Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 1


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    — — —

    Chapter 1: Writer with Zero Success.

    “Finally, it’s finished.”

    Yan Wang stretched lazily, easing his weary body. He leaned back in his swivel chair for a while, before leisurely pressing the [Enter] key. “What theme should my next book have?”

    “Regression? Reincarnation? Hm… system-genre novels have become quite popular recently. Should I jump on the bandwagon?” Yan Wang muttered to himself, preparing to open WPS and outline a draft.

    As a writer with not-so-stellar sales, Yan Wang knew very well that if he didn’t release a new book while his current one still had some heat, then his already limited fans would vanish in no time. Thus, he needed to produce something fast, yet hard-hitting.

    His livelihood depended on it, after all.

    However, at that exact moment, his computer suddenly lagged and went dark with a hiss.

    “The hell? You’re pulling this on me at such a crucial time?”

    Frowning, Yan Wang decided to employ the ultimate methods he learned from his days as a cybercafe manager… first slap, then reboot, and finally, change the computer itself if nothing else works.

    Grabbing ahold of the CPU, he attacked it from all eight cardinal directions, applying a quick combination of hard and soft strikes.

    But seeing the screen was still black, Yan Wang felt that he had no other choice.

    Method Two: Reboot!

    As soon as he pressed the power button, Yan Wang heard a distinct ‘beep’. 

    ‘Thank God.’

    He exhaled a sigh of relief, thinking the situation was resolved.

    However, instead of going through the usual booting process, his desktop directly popped up from the inky darkness. Moreover, all the software and apps on it had disappeared.

    ‘Huh? Is it a virus–?’ 

    Before Yan Wang’s irritated thought could fully form, his 27-inch curved screen, in a flash of blinding blue light, suddenly projected a stream of data, scanning him head to toe.

    Next, a table-type information interface blinked into life on the empty desktop, and a layer of cold sweat formed on Yan Wang’s forehead as he skimmed through its contents.

    This stuff… labelled so comprehensively… it knew him better than he did.

    Whatever ‘it’ was.

    The information table soon switched off, replaced by a similarly styled chart. However, this time, Yan Wang was instead utterly befuddled by the info written inside of it, unlike before.

    ‘Actor Level, Actor’s Works…?’

    Just what was all of this?


    Like the other, this chart faded away as well, before something resembling a lottery wheel in those cheap, poorly made online gambling games, occupied the entire screen.

    From the outermost layer to the innermost, the wheel was divided into four layers. The outer had the fewest square spaces, while the innermost was densely packed, each square space barely bigger than a sesame seed on a discount cheeseburger.

    “Fantasy, Xianxia, Urban, Romance…” Being both an author and avid novel reader, Yan Wang naturally associated these squares with the various novel genres, and moved his gaze onto the second layer, “Routine, Trash, Rebirth, Transmigration… these are novel tropes?”

    The third layer: “Dark, Decisive, Kind… seems like character settings.”

    As for the fourth layer… Yan Wang dug out a magnifying glass from his birdnest room, and squinted at it for quite a while, before finally making sense of a few words through the blur:

    “Prince, Heir, Thug, Rogue. Character identities?”

    He bent over. There was an uncomfortable ache in his back due to his posture, so Yan Wang wanted to loosen his stiffness a bit, but ended up subconsciously relaxing too much.

    Was it because of stress? Or was this just a really weird situation?

    The weary young man abruptly lost his footing, and almost crashed straight into the floor, his hand instinctively grabbing onto the closest thing it could find, barely avoiding disaster.

    “Aigoo. My poor back– eh. When… when did my computer have a touchscreen?”

    When his eyes returned to the screen at last, he saw that the bright-red button in the middle of the wheel had somehow been pressed, and the pointer above it was spinning rapidly.

    But, as someone who always thought outside the box, how could he let things progress like this so easily? That was when Yan Wang realised that even unplugging the power cord and smashing a remote into the screen wouldn’t make a lick of a difference.

    Right. By this time, he understood that something truly supernatural was occurring.

    Hastily turning around, Yan Wang attempted an escape.

    Right foot! Left foot! And…!

    But then–

    His body, as if possessed, moved mechanically beyond his control, and slammed him back into his seat.

    Yan Wang, struggling in vain, could only move his eyes now, silently watching the gambling wheel’s pointer move slower and slower. He didn’t know what would happen next, but there was no doubt in his mind about one point:

    It definitely wouldn’t be anything good.


    The first pointer stopped, its tip pointing at the word ‘Urban’.

    The second pointer began to spin, before slowly stopping at ‘Conspiracy’.

    Sweat from Yan Wang’s forehead slid down his cheeks, gathering at his chin, dripping.

    His chest was soaked with sweat. Nevertheless, the only thing he could do now was to stare intently at the roulette, veins pulsing visibly in his eyes… as the third pointer shifted, stopping on the singular word: ‘Decisive’.

    And even though the slots in the fourth ring were as numerous as hair on a cow, impossible to properly discern, Yan Wang still tried hard, widening his pupils as much as possible, as if attempting to influence the end result with nothing more than his impotent, murderous glare.

    Whir~ Whir~ Whir~



    ‘So? What’s next? At least tell me that!’ 

    He struggled to turn the thoughts inside his brain into spoken words. 

    Unfortunately, it was utterly meaningless, for his throat seemed to have been stuffed with a lump of cotton, and his attempts caused only further discomfort.

    Following the inexplicable changes, the roulette was covered by a large wallpaper, similar to those often seen in theatres. 

    A movie poster appeared on the desktop, with a few characters written clearly, branded across the top – [Black and White Conspiracy].

    A projector, leaking a roll of black film, ejected a beam of white light onto him, enveloping the immobilised Yan Wang. And when the blinding light finally faded…

    Street Author Yan Wang had already vanished like the breeze.

    — — —

    “…W-where is this?”

    Sitting up abruptly on the bed, Yan Wang hurriedly felt himself. After finding that no parts had gone missing, he then directed his attention to his surroundings.

    He was in a very dilapidated room. This was his first observation. 

    Wine bottles piled up in a random corner, cigarette butts visible everywhere on the floor, and an unknown beauty’s erotic pinup hung on the wall. Oh wait, there were several. An antique, faded-green flip phone also laid unused on the bedside table. 

    A long obsolete model?

    “It seems like I’ve gone back to the early 21st century.”

    Feeling a scorching pain, Yan Wang rubbed his chest, before ripping off his vest in hopes of gaining some relief. Only to find—to his utter shock—that a grimacing wolf’s head had been tattooed onto his chest at some point.

    Flinching in surprise, his scrambling fingers brushed across something weird.

    Picking it up, Yan Wang recognized it as a movie script, like those used by big screen actors.

    Was he an actor now? He looked puzzledly at the object in his hand.

    — — —

    [Black and White Conspiracy]

    Starring: ***, ***.

    Actors: ***, ***… Yan Wang.

    Type: Undercover/Mystery/Cop & Gangster

    Background: At the beginning of the millennium, Harbor City, a seemingly orderly and upright city on the surface, hides a secret underbelly of turbulent currents. Gangs are whitewashing money by any means necessary, spearheaded by the largest forces, the ‘New Fortune’ and ‘Star Society’.

    The police force, fully aware of their crimes, suffers from a lack of evidence. To eradicate these tumours completely, they ultimately choose to dispatch a few undercover agents, blending them into various gangs in hopes of secretly investigating their weaknesses.

    A young man named ***, who has just entered the police academy, was chosen as the best candidate for the operation.

    — — —

    Yan Wang turned to the second page. 

    The first page had explained everything very simply, merely detailing some background info.

    It was like a movie synopsis. However, in the cast list, apart from himself, the names of the others were hidden as asterisks, meaning he couldn’t glean any useful information from it.

    The second page, on the other hand, was the information sheet for his personal identity.

    His name remained as Yan Wang, but he was now a thug who had been an orphan since his childhood, wandering the streets and joining gangs in his youth. Everything about the role he played was recorded here, such as which gangs he belonged to, who he followed, etc etc…

    And the third page was his acting resume, with an emboldened ‘F-’ under the level column.

    In the section subtitled ‘Actor’s Works’, the title, [Black and White Conspiracy], had appeared, alongside the role he played in it [Thug Extra] and the [Film Pay], listing [10 Reward Points].

    The fourth, and also the last, page, possessed some further information.

    This was also the page that cleared up many of his lingering doubts.

    — — —

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