Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 3


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    — — —

    Chapter 3: Newbie Welfare Package

    “If I’m dead, I lose my life. Why would I worry about the price?”

    Yan Wang opened the gift package inside the shopping mall warehouse and was greeted by a brilliant flash of light. He immediately felt a weight land onto his hand – a blue glass bottle filled with an unknown liquid, and a thin, almost plain-looking book.

    “The blue bottle…”

    He unscrewed the stopper and chugged the liquid. 

    A tingling sensation then spread throughout his body, as if it were burning itself through his veins and tissues. Then, alongside a series of successive popping sounds, Yan Wang’s once scrawny body suddenly grew taller, becoming more muscular, as wiry blocks of pure muscle swiftly formed underneath his skin.

    This feeling of overflowing strength made him feel indescribably comfortable and fulfilled. A quick inspection of his body revealed that his physique had become much more robust than before, looking almost like someone who had been working out for many, many years. 

    Following that, he turned his attention to the Veteran Battle Experience Book.

    As soon as he opened the first page, the entire book turned into a sharp red light that rushed into his skull, filling it with disorganized information, continuously pouring in and integrating.

    “Agh! my head.”

    Yan Wang took a moment to breathe. Having a vast amount of battle experience shoved into his mind really wasn’t very soothing. Moreover, unlike when he drank the Potion, his physical appearance didn’t change much after using the book.

    Massaging his aching head, Yan Wang clicked on the question mark icon now floating above the Mall and opened it. 

    Five to six 3D stereoscopic images soon appeared.

    These ranged from a collection of switchblades to daggers, baseball bats, and steel pipes.

    However, he weirdly felt as if these items were somewhat different from those that he’d seen before, radiating a chilling sensation. Was it an illusion? Or perhaps this was the difference in the so-called ‘quality’?

    Yan Wang shifted through the items. 

    Weapons should naturally possess sharpness, capable of quickly incapacitating people. Hence, he immediately ignored the club type weapons and — after hesitating for a moment — finally chose a thin dagger about one foot in length.

    The switchblade was too short; the machete was too conspicuous. 

    This dagger was just right and could also be concealed.


    Holding the dagger, a familiar feeling came to him. Yan Wang spun a beautiful ‘knife flower’, and casually drew it across the bedside table, watching as the wood fell apart where it was slashed. A smooth, burr-less cut.

    Yan Wang touched the edge of the cut and couldn’t help but slightly sigh. Then, he tucked the dagger into his waistband, glancing at the time. 

    It should be about time. 

    He grabbed his phone and promptly left the room.

    Stepping out into the garbage-strewn corridor and seeing the scene of the streets, Yan Wang rubbed his eyes, still unable to shake that surreal feeling in his head. It felt like he was inside of a dream. Although, if this was all fake, then he was dreaming an incredibly realistic dream. 

    Half an hour ago, he was still a physically weak, non-exercising home dweller. Yet now he was a thug who had been through hundreds of battles, possessing a physique comparable to any special forces soldier.

    He stepped onto the dirty street.

    Drink it in. The air of crime in this city.

    His chest tattoo burned, a constant reminder that this was reality, an established world from fiction that was now ‘his reality’. Yan Wang casually walked towards a clothing store, not too far away from his dingy apartment block. 

    Resisting was futile. So why not go with the flow?

    “Old Wang, get me a jacket.” The weather outside was getting colder, and winter seemed to be approaching. Yan Wang felt it necessary to add an extra piece of clothing.

    The owner, who was greeting customers, turned to see Yan Wang, his face slightly changing, revealing a flicker of fear within his eyes. But he had no choice except to forcefully maintain his smile and ask:

    “Brother Yan, you won’t give this old man a hard time, will you? A jacket is no big deal, just pick out whatever you like.”

    Yan Wang, now fully immersed in his role as a thug, casually took a jacket off the rack, before standing motionless at the doorway, lifting his chin and looking further into the store, “Hey. I say, Old Wang, where’s your daughter? Why haven’t I seen Xiao Ai today?”

    In the thug’s memory, Xiao Ai and he have known each other since childhood. However, later on, due to him joining a gang and Xiao Ai focusing on studies, the two gradually drifted apart.

    “Uh…. ah, Xiao Ai went… she’s gone back to her hometown.” The boss’s eyelids twitched, and he then replied with an apologetic smile, “Take this money and buy a pack of cigarettes…”

    “Oh no, that would be too embarrassing.”

    Although Yan Wang verbally refused, his claws hastily latched onto the two crumpled bills, as he pocketed them and left with a triumphant face, wearing his new jacket.

    “Damn. Go to hell.” The smile on Old Wang’s face disappeared the moment he turned around, replaced by thick hatred and resentment.

    For small businessmen like him, they dare not offend Yan Wang and other small-time thugs, and could only curse at them behind their backs in order to vent their frustrations. Hitting the small fries like Yan Wang was easy, but who would bear the gang’s vengeance afterwards?

    Talking about revenge was something they wouldn’t dare imagine.

    “Whew! Thank goodness for Old Wang’s astuteness.” Yan Wang quickened his pace; he didn’t have any money currently, so he needed to rely on these slimy methods.

    Grabbing two packs of cigarettes from the convenience store – a cheap one for himself, and a high-quality smoke for his ‘big brother’, the small thug zoomed down the winding roads. He hadn’t forgotten about this important quest yet.

    Lighting a cig, Yan Wang fiddled a bit with his antiquated mobile phone, and dialed Brother Tian’s number. Following a brief moment of dial tone, chaotic noises burst from the speaker, before gradually subsiding.

    “Hey, Little Yan, I’m at the arcade on Chunyang Street. Come here.” 


    Brother Tian hung up faster than Yan Wang could even respond.

    Yan Wang toyed with his phone, revealing a contemplating look: “As expected, I must first find an opportunity to leave an impression on some big shots. There’ll be many more chances to climb up higher if I do so…”

    Make a name for himself. Fight for opportunities. His identity as a thug was unchangeable.

    In that case, he might as well go with the flow and act the villain, turning this novel into a true gangster story, through and through!

    Moreover, this was ‘real life’! Who said that… villains must always lose to the heroes?

    — — —

    [Longbao Street]

    At the dance hall, they commonly extorted money from.

    There was a constant air of tension. Recently, it seemed like those from ‘New Fortune’ were planning on taking control of Longbao Street. Hence, there have been numerous gang fights between the two sides during this time, turning the place into a bloody warzone.

    Particularly chaotic and lawless. Yan Wang heightened his senses as he passed through, a hand slightly touching the dagger at his side.

    Thankfully, nothing happened, and before long, Yan Wang finally arrived at Chunyang Street and found Brother Tian, who was waiting for him at the entrance of the arcade.

    He handed him the quality cigarette pack.

    “You’re quite late. Let’s go.” Brother Tian instantly tore open the packaging, sticking a cigarette in his mouth for Yan Wang to light, and then exhaled a satisfied smoke ring as he swaggered towards their intended destination.

    [Ding! Task completed. 

    • Received 2 Reward Points.]

    Yan Wang squinted his eyes, keeping his expression normal as he followed behind Brother Tian.

    Crossing the intersection, they arrived at the entrance of the dance hall. 

    Brother Tian directly led Yan Wang inside.

    “Oh? Brother Tian, how come you’re here? I’ll go find…”

    As soon as they entered, a woman in her thirties, wearing a high-slit cheongsam with a voluptuous figure, greeted them. Her seductive smile seemed primed to steal away Brother Tian’s soul.

    This was Sister Yun, the ‘mommy’1Yes, the author actually used ‘mommy’. of the dance hall. She used to be a gangster too, but later retired from the underworld and partnered with others to open this dance hall, which existed under the Star Society’s banner.

    “Sister Yun, it’s only been a few days, and it seems you’ve swelled up a bit. Let me rub it for you…” Feeling the astonishingly soft touch on his arm, Brother Tian subconsciously acted up and stretched out a mischievous hand.

    “Annoying~” Sister Yun knocked away his salty pig hand and rolled her eyes.

    ‘Wait. Something’s wrong.’

    Yan Wang, with his keen perception, noticed an irregularity. Although Sister Yun tried hard to hide it, her demeanour was still different from his memories. A slightly unnatural feeling.

    Her eyes kept glancing towards the bar area.

    The Veteran Battle Experience Book had not only enhanced his direct combat capabilities but also improved his skills all around, including observation and stealth.

    Simply put, he was like a special force’s scout now, albeit a watered-down, knock-off version.

    — — —

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