I’m Not That Kind of Talent

Alternative Titles

저 그런 인재 아닙니다


Web Novel (KR)




Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Psychological

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A talented individual who is respected by many and welcomed everywhere… Not at all!

A bloodthirsty battle fanatic who knows no defeat! However, he is usually kind and gentle, as well as a great boss and a subordinate who does not make a fuss!

That’s what people think of me, but in reality, I’m a sickly person who struggles to get by in everyday life, let alone in battles.

Due to excessive stress, I vomit blood. 

If I’m shocked, I vomit blood. 

Even if I’m slightly startled, I vomit blood.

For no reason at all, I vomit blood…

No, it’s about time everyone realized that I’m weak, but for some reason, they continue to have a strange misunderstanding about me.

So… I used to be strong—no, I still am, but for some reason my body was damaged and I can no longer use 100% of my skills? Is it because my body will be unable to withstand it?

And the reason for it is… a spell? A curse? 

This is ridiculous!

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