Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 11


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    — — —

    Chapter 11: Trouble Arises; Huawen Bao.

    After a moment of silence, the voice on the phone spoke once more, “This time… there were two accidents in total, and we lost quite a few comrades due to them. I’ll check into this Yan Wang guy later. You just continue to lay low.”

    “Okay,” Hao Zi shivered slightly, zipping up his pants and staggering out of the alley, returning to Penglai Pavilion. 

    “Come on, let’s keep drinking.”

    Yan Wang, with an ambiguous smile, leaned in close and asked: “Why did you take so long? Did your girlfriend call you?”


    Hao Zi, with a flicker in his eyes, slumped into a chair, lit a cigarette, and sighed deeply: “Women, they’re just trouble. She’ll complain even if I’m a bit late to return home…”

    “Tch… women need to be coaxed… don’t you know…?” 

    Yan Wang replied in a voice that grew slowly fainter and fainter.

    Hao Zi was taken aback, but upon seeing Yan Wang basically crawling under the table, drunk out of his mind, he shook his head, calling some of his underlings to help Yan Wang move from Penglai Pavilion.

    — — —

    “Ugh. My head hurts.”

    After an unknown amount of time, Yan Wang sat up in bed, rubbing his forehead, and looked around in confusion: “Eh, where am I? Did some beauty save me halfway through the night?”

    “Save you, my foot. And who would fancy you?” Ganzi came out of the bathroom, fixing his pants, with a cigarette in his mouth: “No one knew where your new place was, so I had to bring you back here.”

    “Well that explains the stench,” Yan Wang said with a look of disgust as he jumped out of the yellowish bed.

    Ganzi tossed him a cigarette: “Get lost quick. I’ll have to wash these sheets a dozen times after you leave. Bad luck.”

    “Getting daring, aren’t we…”

    Scratching his head and pulling up his pants, Yan Wang lit the cigarette and took a satisfied drag: “Let’s go, it’s almost the end of the month. High time to collect debts.”

    “Ay, aren’t we rushing, what about the buns?” Ganzi hastily shoved a meatbun into his mouth, grabbing his clothes to follow. Mumbling with his mouth full, he complained, “I even went out early this morning to buy these… spent a few bucks on them.”

    They would probably be cold by the time they returned.

    Yan Wang and Ganzi arrived at the game arcade, only to find that Hao Zi had already left with a group to collect debts.

    “Wow. This kid is more diligent than a full-time worker,” Yan Wang commented, surprised but unconcerned, since Hao Zi had already gone. He didn’t really feel like putting in the effort now.

    Suddenly, Yan Wang remembered something important and asked:

    “How many people did he take with him?”

    “Five or six…”

    “Is he planning to collect debts or start a fight?” Yan Wang frowned. Normally, for collecting debts, two people were enough. Hao Zi seemed a bit too eager for someone new to the scene.

    Yan Wang recalled his own past experiences with Tian Ge. 

    A lot of their troubles were mainly due to bad luck. Even when they ran into New Fortune’s people, they should have at most gotten beaten up slightly and been left at that. 

    However, who could have imagined they’d run into their arch-nemesis, the Huawen Bao, who was hell-bent on killing them?

    Thinking this, Yan Wang casually warned, “Ganzi, later you need to teach Hao Zi a thing or two. He’s new to this and might not know the ropes, alright?”

    “Got it, got it,” Ganzi replied half-heartedly, already standing next to a girl in leather pants and dyed yellow hair, his eyes almost popping out at her revealing neckline.

    “Hey, sweetie, you’re pretty good at this game. How about playing a round with this Brother here?”

    Ganzi, with a lecherous grin, sidled up to the girl, his gaze fixated, bony hand reaching for her shoulder.

    Yan Wang instantly slapped him on the back of his head, visibly annoyed and appalled, as he muttered with a cigarette dangling from his lips. 

    “Stop messing around. We have to go check on Brother Long.”

    “Oh… Eh?”

    Ganzi scratched his head, reluctant, his finger accidentally tugging on a lock of the girl’s hair, before suddenly jumping in surprise.

    “You– aren’t you Xiao Mei? Why are you here?”

    “I heard my brother got into trouble, so I came back,” the girl replied, chewing on a piece of gum as she stood up, curiously eyeing Yan Wang and extending her hand. 

    “So you’re the new boss taking over my brother’s place? Do I need to address you by something or…?”

    “Just call me Yan Zi.” 

    Yan Wang barely touched her hand before letting go.

    She picked up her purse from the chair and explained straightforwardly: 

    “I’m Li Mei, Li Long’s younger sister. I heard my brother was hurt. I came back but didn’t find him, so I was just sitting here for a while. Let’s go see him together.”

    “Right. Let’s go.”

    Ah Long’s place wasn’t far from there. Without mincing words, Yan Wang led Ganzi and Xiao Mei immediately set out from the game arcade.

    But just then, a junior member ran to the street corner, panting heavily in front of Yan Wang: “Brother Yan, there’s trouble! Brother Hao is clashing with people from New Fortune!”

    “What happened?”  

    Yan Wang wasn’t expecting any trouble with them so soon.

    The gangster stuttered, struggling to catch his breath, lips trembling: 

    “It’s just that…”

    Yan Wang did not bother asking further, and instead pointed towards the street corner: “Lead the way.” 

    He then turned towards Xiao Mei with an apologetic smile: “Ganzi will take you to visit Brother Long. It seems I’ve got something to take care of first.”

    Xiao Mei suddenly grabbed his clothes, “I’m coming too.”

    She sounded insistent.

    “No. Don’t make trouble.”

    Nonetheless, Yan Wang simply frowned and shook off her hand, his tone cooling down by a few degrees. He gave Ganzi direct instructions: “Take her to see Brother Long. Now.”

    Then, pushing the junior member’s shoulder, he ordered him, “Let’s go.”

    The duo sprinted across the street, and swiftly arrived at the scene of the incident, only to find the two groups already shoving each other, dancing around one another hurling insults and threats, their steel pipes and bats clanging noisily.

    The numbers on each side were roughly equal. However…

    Yan Wang’s heart sank when he noticed the location. This place was the crossroads where Chunyang Street met Longbao Street. 

    They needed to resolve this fast, before New Fortune’s main force came. 

    Else they would be in serious trouble.

    “Huawen Bao?” Through the gaps in the vast crowd, Yan Wang spotted a familiar bald head and hastily formulated a plan.

    He remembered that his current reputation was built upon his loyalty and righteousness. And since Huawen Bao was responsible for killing Brother Tian, Yan Wang’s reaction upon encountering him again would be crucial for his future in the organisation.

    Elbowing his way into the crowd, Yan Wang soon spotted Hao Zi and a woman beside him, having already guessed some of the situation, but still asking, “What’s going on?”

    “Yan Wang? It’s…–”

    And the Huawen Bao, upon spotting Yan Wang, lit up with a vicious grin, before lunging for his neck: “You little punk, what’s up? Haven’t seen you in a few days–”


    A cold gleam flashed inside Yan Wang’s eyes, as he swiftly dodged and grabbed the Leopard’s wrist, twisting it to the side, causing the gangster to suddenly stagger.

    Then, seizing the opportunity, Yan Wang showed no mercy. 

    As he spun the Huawen Bao’s wrist and arm, he forcefully slammed a knee upwards at the same time, striking at the spot directly under his chin. 

    His other hand quickly yanked the swinging steel pipe from the Leopard’s slackened grip, before finally leaping forwards, delivering a brutal kick to the his chest.


    Amidst a series of loud clatters, the thugs from New Fortune were swiftly thrown into chaos. 

    They had not expected Yan Wang to act so ruthlessly and attack without any further discussion.

    By the time they managed to help the Huawen Bao up, they found him in a bad state. 

    His chest bore a rapidly swelling purple and black bruise, shaped like a shoe print, while thick blood flowed ceaselessly from his nose, dripping down his visibly disfigured jaw.

    The most alarming part, however, was the gangster’s eyes, which had rolled back into his head, clearly indicating that he’d been knocked out cold and was currently unconscious.

    With their leader taken down in the first exchange, the remainder were left wondering how to continue the fight.

    — — —

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