I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 87

  • Chapter 87: Money grows on trees!

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    — — — 

    Ling Duanya was currently working, so it was a bit inconvenient for her to strike up a conversation with Wang Haoran. Thus, she merely gestured toward Wang Haoran with a gaze full of goodwill.

    Wang Haoran nodded slightly as a response.

    At this moment, Ling Duanya’s cell phone rang.

    Captain Xu Zheng brought some news.

    The gangsters in the black van had been caught, but the gangsters in the white van got away.

    “Call in the team.”

    Ling Duanya greeted her colleagues and was about to leave.

    “Excuse me, Officer.” Qin Kai walked in front of Ling Duanya and said aloud.

    “How can I help you, Mr. Qin?” Ling Duanya asked lightly.

    She was a little bit worried about Qin Kai’s bail for Xiao Yifeng.

    “I’ve been meaning to ask. Have those gangsters been caught?” Qin Kai asked.

    “Sorry, but that’s classified information.” Ling Duanya declined.

    Qin Kai is an empathetic person, so he could tell from Ling Duanya’s tone that most of the gangsters have been caught by now.

    “I see. I understand.” Qin Kai initially agreed with the other party’s idea, before suddenly changing the conversation:

    “However, I’m convinced that these gangsters are coming for my daughter. I may be able to provide you with some useful information for the case.”

    When Ling Duanya heard the words, she was really moved, “We welcome President Qin’s willingness to assist.”

    Qin Kai nodded with a smile, about to leave with Ling Duanya.

    “Officer Ling, please wait a minute.” Wang Haoran suddenly said.

    Ling Duanya turned back and looked at Wang Haoran with some doubts.

    Rather than answering immediately, Wang Haoran looked at Wang Xiang and said, “Those gangsters may not necessarily be here to kidnap Qin Yunhan; they may have something to do with our Wang family. We should follow along and take a look; maybe we can help solve this case.”

    “What’s this about our Wang family?” Wang Xiang was stunned.

    “I received a threatening letter a few days ago.” Wang Haoran flickered with sadness on his face.

    In fact, those gangsters really did come for Qin Yunhan.

    As for why Wang Haoran was bullshitting?

    He first needed to ease Qin Kai’s nervousness. If not, Qin Kai might prove to be overly emotional, forcibly arranging for Xiao Yifeng to be at Qin Yunhan’s side for personal protection.

    Second, he needed Wang Xiang to be more interested in the case.

    ‘Those gangsters must have a boss, so if we can learn anything about this mastermind from the gangsters themselves…’

    It wasn’t much, but he can start here if he wants to find out who is pulling the strings.

    Thus, the sense of urgency regarding Qin Yunhan’s kidnapping was immediately lifted.

    Xiao Yifeng’s bodyguard job was practically ruined, having lost the chance to stay by Qin Yunhan’s side.

    Hearing his son’s words, Wang Xiang was immediately stunned, thinking that his son wanted to bring the medical team and bodyguard team by himself because of this intimidating letter.

    “Which b*****d dares to touch my son?! He must be courting death!”

    Wang Xiang was furious and didn’t think to doubt any of what Wang Haoran had said.

    After all, it’s too easy to offend people when talking about business.

    The enemy wants to deal with him directly. Choosing to start with his son was quite normal.

    “Do you still have that letter?” Ling Duanya asked, concerned. She obviously wanted to learn more about the letter.

    “I threw it away after reading it.” Wang Haoran was just fooling around, so of course it was impossible for him to bring out the supposed letter.

    Ling Duanya felt a bit regretful that he’d thrown it away, but – regardless – she left with both Qin Kai and Wang Xiang.

    Because of the incident with the gangsters, the guests were all uneasy.

    It was a good birthday party, but it ended on such a sour note.

    After that, everyone went home.

    — — —

    Afternoon class…

    Wang Haoran received a WeChat message from Fang Heng.

    It was a photo of a blue-and-white porcelain vase, followed by a line of text:

    [A blue-and-white porcelain vase from the Tang Dynasty, are you interested?]

    Obviously, with the help of the Golden Finger, Fang Heng found yet another good treasure.

    Wang Haoran didn’t know the value of these antiques, but if it really came from the Tang Dynasty, then it must be worth a lot of money.

    [Of course I’m interested.] 

    How could Wang Haoran refuse free money?

    [Let’s meet up. You can tell me the time and place.] 

    Fang Heng replied immediately.

    [We met at the entrance of Shui Zhe Middle School at six o’clock in the evening.]

    [No problem.]

    After finishing the chat with Fang Heng, Wang Haoran made a phone call and went out.

    — — —

    [Guose Tianxiang Headquarters]

    Fang Xuan slept well last night. After such a good night’s rest, she was ready and willing to give her all for her work today.

    “Ms. Zhen, these are the plans for the new seasonal moisturizing cream handed over from the planning department. Can you take a look at it?” Fang Xuan stood in front of the desk as she handed a document to Zhen Li.

    “It’s much better than last time.” Zhen Li nodded slightly after flipping through it, but she was still not completely satisfied.

    She pointed out several details in the plans: “Here, and here, let the planning department go over it again.”

    “Understood.” Fang Xuan wrote down Zhen Li’s comments.

    Zhen Li continued to look at the plan and point out its shortcomings.

    Fang Xuan stood, slightly bent over, patiently waiting for her to finish.

    Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

    When she looked at the caller ID, Fang Xuan subconsciously panicked a bit.

    “Ms. Zhen, would it be alright if I were to take this call outside?” Fang Xuan cautiously asked.

    “Is it your first day or something?” Zhen Li replied with a frown.

    Answering personal phone calls during business hours is illegal.

    Fang Xuan hesitated a bit before confessing:

    “It’s… it’s your son calling.”

    “Oh, then go and answer the phone, work is irrelevant.” Zhen Li’s face suddenly softened.

    “Thank you, Ms. Zhen.” Fang Xuan nodded and ran outside the office to answer the phone.

    “Your brother’s found another treasure. We’re making the exchange at the school gate.” On the other end of the line, Wang Haoran got straight to the point.

    “Okay, I’ll ask for President Zhen’s permission to leave, but I don’t know if she’ll agree.” Fang Xuan has plenty of work, plus she’d already taken a half-day leave just a few days ago, so she was right to be worried.

    “If she doesn’t agree, you can say that I asked you.”

    “All right.”

    When Fang Xuan heard his reply, those same worries immediately vanished. There was no problem at all.

    Considering how much Zhen Li doted on her son, she was sure to agree to this request.

    “At six o’clock in the evening, at the gate of our school.” Wang Haoran reported the time and place, before warning her:

    “By the way, when you came over, your brother was suspicious. You’d better find a suitable excuse and let your brother think that you met me by chance.”

    “I could pretend to be doing business for the company as I coincidentally pass by the school. Would that work?” Fang Xuan asked.

    “Umm. You know what? Go to a five-star hotel and order some food for me.” Wang Haoran gave a suggestion.

    Earlier at noon, during Mu Zong’s birthday banquet, he’d only managed to eat a few mouthfuls of rice thanks to those incidents. Needless to say, he was hungry.

    “Okay, what do you want to eat?” Fang Xuan asked.

    “Take your pick; I’ll transfer the money to you. That’ll be all.”

    After speaking, Wang Haoran hung up the call.

    A few seconds later, Fang Xuan received the WeChat transfer.

    [30,000 yuan has been transferred to your account.]

    Fang Xuan was stunned.

    ‘Is this what it means to be rich? Thirty thousand for a meal?!’

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    — — —

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