Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 6


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    — — —

    Chapter 6: The Suspected Undercover Little Hao.

    Ever since he’d fought his way out of Longbao Street whilst carrying Brother Tian on his back, many gangsters began to regard Yan Wang with a certain reverence. And adding onto that the appreciation he received from Mr. Li… now even those low-level thugs treated him respectfully, addressing him as ‘Brother Yan’.

    “So I finally made it to being a ‘Brother’,” Yan Wang mused to himself. However, he also knew that if he messed up this time, things would immediately revert to how they were before, with no chance of a reprieve.

    “Little Yan is here,” Ah Long announced as soon as he saw him, gesturing for Yan Wang to sit down. Then, he sent the hostesses away from the private room, leaving only three or four people behind.

    Except for Yan Wang and Ah Long, there were two more young men present. Xing Zi, a youth with dyed blonde hair and earrings, whom Yan Wang had encountered back when he was with Brother Tian, and another, whom Yan Wang did not recognize.

    “I’m Xing Zi, Little Yan should know me. This is Little Hao,” Xing Zi introduced the unknown man with a smile, pointing a crooked finger, “I smuggled this guy in quite recently. He saved my a*s one time, so seeing that we were missing a driver and that this fellow had nothing to do and was willing to take risks… I brought him over for the job.”

    Following their brief exchange, Ah Long pulled up a stack of photos, before throwing them on the table, “This time around, those New Fortune dogs have brought in roughly a million dollars worth of goods in one go. Our end goal is to ruin this transaction of theirs. Moreover, if we can snatch some of the goods or money along the way, then that would be even better.”

    “Are you going too?” Yan Wang asked casually while flipping through the photos.

    “Yeah, Little Hao will drive and keep watch. The three of us will take action.”

    Ah Long lit a cigarette and smiled as he took a puff, “They’re doing the trade at the old goods dock. The other side seems to be a new drug lord, Cha Cai. It’s their first deal with New Fortune, so they were suspicious and chose the location.”

    “Eh, what’s the use of being so cautious?” Little Hao chuckled, “The information still leaked out, didn’t it?”

    Yan Wang’s gaze sharpened at those words, a faint suspicion filling his eyes. Xing Zi said he was Little Hao… he seemed quite interesting.

    At first glance, Little Hao’s words could easily be handwaved as a joke, but to Yan Wang’s keen perception, it sounded more like a probe. A loaded question meant to dig into how and where the Star Society received this information.

    “Bullshit caution,” Xing Zi scoffed, “If ya ask me, most likely the other drug lords leaked the information. They want to ruin the new guy’s business.”

    Xing Zi, who was deeply involved in this line of work, obviously knew the ins and outs of the matter fairly well. After all, the person responsible for checking and distributing said ‘goods’ within the Star Society couldn’t be caught lacking.

    That was also the reason why he was here. Xing Zi had overheard news that the New Fortune goods in this batch were something newly developed.

    “A million, that’s a big move.”

    In one swift move, Ah Long hoisted a black duffle bag from under the table, reached inside, and tossed three handguns to each of them, whispering: “The thugs coming from Cha Cai’s side will definitely be armed. This is just in case. Don’t forget to hand them back to me afterwards.”

    “I don’t know how to use this,” Yan Wang remarked bluntly, fiddling with the heavy metal object like a toy. He had truly never touched a firearm before.

    “Brother Long, you guys teach me.”

    “Hm. Look, Yan Zi, it’s like this…”

    Ah Long expertly picked up a gun, loaded it, and demonstrated the basic firing pose for Yan Wang, before chiding him a bit, “I already told you to watch more movies at the video hall, see how clumsy you are.”

    “Got it, never touched one before, hehe…” Yan Wang chuckled foolishly, tucking the gun into his waistband. His eyes, however, stayed stuck on Little Hao.

    But it seemed Little Hao was unfamiliar with guns too. He even pointed the gun right in Ah Long’s direction, earning him a fierce slap from Xing Zi before he finally realised the mistake he’d made, and threw the gun back onto the table.

    Yan Wang then remembered something important, briefly shaking the pockets of his worn jacket as he spoke, “Oh, Brother Long, can I borrow some money? I don’t have enough to buy clothes.”

    “Here, two hundred. Enough?” Without another word, Ah Long pulled out two bills from his wallet and handed them to him.

    “More than enough, I’ll pay you back later, Brother Long!” Yan Wang pocketed the money immediately, before taking his leave, as there seemed to be nothing else of importance happening.

    “This brat…” Ah Long cursed lightly, then said to Xing Zi, “The kid’s got loyalty, and can fight well, he won’t be a burden to bring along.”

    Xing Zi lit a cigarette and replied, “I know. If it weren’t for Brother Tian bringing him in, he’d probably have starved to death on the streets. No wonder he’s so determined to avenge him, sigh…”

    While the two talked, neither noticed the slight stiffness in Hao Zi’s expression.

    — — —

    After buying a fresh set of clothes, Yan Wang grabbed a bite at a random food stall and returned to his small room, tossing the newly acquired gun onto the bed. He felt like all his strength had been drained, as he promptly collapsed into his pillow.

    He actually didn’t know how to use a gun.

    However, after using that experience book, such a thing was no longer an issue.

    The moment he touched the gun earlier, Yan Wang felt what seemed to be an innate proficiency surge throughout his body, almost as if he had already possessed a prior understanding of it somewhere.

    Although he still wasn’t sure he’d be accurate enough to hit every target.

    But knowing how to use it didn’t mean he could show it. Ah Long and the others had watched him grow up and were well aware of his capabilities, so he needed to feign ignorance for at least a little while…

    “Little Hao… is it just my imagination, or does he actually have a problem?” 

    For some reason, the question that Hao had asked during the meeting kept lingering in his mind, becoming stranger and stranger the more he thought about it.

    Yet he was unable to figure it out.

    “Bah!” Yan Wang simply gave up, pulling the covers over his head as he mumbled, grumbling unclearly: “Forget it. If he’s actually an undercover cop… there will be plenty of opportunities later to find out.”

    — — —

    [Two days later] 

    In order to avoid any potential issues, Ah Long and the group arrived early at the old goods dock, sitting inside the car as the unfamiliar face, Little Hao, scoped out their hiding area, after which they parked near an inconspicuous corner.

    None of them spoke; they just reclined in their seats, closing their eyes. 

    And waited for night to fall.

    “Huo Fu.”

    Little Hao suddenly spoke up.

    The other three immediately opened their eyes, focusing on his words.

    They were waiting here because they only knew the transaction would be at the old goods dock, but didn’t know the exact location. 

    So they couldn’t prepare an ambush in advance.

    Xing Zi peeked through the window slit and laughed coldly: “Seems New Fortune is placing great importance on this transaction.”

    “Why?” Yan Wang asked curiously.

    Xing Zi paused slightly, remembering that Yan Wang was new, and explained in a softer tone: “Huo Fu. In terms of status, he’s almost on par with Brother Biao. If it weren’t something important, Huo Fu wouldn’t personally get involved.”

    “So that’s how it is. Brother Xing, you really know a lot,” Yan Wang offered up a sincere, admiring look, which Xing Zi clearly enjoyed.

    “Get ready, follow them. Little Hao will watch the car and stay in contact.”

    After Huo Fu and his group had left for a while, Xing Zi’s playful expression vanished in an instant. He tapped Little Hao on the shoulder, gave a meaningful glance to Yan Wang and the others, before slipping on a cotton cover over his shoes.

    The trio opened the car door and creeped out one by one.

    The three of them were enough for the mission. Their sole objective was to sabotage the transaction so badly that New Fortune would lose this particular avenue forever.

    If they managed to get the money or goods, it would be an unexpected bonus.

    The old goods dock was mainly used for selling fish and shrimp.

    As one of the earliest docks established in Harbor City, it was also a gathering place for smuggled immigrants and the impoverished. 

    An infamously filthy, disorganised, rundown wreck.

    Huo Fu and his group were heading towards the abandoned garbage dump area at the west end. In reality, this place wasn’t an actual dump, but an area with discarded vehicles, dilapidated warehouses, and unfinished buildings.

    Shady transactions would all typically take place here.

    — — —

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