I Became the Rich Second-Generation Villain – Chapter 99


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    — — —

    Chapter 99: Upgrading the Supreme Poison Sutra.

    Wang Haoran had discretely kept track of the halo points he’d taken from Xiao Yifeng.

    So far, he’s obtained a total of 165 Halo Points.

    Initially, Xiao Yifeng’s Protagonist’s Halo had a total value of 726. Subtracting the ones he’d gained, that brings Xiao Yifenge’s current total to 561.

    With a Villain’s Halo of 841, he’d surpassed Xiao Yifeng by a total of 280 points.

    It was now time to dispose of Xiao Yifeng.

    ‘Spending 3000 Villain Points to buy 6 years’ worth of Internal Energy and increasing my combat value by 270 was a good choice, but it’s not sustainable.’

    ‘By no stretch of the imagination is Xiao Yifeng’s combat power of 983 weak. Even if I were to increase my combat power some more, killing Xiao Yifeng wouldn’t be that easy.’

    ‘And if he escapes… it would only get worse.’

    ‘It’s best if I use poison.’

    ‘The [Supreme Poison Sutra] is ideal, since it exceeds Xiao Yifeng’s [Grandmaster-level Medical Skills].’

    Fighting against Xiao Yifeng with the skill as opposed to without would be like night and day.

    However, to upgrade the [Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)] to its (Supreme) form would cost 4,000 Villain Points.

    Right now, he only has 3,500 Villain Points, meaning he’s 500 short. 

    ‘Now where can I get 500 Villain Points?’

    ‘Oh, right, there’s a handy little tool next door who gives me loads of villain points…’

    ‘And a single use provides exactly 500 Villain Points.’

    With that in mind, he naturally proceeded with his plan.


    [Ding! The Host captured Fang Xuan, one of the heroines. Receiving 500 Villain Points!

    • Fang Heng’s Protagonist’s Halo -25!
    • Fang Xuan’s Heroine’s Halo -25!
    • Host’s Villain’s Halo +50!]

    Wang Haoran got the rewards, just like he wanted.

    With 4000 Villain Points, he upgraded the [Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)] to its (Supreme) version in one breath.

    After doing so, Wang Haoran clearly felt his knowledge of poisons grow more profound.

    Put into perspective, the (Advanced) version of the technique is similar to a high school student’s level of understanding, while the (Supreme) version was more like the understanding of a PhD student’s professor.

    It was a ginormous gap, to say the least.

    Little by little, Wang Haoran digested this newly acquired knowledge. Eventually, the [Supreme Poison Sutra (Supreme)] gave him a poison that could deal with Xiao Yifeng.

    However, some of the materials required to make this poison were quite rare, and Wang Haoran didn’t have the time to collect these himself.

    After thinking about it, Wang Haoran decided he’ll simply send an obedient little servant to run errands for him.

    ‘And for now, Zuoqiu Chenyu is the best candidate by far.’

    With her life in his hands, she wouldn’t dare reveal his personal affairs.

    Secondly, she had many minions under her command, and many eyes to look with. 

    ‘How convenient.’

    — — —

    Dawn had arrived.

    A resident of the Tianxin District got up for work in the morning. As he was walking, he came upon a comatose and injured individual lying on the ground. The resident had almost fallen over.

    In a panic, he screamed, creating a lot of noise.

    Xiao Yifeng hadn’t slept all night, rendering his nerves quite sensitive. Upon hearing the commotion, he immediately went over to have a look. It was then that he discovered an injured and unconscious individual who fits the bill for the Eagle he was looking for.

    He immediately woke him up for some questioning, but…

    Once he woke up, he noticed that the Eagle’s eyes were dull and lifeless.

    He couldn’t help but be surprised.

    Not long after, Ling Duanya brought someone over.

    Xiao Yifeng didn’t want to cause trouble, so he left before Ling Duanya saw him.

    Once he’d left the Tianxin District, Xiao Yifeng had breakfast and went straight for the Qin Group’s HQ.

    “Have you found Eagle?” Qin Kai immediately asked as soon as Xiao Yifeng had entered his office.

    “I found him, but I couldn’t ask him anything.” Xiao Yifeng regretfully replied.

    “What??? How? Why?”

    “A master with deep inner strength destroyed his brain, rendering him a braindead fool who can’t answer any questions.”

    “That… is surprising.” Qin Kai said with an astonished look.

    “If I had to say, this master’s [Internal Energy] is not weak. He has a deep understanding of the human body, and is even likely to be proficient in medicine.” Xiao Yifeng’s face was a bit heavy.

    “But why would such a master want to attack Eagle? Could this person be related to the mastermind behind the scenes?” Qin Kai couldn’t help but make a guess.

    “Turning Eagle into a fool is probably an act meant to silence him. In my opinion, this master of [Internal Energy] is most likely related to the mastermind behind the scenes.” Xiao Yifeng agreed.

    “When compared to this master, who between yourselves do you think is higher and lower?” Qin Kai curiously asked.

    “If I find this person, I will definitely be able to capture him alive.” Xiao Yifeng smiled confidently.

    Based on his expert opinion, this person’s [Internal Energy] should be relatively shallow. How could he possibly be his opponent?

    Hearing Xiao Yifeng’s words, Qin Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    But soon, he frowned again.

    Now that they couldn’t obtain any further clues from Eagle, they’ve hit a dead end trying to uncover the mastermind behind the scenes.

    If they don’t find the mastermind, his daughter will remain in grave danger.

    After thinking about it, Qin Kai took out three documents from his desk drawer, “Yifeng, investigate these three.”

    “This is…” Xiao Yifeng was a bit confused.

    “The ones who want to kidnap Yunhan are probably my business rivals. From that group, these three are the most likely suspects.” Qin Kai said, sharing his information.

    Xiao Yifeng stretched out his hand, taking it, and having a look at it.

    Qin Kai further explained:

    “These three are engaged in the real estate industry, big names whose net worth is easily greater than 2 billion. They entered the industry much earlier than I have, and they made their fortunes more than ten years ago. But with the recent development of my own business, their commercial space grew thinner, something that they’ve always hated me for.”

    “All these bosses have oily heads and noodly arms on top of being so fat. Aren’t these three nothing more than greasy uncles?” Xiao Yifeng couldn’t help but smile after looking at the documents.

    “Being rich is quite nourishing, and with their age, it’s only natural.” Qin Kai chuckled.

    Despite being a fellow boss, Qin Kai was more disciplined than his peers. Although he’s in his forties, apart from the uncontrollable wrinkles on his face, his figure and hair volume is well maintained. Additionally, he’s neither bald nor obese.

    [Samael: Would’ve liked to know this information beforehand.]

    “Yunhan is usually in the school during class, and she isn’t the type to run around. Everything should be fine on that end, so we should take advantage of this opportunity and investigate these three.” Qin Kai said.

    ‘Won’t run around? Your daughter went to the bar with a boy last night.’

    When he heard Qin Kai’s words, Xiao Yifeng couldn’t help but quietly voice his complaints.

    He really wanted to just tell Qin Kai about Qin Yunhan’s trip to the bar.

    But if Qin Yunhan were to find out, she would hate him even more than she already did, so he endured it.

    After all, he did promise Qin Yunhan that he wouldn’t tell Qin Kai.

    “Uncle Qin, the eldest miss and Wang Haoran are very close. I think you need to give her a good talk some time.”

    ‘I can’t talk about her trip to the bar, but I can try to sabotage their relationship.’

    ‘If I don’t act now, something will definitely happen if the eldest miss and Wang Haoran are sure to continue getting along.’

    ‘The eldest miss is her own, and I absolutely can’t let Wang Haoran have his way.’

    — — —

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  • [Host: Wang Haoran] 

    [Combat value: 1099] 

    [Charm: 268] 

    [Villain Halo: 891] 

    [Villain Point: 0] 


    • Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills
    • Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun
    • God-level Singing Skills
    • Movie-level Acting skills
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced)
    • Top-Tier Hacking Techniques
    • Internal Energy (18 years)]
    • Will be added when they are introduced.

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