I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 91


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    — — —

    Chapter 91: The Black Peony Bar! 

    “You can come if you really want to, but you have to keep this a secret.”

    Seeing that Qin Yunhan was so interested, Wang Haoran decided that he couldn’t just outright refuse her request. Thus, he opted to simply give her a warning.

    Although it’s a bit inconvenient, he’ll have to take Qin Yunhan with him to the bar.

    That said, this was a good opportunity to spend some time alone with Qin Yunhan.

    Moreover, places like bars contained a rather mixed crowd. So if they were to encounter a couple of gangsters, then Wang Haoran can drive them away and win Qin Yunhan’s favour.

    “Pfft, yeah right. If my dad finds out I’m going to a place like that, he’ll probably lecture me to death. So don’t worry about it; I won’t be telling. Pinky promise?” Qin Yunhan stretched out her little finger.

    Wang Haoran thought it was a bit childish, but he reluctantly took her up on it.

    The two left the school together.

    “What’re you holding there?” Wang Haoran couldn’t help but be a little curious when he saw how she hid the delivery box.

    “Express delivery.”

    “Well, obviously. I mean what’s in it?”

    The box had an English trademark, but it was something that Wang Haoran had never seen before.

    “Snacks, just snacks.” Qin Yunhan replied with a smile.

    Naturally, Wang Haoran didn’t believe it.

    Qin Yunhan left class early for this delivery.

    If it truly were snacks, then there was no need to be so secretive.

    Wang Haoran immediately examined it with his [X-Ray Vision].

    It then became clear to him that the box contained clothes.

    Something that most people wouldn’t want to display in public…

    Going by the ABCDE scale, it’s at the B grade, commonly worn by Eastern women.

    It was obviously something that Qin Yunhan could wear.

    It was black, a colour that typically represented glamour and mystery.

    ‘An arrogant, willful, and unreasonable young lady on the surface with a deeply hidden seductive side…’

    — — —

    The red Ferrari galloped down the road, and after about twenty minutes, it stopped in front of a bar.

    The scissor door opened and a beautiful pair made their exit.

    A supercar containing a lovely couple made for quite an eye-catching combination.

    Naturally, these two were Wang Haoran and Qin Yunhan.

    After seeing the supercar stop at the front entrance, a valet boy immediately made his way over and respectfully asked if he could assist them with parking.

    ‘Seems like the bar’s got some good business.’ 

    After coming all this way, Wang Haoran saw not a single parking slot.

    Thus, he tossed the key in the valet boy’s hand along with a couple of hundred yuan as a tip after asking him to park the car for him.

    As he stood outside the bar, Wang Haoran could hear the smell of alcohol and the roar of the music.

    Rather than entering at once, Wang Haoran asked Qin Yunhan, “Can I hold your hand?”

    “Huh?” Qin Yunhan was stunned by the question.

    “There’s a lot of unsavoury customers in the bar. If we enter while holding hands, they’ll think we’re together. That way, no one will bother to strike up a conversation and harass you.” Wang Haoran replied, not a change in his face.

    “Okay, okay… let’s do it your way.” Qin Yunhan nodded shyly.

    Seeing that Qin Yunhan had agreed, Wang Haoran reached out and took her weak and boneless hand.

    Wang Haoran clearly felt her small hand tremble with nervousness.

    [Ding! The Host stirs up the heart of the heroine, Qin Yunhan. Receiving 100 Villain Points!]

    “Let’s go then.”

    Wang Haoran pulled Qin Yunhan into the bar.

    The air was filled with the smell of alcohol, as the sound of music echoed through their eardrums, as dazzling lights appeared in front of them.

    On the dance floor of the bar hall, many men and women were swinging and dancing.

    Wang Haoran brought Qin Yunhan to the booth, and the woman who sold drinks immediately came over to ask what drinks the two would like.

    It was Qin Yunhan’s first time here, so she naturally didn’t know what to order.

    In truth, Wang Haoran wanted to help Qin Yunhan decide. Ordering her a glass with high-alcoholic content would easily get her drunk…

    But unfortunately, he came here for something a bit more important. Say that he did succeed in getting her drunk, it’s not like he could just take her away immediately.

    No, in fact, he’ll probably get in trouble.

    Wang Haoran had to temporarily give up on this idea and ordered two drinks with low-alcohol content.

    The bartender quickly brought their drinks over.

    Qin Yunhan came to a place that she’d never gone before, so like a curious child, she kept looking around while having her drink.

    The tall, beautiful, pure, and lovely Qin Yunhan obviously attracted the eyes of many around them.

    However, not one of them came up to chat.

    Wang Haoran couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

    ‘Aren’t there typically a lot of hooligans in a bar? Why don’t you come over here and try messing with Qin Yunhan?’

    ‘Otherwise, how can I play the part of a hero saving the damsel?’

    ‘Is it because I’m in the way?’

    As he thought of this, Wang Haoran pretended to leave for the bathroom, secretly observing Qin Yunhan from the side.

    But after waiting a while, not a single person came to harass Qin Yunhan.


    As expected, he – as the villain – was barred from this trope.

    Wang Haoran simply gave up and said to Qin Yunhan, “It’s too noisy out here, so let’s find a box and sit down.”

    The reason why he came to the stage was because there were several people here that would obviously be tempted by Qin Yunhan.

    But since there was no chance of acting out that trope, he had no choice.

    If that’s the case, then there’s no need to stay here.

    It’s better to just get on with his original goal.

    “Yeah.” Qin Yunhan nodded.

    Wang Haoran left for a while and went to open two boxes.

    He then returned to the stage and brought Qin Yunhan over to one of them.

    The sound insulation in the box is quite good, and you can hardly hear the loud music outside the hall, making it that much quieter.

    “When I went to grab a box for us, I saw an acquaintance of mine. I’ll just go say hello and come back after a while.” Wang Haoran wanted to do business, and it was inconvenient for him to do so in front of Qin Yunhan. Thus, he came up with an excuse to leave.

    “Okay, come back right after you say hello then.” Qin Yunhan felt a little frightened at the prospect of staying alone, so she requested that he hurry.

    Wang Haoran nodded, and after leaving the box, he went to another.

    He rang the communication bell in the box, after which a bartender soon arrived.

    “Hey, handsome, any drinks you’d like?” asked the bartender.

    “What’s the best alcohol you’ve got in your bar?” Wang Haoran asked.

    Hearing this, she couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

    She gets a commission for each drink she sells. Naturally, the more expensive it was, the higher the commission.

    “Ace of Spades, a 6888 and 10888, which one do you want, handsome?” She quickly asked.

    “Ten bottles of Ace of Spades, the 10888.” Wang Haoran casually replied.

    “Handsome, are you sure you can drink that much on your own?” She was a bit stunned.

    “If I can’t finish it all, then I can just ask someone to come over and share a drink with me, no?” Wang Haoran smiled meaningfully.

    As soon as she heard it, she immediately understood and asked, “Need some help calling over any beauties, handsome?”

    “Just one.” Wang Haoran put down the check he’d prepared for quite some time on the table, gently placing it on the table.

    The bartender couldn’t help but scratch her head as she looked at the check, carefully counting the amount.

    ‘Ten million?’

    She thought she was wrong, but after counting five times in a row, there was no doubt about it…

    It really was a check worth ten million.

    This handsome guy in front of her was no doubt some sort of crazy rich kid.

    “Who do you want me to call over for you, handsome?” After calming down a bit, she hurriedly asked him.

    “Black Peony.”

    “Our boss doesn’t drink with customers…” The bartender was startled, eyes wide in surprise.

    “Just call her and say I’ll give her a million per bottle of wine.”

    — — —


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