I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 94


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    Chapter 94: Threatening the Big Sister 

    ‘There are so many beauties in this city…’

    Xiao Yifeng lustfully stared at Zuoqiu Chenyu, swallowing his saliva as he did.

    He didn’t even bother to try acting decently.

    At this point, he’d forgotten the main reason why he was here.

    When Zuoqiu Chenyu noticed this gaze of his, she couldn’t help but frown. However, her focus was directed at Wang Haoran.

    She originally asked the bartender to take her to the box, but about halfway through, she said she saw Wang Haoran.

    It was around then that Zuoqiu Chenyu walked over.

    Judging by what she’d seen so far, Wang Haoran seemed to have had some sort of conflict with one of her men, or to be more precise, Wang Haoran hit one of her men.

    [Samael: Two, with his feet, if you wanna be even more precise.]

    “You two! Tell me what happened.”

    Zuoqiu Chenyu’s eyes glimpsed the men around her, before settling on the two who had obviously been beaten.

    “Boss, it’s like this…”

    The two young men respected Zuoqiu Chenyu like one would their own god. They didn’t dare lie, so they told everything exactly as it happened.

    “I seem to have told you that, if you want to play at the bar, make sure that the girls are willing. If not, you’re doing nothing more than deliberately harassing guests.” Zuoqiu Chenyu scolded.

    She opened this bar, and since she opened the door to do business, she herself must obey the rules of the establishment.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu had already warned her men about such things.

    “Boss, we were wrong. We’ll accept any punishment you see fit.”

    The two immediately knelt down and pleaded guilty.

    Naturally, they knew the rules. However, they couldn’t hold back the moment they saw Qin Yunhan’s beauty.

    Unfortunately, not only did they fail, their little secret has been revealed to their boss.

    “What about the others? You knew that these two violated the rules, and you’re still helping them out?” Zuoqiu Chenyu questioned the others.

    Hearing her words, they lowered their heads and admitted their mistakes.

    “The two who violated the rules will kneel for three days in front of Guan Gong’s statue. No food, just water. The rest of you will kneel for a day for helping.” Zuoqiu Chenyu was furious with them.

    “Yes, boss.”

    They looked like they’d gotten their manhoods cut off, but there were none to question Zuoqiu Chenyu’s decision.

    Once they’d left, Zuoqiu Chenyu stepped in front of Wang Haoran.

    She was slightly taken aback.

    The bartender neglected to mention Wang Haoran’s age, so Zuoqiu Chenyu subconsciously made him out to be some middle-aged boss.

    ‘I didn’t expect that the man who was spending millions was actually just a boy under the age of 20.’

    Even stranger still, this young man had brought an equally young and beautiful girl.


    “Let’s go somewhere else and have a talk, shall we?”

    Zuoqiu Chenyu didn’t point out that Wang Haoran wanted to spend ten million just to have a drink with her.

    Wang Haoran nodded in agreement, but he wanted to do something else first. Bringing Qin Yunhan back to the previous box, he said to her, “Wait for me here, I’ll be back in a while.”

    Wang Haoran firmly stated.


    Qin Yunhan had a lot of questions in her heart, but she knew that this wasn’t the moment to ask these questions. Nodding stiffly, she agreed.

    Wang Haoran went to another box.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu was already sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

    “Was that your little girlfriend just now? Bringing a beautiful little girlfriend here, but looking for other women to drink with, you rich second-generation people are really interesting.” Zuoqiu Chenyu teased.

    Hearing this, Wang Haoran was slightly taken aback.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu didn’t seem to know Qin Yunhan, so she and the Qin family should have no grudges.

    If there really was such an issue, it would be impossible for her not to know Qin Yunhan, Qin Kai’s only daughter.

    ‘The mastermind behind the kidnapping of Qin Yunhan has to be someone else then.’

    Zuoqiu Chenyu was just an informed middleman.

    “Let’s talk about something interesting.” Wang Haoran changed the subject.


    Zuoqiu Chenyu glanced at the ten bottles of Ace of Spades on the table, “However, you said we’d be drinking. One million per bottle, just like you said.”

    “There are only ten bottles of wine here. Even if you can drink all of them, 10 million seems rather little. In a rush, are we?” Wang Haoran smiled with interest.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu frowned and coldly replied, “You may be rich, but if you’ve come here to laugh at me, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

    “No need to be so nervous, I’m actually here to talk business with you.” Wang Haoran said.

    “I’m only interested in legitimate transactions right now.”

    “Legitimate business? Is it legitimate business to find someone to kidnap the Qin family’s daughter?” Wang Haoran narrowed his eyes.

    Zuoqiu Chenyu softly replied, “I have no idea what you’re on about.”

    “I want to know who asked you to kidnap the daughter of the Qin Group. In exchange, I offer 10 million for the news.” Wang Haoran got straight to the point.

    Originally, he wanted to use force to coerce Zuoqiu Chenyu to spill the beans regarding the true mastermind behind the attempts to kidnap Qin Yunhan.

    However, after realizing that Zuoqiu Chenyu was one of the heroines, he changed his mind.

    “Ten million to buy a piece of news is indeed quite a good deal. Unfortunately, I really only do legitimate business now, and the kidnapping of the Qin Group’s daughter has nothing to do with me.” Zuoqiu Chenyu said with a face of regret.

    “As far as I know, you seem to have someone nicknamed Eagle, right?” Wang Haoran tentatively asked.

    “Yes, but I instructed my men to only engage in legitimate business from now on. When Eagle went off on his own, he broke the rules. I personally kicked him out a month ago. He is no longer associated with me, and he has nothing to do with me.” Zuoqiu Chenyu said.

    When Wang Haoran heard this, he couldn’t help but frown.

    If Zuoqiu Chenyu truly had something to do with this, she could’ve just received the check and given false information. But after hearing her words…

    ‘The attempted kidnappings really must not have anything to do with her then.’

    But didn’t this mean that the trail had gone cold again?


    “Okay, I believe you, but since Eagle was one of your men before, you should know something about him. I want you to help me find this person as soon as possible.” Wang Haoran stated.

    “In all my years, no one has ever dared to take on such a commanding tone with me. Are you courting death?!” Zuoqiu Chenyu’s charming eyes showed a fierce light.

    [Samael: COURTING DEATH! She said my favourite phrase. ヾ(•ω•`)o ]

    “Three days, I’ll give you three days. After three days, you need to find traces of the Eagle. Otherwise, you yourself will be at risk.” Rather than be frightened, Wang Haoran’s tone grew to a threatening one.

    ‘So what if she was the big sister?’

    ‘So what about the vast number of minions she had?’

    ‘I’m a super villain, a top boss, and you think you’ll scare me?’

    ‘Even if you send all of your minions, I can wipe them out all by myself.’

    — — —

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