Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 10


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    Chapter 10: Climbing the Corporate Ladder.

    Moving Up and Reconnecting

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    [The next day]

    Mr. Li came over and informed the gangsters on Chunyang Street that Yan Wang and Hao Zi would be temporarily in charge during this period, while also taking the time to check on Ah Long.

    But in reality, ‘being in charge’ mainly involved just collecting protection fees and handling the troublemakers in their dance halls and KTVs. Other than that, there really wasn’t much else to do.

    Having said that, because of New Fortune’s recent takeover of Longbao Street, and considering how Chunyang Street intersected with Longbao Street at the crossroads near the dance hall where Yan Wang used to frequent…  the friction between the two groups had notably increased lately.

    Returning to his humble abode, Yan Wang swiftly accessed his system, and saw that his previous task was now completed, revealing a new mission in its place.

    [Mission: Chunyang Street Boss.]

    [Having impressively passed Mr. Li’s test, you’ve finally graduated from being a low-ranked thug and have become the temporary boss of Chunyang Street. If you can secure this position, you’ll have the opportunity to climb even higher.]

    [Completion Reward: 10 RP.]

    [Failure Penalty: Will negatively affect Mr. Li’s impression of you, making your rise to power even more challenging.]

    Yan Wang currently possessed a total of 21 reward points. He also noticed that the items available inside the shop had increased substantially, and now included some handguns, a driving mastery perk, etc etc.

    However, even a basic handgun cost 30 reward points, and that was without bullets.

    After packing his things, which amounted to just a backpack, Yan Wang promptly bid farewell to his landlord and moved out.

    He then found a new place near a KTV on Chunyang Street. A decent, one-bedroom apartment on the complex’s second floor, about forty to fifty square metres.

    Rent was quite cheap back in the day too, only amounting to 100 per month.

    Yan Wang paid six months’ rent in advance.

    After buying some essentials and clothes, the busy Yan Wang lay down on his bed at last, and fell into a deep sleep.

    The experiences of the day hadn’t stirred much emotion at the time, but he did feel a lingering fear within his heart now that he remembered them.

    Yan Wang slept until mid-afternoon the next day before slowly waking up.

    After a quick wash, Yan Wang headed down to the nearby game arcade.

    Hao Zi had arrived much earlier than Yan Wang. When Yan Wang arrived there, Hao Zi was about to take the group of underlings for a meal in order to get acquainted.

    Seeing Yan Wang, Hao Zi’s smile stiffened slightly, though he still greeted him with a curt nod.

    “Yo, Brother Yan is here.”

    Nonetheless, unfortunately for Hao Zi, who was an outsider, Yan Wang was clearly the more popular choice among these local gangsters. After all, they had grown up together in these parts, and so naturally gathered around the familiar face.

    Yan Wang humbly raised his hands in a gesture of modesty: “Ah, I really can’t take such a title. Just call me Yan Zi. Otherwise, I won’t dare go outside anymore.”

    One of the gangsters who was on good terms with Yan Wang squeezed through the crowd, speaking with a look of disdain: “Zip it, man. We know you’re just playing dumb. Hurry up, let’s go to Penglai Pavilion. Us guys won’t be satisfied until  we make you pay a hefty bill today!”

    “Eh? You caught me?” Yan Wang feigned surprise: “Not bad, Ganzi, you’re quite sharp.”

    “Huh, do you really think you can dodge the bill? Guys, grab him; don’t let him escape!”

    Ganzi punched Yan Wang playfully in the chest, before summoning the others to cart him off towards Penglai Pavilion.

    Within just a few moments, only Hao Zi and a couple of stragglers were left standing at the entrance of the game arcade, befuddled.

    “Boss, shall we go too?” A young man glanced at Hao Zi, testing the waters.

    Hao Zi gritted his teeth inwardly. He was well aware that the interruption yesterday had undermined Yan Wang’s face. However, Mr. Li now appointed both of them to manage Chunyang Street together… Did he want a competition?

    “Let’s go.” Regardless, Hao Zi didn’t want to show weakness. After a moment of silence, he led his two new underlings towards Penglai Pavilion.

    Meanwhile, on the other side, Ganzi barged recklessly into the pavilion, taking a seat like a king, before bellowing: “Brother Wang, I’ve brought people to support your place today. Bring out your best dishes and drinks!”

    “Tch. You lot are just taking advantage of me this time,” Yan Wang muttered with a smile, handing over a crisp five hundred note to the approaching middle-aged man, “Brother Wang, set up two tables…”

    Ganzi quickly opened a bottle of wine and filled a glass for Yan Wang, his face full of admiration: “Brother Yan, we heard it from Brother Long yesterday. If it weren’t for your bravery, things could have easily gone south. Let’s toast to you.”

    Yan Wang downed his drink in one go and spoke in a low voice, “En. But things are getting stricter these days, so don’t talk about such matters carelessly.”

    Ganzi and Co. nodded, understanding that discretion was key in their line of work.

    “Hao Ge is here.”

    Someone shouted, drawing the attention of seven or eight people to the front door. 

    Indeed, Hao Zi had arrived late with two others.

    “Move, make some room.”

    Yan Wang slapped Ganzi on the back and stood up, smiling at his opponent: “There you are, Hao Zi. We were waiting for you. Come over, have a seat.”

    Hao Zi nodded and took a seat next to Yan Wang. Without saying a word, he poured himself a full glass, and immediately turned towards him: “Yesterday, I was… don’t take it to heart, Yan Zi. I’ll drink three cups as punishment for my actions…”

    After saying this, he gulped down three glasses of white wine in succession, his gaze burning into Yan Wang’s own, unable to see the coldness hidden behind them.

    “Ah, really, it’s nothing. If it weren’t for your help, I couldn’t have saved Brother Long either. Don’t worry about it.”

    Yan Wang waved his hand, noticing the dishes being served, and quickly invited him to sit down, shouting: “Today is my treat, so everyone should enjoy themselves! Eat and drink as much as you want!”

    “Haha, Brother Yan is truly generous.”

    “Thanks, Brother Yan!”

    Laughter erupted like an avalanche amidst the group, as Hao Zi and Yan Wang gave toasts to each other in succession, as if the earlier incident was dead and buried.

    Dinglingling… Baby shark, dudududududu… Baby shark, dudududududu…

    Hao Zi, his face flushed, fumbled for a while with his phone, before patting Yan Wang on the shoulder: “Buddy, I need to take a call. I’ll be back to continue drinking.”

    Yan Wang, his eyes hazy from the alcohol, lit a cigarette with a hee-hee smile: “Yeah right, I bet you’re going to throw up. Go on, I’ll let you off today, lightweight.”

    “Haha! Wait and see, I’ll surely come back to outdrink you.”

    Hao Zi soon staggered out of the restaurant, still muttering to himself.

    Reaching the doorway, he felt the night breeze coolly brush against his skin, sending shivers down his spine. He exhaled a pungent breath of alcohol, somewhat sobering up as he gazed at the moonless sky.

    Hao Zi glanced at his phone while loosening his belt, heading towards a nearby alley at a fast pace, seemingly in need of urgent relief.

    “What’s going on there? Do you know how many of our brothers were killed or injured this time? Why didn’t you notify us beforehand that those bastards had AKs?” A harsh voice suddenly erupted from deep within the alley.

    And Hao Zi, standing against the wall. unbuttoning his pants, responded in a hushed tone: “How was I to know those black suits would open fire so decisively? It was supposed to be a simple trade; I was just there to keep watch and drive.”

    “Then, they suddenly killed Fire Bat’s crew halfway through and impersonated them for the trade. If it wasn’t for Xing Zi getting blood on his hands, I wouldn’t even have been involved in the aftermath.”

    “The most important thing is that you said that everything had been ‘arranged’, no? So why was Yan Wang present there too?”

    “If I hadn’t taken credit from Yan Wang afterwards, I would probably still be the lackey of that Xing Zi. What is Yan Wang’s background? His fighting skills are extremely impressive; he even took down Wang Yaoming and also managed to hold him hostage.”

    Hao Zi’s voice carried a mix of frustration and confusion, reflecting the complexity of the situation and the unexpected involvement of Yan Wang in their plans. His timbre suggested a blend of both resentment and admiration for Yan Wang’s unexpectedly strong capabilities and bold actions.

    As Hao Zi continued speaking, the undercurrents, as well as the power struggles that existed within the organisation… slowly became more and more apparent. His efforts to assert himself, especially in light of Yan Wang’s rising influence, hinted at potential conflicts among the group members, alongside the shifting dynamics.


    His conversation also revealed his concerns about the broader implications of their recent actions, particularly regarding the number of casualties they suffered, and the unexpected presence of heavily armed opponents. This highlighted the dangers and unpredictability their line of work inherently possessed.

    Hao Zi’s reference to Wang Yaoming and the hostage situation also underscored the true severity of the incident, while showing the critical role that Yan Wang played in it.

    This incident had not only elevated Yan Wang’s status, but also complicated Hao Zi’s position within the group.

    Their dialogue, unfolding in a dimly lit alley, painted a vivid picture of the gritty reality of gang life, marked by those constant power plays, unforeseen challenges, and the ever-present risk of violence.

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