I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 97


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    Chapter 97: The Eagle’s Trail

    Wang Haoran gave Zuoqiu Chenyu three days to find information about Eagle.

    While he waited, Fang Heng brought him several small antiques, totaling 12 million.

    Just like last time, Wang Haoran made the purchase through Fang Xuan.

    In just a few days, the cash cow known as Fang Heng has produced nearly 20 million.

    As it stands, Wang Haoran would probably earn either one or two million after a month.

    The money practically came rushing in like a large river.

    He can now maintain a luxurious life without depending on his family’s money.

    After earning so much money, Wang Haoran wanted to celebrate and try the debaucherous life of some similarly rich and young people.

    After the evening self-study that day, he sent a message to Wen Jing, telling her not to go home tonight.

    Without even a word of explanation, Wen Jing happily agreed.

    On the other side, Wang Haoran once again called Fang Xuan and asked her out.

    ‘Wen Jing is so well-behaved that she would definitely be open to some forms of excess.’

    ‘But with Fang Xuan’s temperament, she may find it more difficult to accept.’

    But Wang Haoran didn’t care about her thoughts, let alone her heart.

    Naturally, Wang Haoran would try to be polite before resorting to more aggressive means.

    To psychologically prepare them, he opened two presidential suites for both Wen Jing and Fang Xuan respectively.

    Wang Haoran was excited and planned to work on Fang Xuan first, but before he could open the door, his phone suddenly rang.

    He immediately felt a bit annoyed.

    ‘It’s late. Who the hell would bother people at this hour?’

    Wang Haoran wanted to hang up the phone, but when he saw the Call ID, he realized it was none other than Zuoqiu Chenyu.

    He couldn’t help but suppress his pleasure and answer the phone first.

    [“One of my boys found traces of Eagle’s activities near Tianxin District.”] Zuoqiu Chenyu got straight to the point.

    “Did you verify it?”

    [“Do you think I’d lie to you?”] Zuoqiu Chenyu mockingly asked.

    She was poisoned by Wang Haoran, who now hold her life at his hands. How could she possibly lie to him?

    [“I’ve sent you the photo; it’s in your phone.”]


    Once he hung up the call, Wang Haoran thought about it.

    Everyone was currently looking for signs of Eagle, who was probably hiding in the Tianxin District.

    However, with so many residents there, dragging him out was no easy task.

    ‘Tianxin District?’

    Wang Haoran felt that the name sounded familiar, so he quickly checked the map and found that this district was near Shui Zhe Middle School.

    The last time he passed by that area was when he gave Song Zhenyu a ride home.

    [Samael: Heh, a ride.]

    Song Zhenyu lived in the Tianxin District.

    ‘Heroines attract danger. Maybe she’ll be the one to encounter Eagle?’

    Wang Haoran secretly guessed.

    ‘Rather than hide in a place as big as Qingling City, Eagle chose to hide in the Tianxin District… where a heroine “coincidentally” lived.’

    ‘Qin Kai must also be trying to find traces of Eagle.’

    ‘With his financial resources, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find information.’

    ‘And if Qin Kai knows, Xiao Yifeng knows.’

    ‘As a result, Xiao Yifeng will pay a visit to the Tianxin District.’

    Putting this information together, there was a high chance of the main plot triggering in the Tianxin District.

    ‘Looks like I have to go there right now.’

    Wang Haoran secretly made up his mind. As he thought of this, he first pushed the door open and walked into the presidential suite where Fang Xuan was.

    Fang Xuan was sitting beside the bed wearing a slippery silk nightgown, her hair hadn’t completely dried yet. Apparently, she had just taken a shower.

    She had a blank look in her eyes, as she silently awaited what was to come.

    “I’ve already paid for the rent. You can rest by yourself. If you have to go to work tomorrow morning, just leave.” Wang Haoran just dropped those words on Fang Xuan.

    After all, there was no telling for how long he’d be busy tonight, and he wasn’t sure whether he’d be able to make it back.

    When she saw him leave, Fang Xuan was stunned. It took her quite some time to recover from this sight.

    What did he mean?

    He was the one who arranged all this, and yet he left without doing anything.

    ‘Is he tired of me?’

    As she thought of this, Fang Xuan felt a touch of inexplicable sadness and loneliness.

    — — —

    Wang Haoran got in a cab and quickly arrived outside the Tianxin District.

    However, he didn’t exit immediately. First, he examined the area with [X-Ray Vision].

    He soon saw Xiao Yifeng in the security booth at the district’s gate entrance.

    ‘The protagonist is also here.’

    ‘The possibility of triggering the main scenario here is practically 100%.’

    Wang Haoran found a place to stay hidden and got out of the cab. Avoiding Xiao Yifeng’s field of view, he quietly slipped into the district.

    He had been here several times and was no stranger to this place. He eventually found the apartment Song Zhenyu was renting.

    It was quite late, so he didn’t quite know how he could explain himself to her.

    Song Zhenyu lived on the third floor, not that high in the grand scheme of things.

    Wang Haoran climbed directly from the pipe at the edge of the building, before stopping at the eaves just outside Song Zhenyu’s bedroom window.

    There was still some light in the room; it was obvious that Song Zhenyu was still up.

    Wang Haoran used his [X-Ray Vision] to see the situation inside.

    Upon getting a clearer look, he couldn’t help but sigh at this coincidence.

    Song Zhenyu wasn’t in the bedroom, but in the shower room.

    Currently, nothing special was happening.

    It seemed that he arrived just in time, and Song Zhenyu was obviously still safe and sound.

    The bedroom windows were half open, but had iron guardrails.

    Wang Haoran simply used brute force to pull away the guardrails before entering the bedroom.

    He then immediately straightened them once more.

    The suite that Song Zhenyu lived in wasn’t that big, so there weren’t many places where he could hide.

    After a quick glance, he decided to hide under the bed.

    Song Zhenyu quickly came out of the shower, and – after a while – turned off the lights to rest.

    Wang Haoran hid at the bottom of the dirty bed, his body against the cold floor, very uncomfortable.

    ‘There better be something good tonight. Otherwise, I’d have to rummage through the entire district tomorrow if I want to find Eagle.’

    Time passed quietly; it was now 3 AM.

    Song Zhenyu’s light and even breathing could be heard throughout the room.

    She slept soundly.

    Wang Haoran was miserable; he just couldn’t sleep.

    Time continued to pass, until it was 3:30 AM.

    It was at that moment when he heard a slight click, the sound of the door unlocking.

    Wang Haoran stirred, as he quickly cheered up. He then examined the door with his [X-Ray Vision].

    He saw a suspicious individual at the door, who was using an iron wire to pry the door lock. After a few seconds of fiddling, the lock opened.

    The sneaky man slipped into the room, and soon crept into the bedroom.

    Before approaching Song Zhenyu, he immediately took out a gas mask and put it on, lit a cigarette, and put it in the bedroom.

    As he observed this suspicious individual’s actions, it was obvious that there was something up with the cigarette. 

    ‘Probably ecstasy.’

    Rather than stop him immediately, Wang Haoran chose to hold his breath to avoid inhaling the smoke.

    After all, he also sneaked into Song Zhenyu’s room. Even if he stopped this person, how could he explain it to Song Zhenyu?

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 821] 

    [Villain Point: 3000] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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