I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 90


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    — — —

    Chapter 90: A Trip to the Bar!

    “Although we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, we are very good friends. We’re just sharing a meal. Are we disturbing you?”

    Xu Muyan wouldn’t let herself be outdone by Qin Yunhan.

    “You’re not disturbing me, but it’s fine if I speak my mind, right?” Qin Yunhan replied.

    “Then there’s no problem at all.” 

    Xu Muyan lightly hummed, as she once again looked at Wang Haoran with a smile, “I want some papaya too.”

    “Okay, I’ll get it for you.” Wang Haoran used his chopsticks to pick it up.

    Though she kept quiet this time, Qin Yunhan looked quite unhappy.

    [Ding! The Host made Qin Yunhan, one of the female protagonists, jealous. Receiving 100 Villain Points!]

    Xu Muyan ate several mouthfuls, her smug eyes full of pride.

    “Sister Yunhan, you try some of the papayas too, these are the biggest ones.”

    Mu Zhaozhao was silent… until now. Right after she spoke, she used her chopsticks to pick up several large pieces of papaya and place them in Qin Yunhan’s bowl, so as not to be eaten by Xu Muyan.

    “Zhaozhao, don’t you dare…” Qin Yunhan rolled her eyes in anger.


    Her own may not be as impressive as Xu Muyan’s, and eating more papaya could help make up for the deficit. However, this wasn’t really something that should be said in public.

    ‘Ugh, how embarrassing!’

    “I’m full, and I’m not one to take from the needy.” Xu Muyan turned her head to speak with Wang Haoran. After just one look at Qin Yunhan’s face, she almost cracked up.

    “Oh, you think you’re big, huh? Then why don’t you try to compare with her?!” Qin Yunhan didn’t want to leave it like this, grabbing Mu Zhaozhao and pushing her to Xu Muyan’s side.

    Mu Zhaozhao is an F, so ordinary women couldn’t compare.

    Xu Muyan is between C and D.

    “It’s embarrassing, but at least I’m not in last place.” When Xu Muyan finished speaking, rather than leaving, her good mood prompted her to go straight to Wen Jing’s side.

    Qin Yunhan’s teeth were itching with anger.

    “Sister Yunhan, can I sit down?” Mu Zhaozhao muttered with food in her mouth.

    “Your a*s is so big that I don’t think you could.” Qin Yunhan looked at Mu Zhaozhao with disgust.

    [Samael: Is… was that meant to be an insult?]

    Xu Muyan had humiliated her just now. So even if this big and brainless best friend of hers didn’t reply, she had practically pointed out her own shortcomings. Xu Muyan almost laughed.

    What a terrible teammate to have!

    “Sister Yunhan, calm down, and eat more papaya-“ Mu Zhaozhao comforted, but before she could finish speaking, Qin Yunhan once again glared at her with big, angry eyes.

    Mu Zhaozhao quickly shut up and went to eat.

    Qin Yunhan retracted her gaze, angrily staring at the papayas before immediately eating them all up in one go.

    She knew that her chest wasn’t all that impressive, but she was quite open about it. Although Mu Zhaozhao often told her to eat more papaya, she never really took it to heart.

    In her opinion, so long as she was fine and happy, then there was no need to change herself.

    Having outstanding curves would certainly be nice, but it attracted the gazes of those stinky boys.

    She wasn’t happy about that.

    But right now, she was more focused on wanting to improve her body.

    She wanted to be a big girl too!

    Yes, the 36D kind!

    ‘Alas, Sister Yunhan is crazy…’

    Mu Zhaozhao sighed beside her.

    Although she was a bit clumsy and introverted, she could see that Qin Yunhan obviously regarded Xu Muyan as a rival in love.

    ‘Sister Yunhan seems to be developing feelings for Wang Haoran, so she wants to change…’

    But now that she thinks about it, Wang Haoran truly is an excellent choice. He’s handsome, has a great family background, and he’s brave too. His boyfriend stats are off-the-charts!

    As she thought of this, Mu Zhaozhao couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Wang Haoran.

    There was some commotion in the classroom.

    This class originally had one of the school’s beauties, but now two more had come in!

    The three school beauties of Sui Zhe Middle School actually gathered in one classroom today, and they all surrounded Wang Haoran.

    Wang Haoran was the centre of the male students’ envy and jealousy.

    Girls, on the other hand, hated themselves for not being born beautiful enough. Otherwise, they would be a school beauty too.


    After eating, Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao took the initiative to clean up the mess.

    Wang Haoran was quite happy and relaxed. So while he still had some time before the evening self-study, he went to the school gate.

    Fang Xuan was still waiting at the school gate, chatting away.

    “Let’s go.” Wang Haoran got into the Ferrari’s shotgun seat.

    “Where to?” Fang Xuan got into the car and blankly asked.

    “You changed your stockings again; how’s the quality?” Wang Haoran looked down and asked with a smile.

    Fang Xuan was so startled she started the Ferrari.

    She knew where to go without Wang Haoran having to say anything.

    For some things, if there is a first time and a second time, then there can be countless times.

    Fang Xuan wasn’t that opposed to the idea anymore.

    — — —

    [Ding! The Host captured Fang Xuan, one of the heroines. Receiving 500 Villain Points!

    • Fang Heng’s Protagonist’s Halo -25!
    • Fang Xuan’s Heroine’s Halo -25!
    • Host’s Villain’s Halo +50!]

    — — —

    A few minutes prior to the end of the evening study session…

    Wang Haoran packed up and left the classroom before the bell rang.

    Given his relationship with Song Zhenyu, leaving class a few minutes early was a trivial matter.

    After leaving the classroom, Wang Haoran walked to the school gate with the Ferrari key.

    This was, of course, the same Ferrari driven by Fang Xuan.

    Wang Haoran decided to visit the Black Peony Bar at night, but he didn’t want Wang Xiang to know about it. Otherwise, he’ll be sure to worry, so asking the driver to take him there wasn’t something he thought to do.

    While he left with the car, Fang Xuan took a taxi back to the company.

    Wang Haoran obtained his driver’s license during the holidays, and while he wasn’t that experienced, there was absolutely no problem with driving normally on the road.

    But once he got to the school gate, Wang Haoran saw Qin Yunhan come out of the security room with a courier box.

    Qin Yunhan was obviously startled, subconsciously hiding the small box behind her, as she smiled, “Wang Haoran, isn’t class still ongoing?”

    “Yeah, but I have something to do, so I plan to leave early.” 

    Wang Haoran casually explained.


    Qin Yunhan nodded. She suddenly caught a glimpse of the Ferrari key in Wang Haoran’s hand, prodding, “You drove your own car today; where are you headed?”

    “Home, where else?”

    “That doesn’t sound right. How come you’re driving yourself home when the driver is usually the one to do it? There’s obviously something wrong!” Qin Yunhan became suspicious.

    “Well, actually, I feel that studying all day is a bit boring, so I want to find a place to relax.” Wang Haoran responded half-truth.

    “Where are you going? Take me with you! I’ve been feeling bored too.” Qin Yunhan frowned.

    Wang Haoran hesitated for a moment.

    If he wanted to go about his business, Qin Yunhan would only be an inconvenience.

    “I plan to go to a bar. It doesn’t seem like a place you’d go, so I advise against accompanying me.” Wang Haoran wanted her to retreat.

    “Hey, I’m an adult too! And I’ve never been to a bar, so take me!” Qin Yunhan didn’t even flinch. Instead, she became more interested.

    — — —

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