it’s because of you, you b*****d! You’re the protagonist. There are accidents everywhere you go!’

“At any rate, I don’t want to see you. So stay away, just looking at you is giving me a headache.” Qin Yunhan said to Xiao Yifeng.

“No, I need to be by your side to protect you.” Xiao Yifeng said.

“The gangster is outside, so there’s no point in you standing here. If you really want to protect me, you should stand by the door.” Qin Yunhan really didn’t want to see Xiao Yifeng, so she tried to drive him away.

“Then I’ll guard the door.” Seeing his eldest lady upset, Xiao Yifeng didn’t object and followed her wishes.

[Samael: Hah, simp!]

There’s only one door in the banquet hall. So long as he guards it, he can make sure that nobody opens it and gets in.

As he thought of this, Xiao Yifeng grabbed a pair of chopsticks as a hidden weapon, moving to guard the door.

When he saw Xiao Yifeng walk away, Wang Haoran was relieved.

However, the battle outside continued.

Wang Haoran was a bit confused.

‘Those gangsters aren’t that stupid, are they? They obviously can’t get in, so why not run away?’

‘Do they want to get caught?!’

‘They couldn’t be brain dead, right?’

‘If they aren’t brain dead and still refuse to leave, do they still think that they can kidnap Qin Yunhan?’

‘But why are they so intent on kidnapping her?’

‘Is it…’

Wang Haoran suddenly thought of a possibility…

— — —

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