I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 89


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    — — —

    Chapter 89: Twice the Beauty, Twice the Jealousy! 

    Seeing that Fang Heng had agreed, Wang Haoran immediately began to operate as he normally would on his mobile phone.

    Within ten minutes, 7.7 million was successfully credited to Fang Xuan’s account.

    He needed to convince Fang Heng that Wang Haoran had truly taken the money out.

    “Brother, look, I’ve received the money.” Fang Xuan showed Fang Heng the bank prompt message on her phone.

    “It’s good that it’s been received.” 

    Fang Heng was completely relieved. He then extended his hand to Wang Haoran, “Pleasure doing business with you.”

    “A pleasure indeed!” he said.

    But deep down, Wang Haoran laughed as he reached out to shake Fang Heng’s hand.

    “Sister, now that you’ve successfully delivered the meal, let’s go together.” Upon looking at the Ferrari parked by the side of the road, Fang Heng grew excited. He wanted to ride a car like that too!

    ‘I’ll definitely buy a Ferrari when I get the chance.’

    “You can go ahead. I’ve still got some work to do after I’ve delivered the meal.” Fang Xuan declined her brother’s proposal.

    This was Zhen Li’s car, and Wang Haoran was here too, so she naturally wanted to avoid using it for her personal use.

    She simply couldn’t trust her brother to behave himself and avoid damaging the car. If she returns it to Zhen Li in a damaged state, she’ll definitely find herself in a bit of trouble.

    “Okay, I’ll just grab a taxi and head home myself.” Fang Heng understood the position his sister was in, so he didn’t force her.

    A taxi soon stopped by, as Fang Heng waved for it to stop. Eventually, he and the taxi disappeared from Fang Xuan’s field of vision.

    “I’ll go to a nearby bank and transfer the money back to you.” Fang Xuan said.

    Unlike high-profile clients such as Wang Haoran, she had an ordinary bank account with far slower online transfer speeds. Under normal circumstances, it should be processed within 24 hours.

    With such a large sum of money, Fang Xuan felt a bit nervous. She wanted to hurry to the nearest bank and transfer the several million yuan back to Wang Haoran as soon as possible.

    “Oh, and stay here for a while. I’ll join you after dinner.”

    “Hm?” Fang Xuan didn’t understand.

    “I just want you to wait here for a bit. Is there something wrong?” Wang Haoran asked, displeased.

    “No…no.” Fang Xuan quickly shook her head.

    She was quite obedient. After all, she did accept the benefits Wang Haoran provides, so she’s more than willing to work hard without any complaints.

    “Stay here, and guard the blue-and-white porcelain vase. I called the driver; he’ll come pick it up soon.”

    “When the driver picks up the vase, I’ll be free to go, right?”

    “Of course not, continue waiting for me. I still have something to tell you.”

    “Oh, I see.”

    Wang Haoran took his food and went all the way back to his classroom.

    — — —

    “What’re you holding?”

    When he came to the classroom door, Qin Yunhan – who was enjoying the scenery by the balcony to the side – curiously asked Wang Haoran.

    Originally, she was at the other side of the classroom. However, the moment she saw Wang Haoran coming up from the downstairs, she immediately went over to block his only entrance.

    “I didn’t want to eat at the cafeteria today, so I got someone to pack some food from the hotel and deliver it.”

    Wang Haoran explained, before politely asking, “How about you? Want to join me for a meal?”

    “Sure, I haven’t eaten yet!” Qin Yunhan agreed without hesitation.

    “Sister Yunhan, what are you doing here?” Mu Zhaozhao suddenly walked over from a distance and asked in confusion.

    “The view here’s quite good; I can easily see the area below.” Qin Yunhan just made something up.

    “Really?” Mu Zhaozhao stood in Qin Yunhan’s place and took a few glances, but she couldn’t quite see what Qin Yunhan was referring to.

    “Well, since you haven’t eaten yet either, let’s head to my classroom and eat together.” Wang Haoran said to Qin Yunhan.

    “But, Sister Yunhan, didn’t you go to the cafeteria with me?” Mu Zhaozhao asked in shock, oblivious to the situation.

    Qin Yunhan grew both ashamed and annoyed, gesturing to her good sister with her eyes, angrily stating, “I’m not full, so I want to eat more, is there a problem?!”

    “No, no, I’m not full either.” Mu Zhaozhao said, patting her stomach.

    “There’s a lot of food, so why don’t you come along too?” Wang Haoran asked.

    “Sure!” Mu Zhaozhao immediately nodded.

    Wang Haoran came to the classroom and used a few desks to form a simple dining table.

    All the boxes were opened, and all the dishes inside were exposed.

    A fragrant scent suddenly overflowed in an instant.

    “Whoa, delicious!”

    Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were both surprised.

    Compared to the dishes they had at the birthday party, these dishes weren’t bad at all.

    Even Wang Haoran was a bit surprised.

    He transferred 30,000 yuan to Fang Xuan, a small part of which was for food, while the vast majority was meant to be for Fang Xuan’s errands.

    However, he’d forgotten about her upright character, thinking that Wang Haoran wanted to have a luxurious dinner. So when she got the money, she didn’t even think of spending one coin less than the entire amount.

    [Ding! The Host made Xu Muyan, one of the heroines, feel jealous. Receiving 200 Villain Points!]

    The sudden system prompt momentarily stunned Wang Haoran.

    He immediately looked up to see that Xu Muyan had returned to the classroom.

    ‘All hail the jealousy queen! Please grant me more Villain Points!’

    [Kshn: Lol, Samael going all out. A good laugh ngl.]

    Wang Haoran celebrated in secret, but pretended not to notice Xu Muyan, as he continued to dine with Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

    “This guy’s really popular among girls, huh?” Xu Muyan murmured.

    Wen Jing, who accompanied her to the classroom, joked, “Awhhh, is the beautiful Xu jealous?”

    On top of her severe obsession with Wang Haoran, she was also quite open-minded. Seeing so many beautiful women pine for Wang Haoran, for her, was just proof of his excellence.

    Rather than be jealous, Wen Jing was actually a bit happy.

    [Samael: NTR kink???]

    “Hmpf! I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Xu Muyan was as tsundere as ever.

    “You’re beautiful, and you aren’t vain. If you don’t go over, then wouldn’t people say that our class’ beauty lost to the other class’ beauty? Where will you put your face?” Wen Jing couldn’t help but encourage her.

    Hearing this, Xu Muyan found her words to be very reasonable.

    ‘Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao are from other classes. They went to our class to have dinner with Wang Haoran without the least bit of shame. Is there any reason I should be afraid?’

    As she thought this, Xu Muyan walked to Wang Haoran’s desk.

    “Even I’m hungry after seeing such a delicious feast.” Xu Muyan said to Wang Haoran with a sweet smile.

    “Did you want some too? I don’t think we have any more chopsticks.”

    Fang Xuan took three sets of tableware and chopsticks, all of which have been used.

    With a deep breath, Xu Muyan let it go, and replied with a smile, “I want to eat pig’s feet stewed with papaya, can you grab it for me?”

    “Uh… well.” 

    Wang Haoran was stunned by Xu Muyan’s request but ultimately nodded in agreement. He took a piece of papaya and pork trotter with his chopsticks and put them into Xu Muyan’s rosy mouth.

    She chewed and swallowed with grace, as she excitedly said, “It’s delicious; give me more.”

    Wang Haoran glanced at Xu Muyan in surprise.

    ‘There’s something wrong with the queen of jealousy today. How is she – with her thin skin – so proactive with so many people watching?’

    ‘Is it because of Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao?’

    Qin Yunhan had been eating quite happily, but she grew tired of Xu Muyan’s antics. She couldn’t help but speak up, “You’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. Are you not ashamed to let Wang Haoran serve you food?”

    [Ding! The Host made Qin Yunhan, one of the heroines, jealous. Receiving 100 Villain Points!]

    Wang Haoran was both surprised and delighted, ‘A new queen of jealousy is born!’

    — — —

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