I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 93


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    Chapter 93: Big Sister – The Heroine 

    The Black Peony is 29 years old this year.

    Her real name is Zuoqiu Chenyu, and her last name stood for “youthful beauty”.

    When she was six years old, her parents were killed because of an underworld dispute.

    Since then, she has been following in the footsteps of her grandfather, a gangster.

    The death of her parents was a big blow to Zuoqiu Chenyu and it planted a deep shadow and hatred in her heart.

    It was this event that caused her ruthless character to form.

    After her grandfather died, an 18-year-old Zuoqiu Chenyu took over his territory and became the head of the underworld.

    In the next five years, Zuoqiu Chenyu’s name skyrocketed, becoming a frightening existence nicknamed the “Black Peony”.

    The peony is a symbol of unparalleled beauty and grace, something that flawlessly described Zuoqiu Chenyu’s beauty.

    While “black” served to remind the people of her cruel heart.

    Put together, she was the “Black Peony”.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu’s reputation was such that even the business leaders in Qingling City trembled the moment they saw her.

    However, as society gradually stabilized, Zuoqiu Chenyu’s influence gradually weakened. She didn’t dare act as presumptuous as before.

    At the same time, the grey business that Zuoqiu Chenyu was engaged in could no longer continue.

    Thus, she inevitably had to switch to a more “proper” business.

    But Zuoqiu Chenyu had never read any books, and she had no experience in running a legitimate business. She lost an incredible amount of money on investments, losing almost nine times out of ten.

    This bar is the only business that Black Peony has successfully invested in.

    But even so, the profit of this bar is only a few hundred thousand per month, allowing her to barely afford to pay for her goons and maintain a living.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu had considered just letting go of the goons, to allow them to make their own living.

    But before her grandfather died, he instructed Zuoqiu Chenyu to inherit the land he laid down.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu didn’t want her grandfather’s legacy to die.

    Moreover, they were unwilling to leave.

    These bastards have no craftsmanship, let alone a proper education. The only thing they knew best was strength. If they really went to find a legitimate job, they’d end up moving bricks at a construction site.

    But after staying in this job for so long, would they truly be willing to move bricks?

    In order to continue to maintain the “territory” left behind by her grandfather, Zuoqiu Chenyu grew more and more worried, as making a fortune seemed like a far-off dream.

    In the past, she was the beautiful eldest sister, but now, she’s just a boss worried about money.

    The Zuoqiu Chenyu of seven years ago wouldn’t have bothered with a reply if she heard that someone wanted her to accompany them for a drink.

    In fact, she probably would’ve ordered one of her men to go over and cut off that person’s head.

    But alas, she no longer had that right. Thus, she lowered her head.

    However… ‘One bottle of wine for one million each is a great deal.’

    She could hold her liquor quite well, five bottles minimum.

    Five bottles mean five million.

    A hefty amount of money, to be sure.

    As for whether the other party might take advantage of her? Zuoqiu Chenyu had nothing to worry about in that regard.

    In all her life, not once did a man ever think to take advantage of her.

    [Samael: Yeah – well – you’re in a Chinese novel, so… *loads gun*]

    “Lead the way!”

    Zuoqiu Chenyu said to the bartender.

    — — —

    “Miss, why would you lower yourself to come to a place like this? Wouldn’t your father be sad to know that you went somewhere like this?”

    Xiao Yifeng coldly said to Qin Yun.

    “How is it degrading for me to walk into a bar?” 

    Qin Yunhan couldn’t help but feel a little pissed at his remarks, before angrily warning him, “And don’t you dare snitch on me by telling my dad just to look good!”

    “I can give you my word that I won’t, but you have to promise that – in the future – you’ll keep your distance from Wang Haoran.” Xiao Yifeng bargained.

    “Oh? And how are Wang Haoran and I any of your business?” Qin Yunhan scowled.

    “I don’t trust him; he looks shady. And I don’t think he has any good intentions. After all, he brought you to a bar. He could have plans on getting you drunk and having his way with you!” Xiao Yifeng said.

    “You’re overthinking this. I was the one who asked if I could come.” Qin Yun scoffed, before impatiently saying, “I don’t even know why I bother telling you so much. Just stay away. Every time I see you, something bad happens.”

    As soon as the words fell, people – around a dozen or so – rapidly approached them, surrounding Wang Haoran and Qin Yunhan.

    They caught sight of two young men staggering, the same two that Wang Haoran had kicked away.

    They were obviously there to seek revenge.

    “Ugh, you really are an ill omen!” Qin Yunhan’s nervousness returned, as she angrily glared at Xiao Yifeng.

    “Miss, please rest assured that I will protect you.”

    These dozen or so young men were aggressive, but Xiao Yifeng didn’t care.

    “Brothers, it’s that kid!” The two young men angrily pointed at Wang Haoran.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be good at fighting? Hurry up and deal with them.” Qin Yunhan commanded Xiao Yifeng.

    “Miss, I’m only responsible for protecting you. I’m not required to do anything else.” Xiao Yifeng shook his head and refused.

    This group of people was obviously here to trouble Wang Haoran, and one of his most fervent desires was to see this rich b*****d get beaten up. Why would he help him?

    “Xiao Yifeng, I order you to go, or I’ll tell my dad to fire you!” Qin Yunhan anxiously ordered.

    “Miss, there are too many people on the other side. Your safety comes first, and I believe that Uncle Qin will understand.” Xiao Yifeng looked like a dead pig that didn’t fear boiling water.

    “You!” Qin Yun stomped her feet in anger.

    “I can handle it myself without his help.” Wang Haoran patted Qin Yunhan’s shoulder to comfort her.

    Even Xiao Yifeng was no match for his current combat strength, so how could he be afraid of these dozen or so rascals?

    “What happened?!”

    But before Wang Haoran could act, a woman’s domineering shout came from the crowd.

    A path was automatically formed from the crowd, as an enchanting woman stepped forward.



    This group of young men respectfully saluted her.

    Seeing this, Wang Haoran’s eyes moved slightly, as he subconsciously examined this enchanting woman.

    An off-the-shoulder black and red patterned dress brought out all her graceful curves.

    A burgundy wavy hair, naturally scattered on the shoulders.

    There was no expression on her flawless snow-white face, but it seemed to have an indescribably infinite charm.

    Snow-white slender legs moved as she did, enough to charm the heavens themselves.

    Though it was only a few glances, his blood and heartbeat unconsciously sped up.

    It was at that point that he couldn’t help but use his [X-Ray Vision].

    [Kshn: Hehe, ye boi.]

    ‘If looks could kill, this would be it. What a terrifying figure…’

    Wang Haoran immediately retracted his ability for fear of making a fool of himself.

    Judging by their reactions, this woman must be Black Peony.

    A beautiful woman with an exceptional background…

    ‘Going by the tropes of those urban novels, she would fit the role of the eldest sister presiding over the underworld.’

    Zuoqiu Chenyu fit the bill.

    Wang Haoran immediately spent 100 Villain Points to check it out.

    [Hostess: Zuoqiu Chenyu]

    [Combat value: 191]

    [Charm: 279]

    [Heroine Halo: 453]


    • Natural Charm
    • Assassination (Advanced)]

    [Host’s Favorability: 0 (Strangers)]

    She was really a heroine!

    — — —

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