I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 92


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    Chapter 92: Intercepting the Protagonist; The Hero Saves the Beauty!

    ‘A million per bottle of wine…’

    When the bartender heard this, she was stunned.

    After all, this bar’s monthly profit was only around a couple hundred thousand.

    Naturally, giving away ten bottles for ten million is something that everyone would be more than willing to do.

    As far as she knew, even her boss would take up her offer.

    As she thought of this, the bartender immediately left the box to relay his request.

    Wang Haoran waited quietly in the box.

    After about a minute or two, the phone suddenly rang.

    He picked up his mobile phone and saw that it was Qin Yunhan’s number.

    “I want to stay and chat with my acquaintance for a while; I’ll call you later.”

    Wang Haoran thought that Qin Yunhan just got bored of waiting alone, which led to her calling him.

    “There are two sloppy-looking thugs blocking my way and won’t let me leave, please… please come save me.”

    Qin Yunhan’s trembling voice came from the other end of the phone.

    Wang Haoran couldn’t help but be surprised. But at the same time, he was a bit happy.

    His opportunity to save the beauty and play the hero was coming.


    “Where are you? Are you in the box?” Wang Haoran asked hurriedly.

    “I’m currently hiding in the women’s bathroom; they’re waiting for me outside.”

    “Don’t hang up; I’ll be right over.”

    Having said that, Wang Haoran immediately got up from the sofa in the box.

    There’s only one bathroom in this bar, having just “gone there”, Wang Haoran obviously knew its location.

    But on the way to the bathroom, Wang Haoran saw Xiao Yifeng.

    Wang Haoran was stunned for a moment, before immediately blaming himself for being careless.

    Wang Xiang and Qin Kai went to the bureau together.

    Since Wang Xiang knew that the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Qin Yunhan had something to do with Black Peony, Qin Kai would definitely know too.

    And if Qin Kai knows, Xiao Yifeng knows.

    Xiao Yifeng obviously came for the same reason he did.

    After coming to a realization, Wang Haoran wanted to start hurling curses.

    Qin Yunhan’s crisis was an opportunity arranged for Xiao Yifeng.

    The hero truly will save the beauty…

    Wang Haoran noticed Xiao Yifeng and vice versa.

    However, Xiao Yifeng just glanced at Wang Haoran with a look of disdain before heading to the men’s bathroom.

    Obviously, Xiao Yifeng currently had no idea that Qin Yunhan was here, but he would conveniently head there.

    When Wang Haoran himself went there, he immediately spotted two young men with fancy hair.

    The two young men were talking while smoking cigars.

    “What if that pretty girl just stays inside and refuses to come out?”

    “Wait a few more minutes. If she doesn’t come out, we’ll go in and find her.”

    “She came alone, right? There won’t be any trouble, right?”

    “This is our boss’ territory; who’d provoke us?”

    “That’s right.”

    He didn’t pay them any mind, instead saying something to Qin Yunhan over the phone.

    “I’m right outside. There’s no need to be afraid, just come out.”


    Qin Yunhan nodded, and quickly trotted out of the women’s bathroom, hiding behind Wang Haoran in fear.

    The two young people immediately surrounded Wang Haoran.

    “Just the two of them?” Before he dealt with these two, he wanted to confirm something with Qin Yunhan.


    “Have they ever touched you?”

    “No, but he said some nasty things.”

    Wang Haoran nodded, looked at the two young men, and said in a commanding tone:

    “On your knees and apologize to my friend. Slap yourselves ten times, and I’ll consider letting you go.”

    [Kshn: You’ve read too many wuxia novels, Haoran…]

    “HAHAHA! Yeah right, you little- oof!”

    The young man was a few words away from mocking Wang Haoran, but before he could finish speaking, he was kicked four or five meters away by Wang Haoran, blood flowing from his mouth.

    The other young man was stunned, his legs shaking, as he quickly lowered his head and said, “Please, I’m-“

    But before he could say “sorry”, he immediately followed in the footsteps of his companion.

    [Ding! The Host cuts off the protagonist, teaching the gangsters a lesson and saving Qin Yunhan, the heroine. Receiving 300 Villain Points!

    • Xiao Yifeng Protagonist’s Halo -15!
    • Host’s Villain’s Halo +15!]

    “Is it really okay to be this rough?”

    Seeing the two reduced to such a miserable state, Qin Yunhan felt very relieved, but she grew worried thinking that she’d just caused trouble for Wang Haoran.

    “These bastards wanted to lay their hands on you; they are courting death!”

    Wang Haoran seemed to be overwhelmed by anger, seemingly about to rush headfirst and kill the two who – after one kick – were vomiting blood.

    With the [Movie-level Acting skills] on full display, everyone around him was inclined to believe it.

    “Wang Haoran, calm down! Calm down, okay?”

    Qin Yunhan struggled to hold him back. Inevitably, she proved too weak to hold him down, so she simply held Wang Haoran’s waist from behind and used her own weight to hold him back.

    Wang Haoran finally calmed down and looked back at Qin Yunhan. She was hugging him.

    And as she did so, her face and ears were red, like a frightened bunny. She then immediately let go of him, not daring to look him in the eyes. Her heart was pounding.

    She was only verbally harassed, but Wang Haoran got so angry that he threatened to kill someone.

    She’d always wanted to know if she had a place in his heart, and she got her answer…

    [Ding! The heroine, Qin Yunhan, has experienced an increase in her favorability toward the Host by 10.

    • The current total favorability is 65 (Heartfelt Love).]

    [Ding! The Host affects the plot direction. Receiving 300 Villain Points!]

    On the other side, the two injured youths are left in their miserable states, cradling each other in their arms.

    “Consider yourself lucky.” 

    Wang Haoran snorted while pretending to be angry, before turning around, “Qin Yunhan, aren’t you scared?”


    Qin Yunhan shook her head, no longer the stubborn and willful princess of the past, whispering, “And you can just call me ‘Yunhan’ in the future.”


    Wang Haoran nodded, knowing that Qin Yunhan was head-over-heels and wanted to get closer to him, something that he wanted too.

    Then, with his [X-Ray Vision], he noticed Xiao Yifeng about to leave the bathroom.

    “Let’s go back to the box.” Wang Haoran directly took Qin Yunhan’s hand.

    As soon as Qin Yunhan’s small hand touched his, a smile unconsciously tugged at the corners of her mouth.


    Qin Yunhan and Wang Haoran walked a few steps before a surprising call came from behind.

    Qin Yunhan could tell that this voice belonged to Xiao Yifeng.

    Qin Yunhan pretended not to hear, even quickening her pace.

    However, Xiao Yifeng quickly ran over and blocked her way.

    “Miss, it’s really you!”

    Xiao Yifeng was shocked; he couldn’t quite believe it.

    How could the eldest lady come to a place as chaotic as a bar? And she even came with Wang Haoran!

    The two were even holding hands…

    It didn’t seem like the eldest lady was resisting at all.

    Obviously, she was more than willing to let Wang Haoran hold his hand.

    ‘In other words, the eldest lady likes this rich kid!’

    The raging fires of jealousy burst uncontrollably within the confines of Xiao Yifeng’s heart.

    [Ding! The Host threw the protagonist, Xiao Yifeng’s, mentality off balance. Receiving 300 Villain Points!]

    — — —

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