Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 7


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    Chapter 7: It’s Important to Know Foreign Languages.

    “Looks like they’re heading to Warehouse No. 7,” Ah Long peered out, frowning.

    But Xing Zi merely shrugged. “Just follow them.”

    “Hold on. Brother Long, Brother Xing, I have a good idea.”

    Yan Wang suddenly grabbed their shoulders, his voice hushed: “Even if we do ruin the deal, they can just reschedule. It’d be better to strike first and take out Huo Fu and his crew, then take their place…”

    Xing Zi and Ah Long exchanged looks, both seeing a spark of interest in the other’s eyes. The idea was clever indeed.

    However, the problem was that, in this place… if they wanted to pull off a switcheroo without anyone noticing, they couldn’t make too much noise. Utilising guns here was definitely not a viable option.

    Besides, even if they did succeed, did Huo Fu and Cha Cai know each other?

    Have they ever met face-to-face?

    Xing Zi stroked his chin thoughtfully, a lightbulb going off: “If they’ve met before, we can simply pretend to be Huo Fu’s men and handle the deal that way.”

    “Alright, you guys will cover me.” Ah Long, considering Xing Zi’s skinny frame that was comparable to a young chicken, and remembering that Yan Wang had just been discharged from the hospital after an injury, felt he needed to take action himself.

    “No. I’ll go.” Yet to their surprise, Yan Wang swiftly handed them the gun, drawing a dagger from his pocks, as his dark eyes reflected the terrifying intent to kill.

    Upon saying this, he didn’t wait for a response and simply said ‘Leave it to me’, before crouching down and slithering around the corner like a water snake. 

    Using the cover of night, Yan Wang successfully trailed ten metres behind Huo Fu and his men, lying atop a contorted and battered shipping container.

    “Eh? Why do I keep feeling like someone’s following us?”

    Just then, Huo Fu seemed to sense something, abruptly stopping and turning to look behind, carefully scanning the dark corners in particular.

    “Boss… you’re not getting nervous, are you?” A lackey with dyed green hair lit up a cigarette for him, trying to lighten the mood.

    Huo Fu exhaled a ring of smoke and handed him a slap that staggered the gangster, cursing with a laugh: “Damn it, what haven’t I seen before? Nervous? Just don’t piss your pants later.”

    With that, he looked down, flicking ash from his cigarette absentmindedly.

    Now was the time.

    Yan Wang’s eyes narrowed, as his body slightly coiled atop the shipping container, like a predatory leopard, filled with killing intent.

    With a light push, he leapt off the warped metal with his cotton-covered boots. Yan Wang fell from the three-metre height smoothly, sailing through the air as if an eagle taking flight, before stabbing his dagger downwards with a viper-like precision.

    Directly into the eye socket of the green-haired thug.


    Rolling on the ground, he confronted the remaining two, his left hand extending like a lance ready to thrust, piercing upward and shattering the throat of another thug.

    Rising to his feet, he drove his knee up and swung his leg in one fluid motion, kicking away the handgun Huo Fu had just drawn. Closing in, his fists pounded down, smashing into Huo Fu’s shoulders, which emitted a faint sound of cracking bones.

    Pain shot through Huo Fu, his mouth opening wide to scream, but Yan Wang swiftly clamped his hand over Huo Fu’s jaw, nipping his attempt at the bud.

    He swiftly pulled the dagger out of the green-haired thug’s eye, leaving two gleaming arcs in the air as he deftly severed Huo Fu’s tendons. Yan Wang then muffled his mouth, forcefully dragging him into a corner.

    This sequence of actions took less than half a minute, and was as smooth as flowing water, filled with a brutal kind of beauty.

    Xing Zi and Ah Long observed everything from behind, clearly witnessing Yan Wang subdue Huo Fu. They rushed out afterwards, hiding the two bodies inside oil drums and picking up the briefcase from the ground, cleaning up any traces.

    Ah Long reached the corner and lightly punched Yan Wang in the chest, his tone carrying a hint of admiration: “Yan Zi, your kung fu isn’t bad. How did you train?”

    “Heh heh, I’ve just been working out alone in my room, so I don’t get killed in a fight.” Yan Wang spoke sheepishly, his earlier ferociousness fading as he scratched his head with a smile.


    Xing Zi looked at Huo Fu for a moment, and without a word, stabbed a knife into his leg. Gripping his hair viciously by the roots, he spat: “Make a single sound, and I’ll flay you alive. Got it?”



    Huo Fu’s face turned a mixture of red and white, eyes bloodshot, chest heaving with deep breaths. Biting down hard on his teeth, he endured the pain, ready to prove his worth and survive through any means necessary.

    “Hm, there’s no need to ask anymore. He and Cha Cai’s people have never met face-to-face,” Xing Zi suddenly stated.

    It was just then that Yan Wang, with his keen eye, snatched a wallet from his pocket and flipped through a few photos. He passed them to the others: “Look here… their names are even written on the photos. If they knew each other, why would they need these makeshift IDs at all?”

    “So they haven’t met face-to-face?” Ah Long was startled and stared at the photos underneath the moonlight, noting the time and address written on the back.

    “Since we know everything now, why keep him?”

    Xing Zi briefly glanced at the writings, before plunging the blade into Huo Fu’s throat, watching as his eyes filled with despair.

    “Great, I’m covered in blood. This is uncomfortable…” Xing Zi shook the blood off his dagger, wiping his bloody hand on Huo Fu’s body as he cursed with disdain.

    After this messy ordeal, it was clear he couldn’t go to the trade.

    Reluctantly, Xing Zi contacted Little Hao to go in his stead.

    Suddenly, Ah Long spoke up, “If we just take the money and leave now, we’d still be ruining their trade. There’s no need to force yourself.”

    “Tch! After all we’ve been through, do you think I’d be satisfied just going back now?” Xing Zi, holding his phone, hissed through gritted teeth. “Don’t worry, as long as we’re careful, there won’t be any issues. The goods are more important than the money. Ah Long, you know the price of these new goods… it’s much more than what’s in the box.”

    “Alright,” Ah Long nodded.

    The phone call went through, and Xing Zi relayed the message, “Little Hao, come to Warehouse No. 7, and take my place in the trade. I’ve got blood on me. Need to change my clothes.”

    After he hung up, he turned towards the others, “The rest is up to you guys. Once you nab the goods, come back immediately, and we’ll have made a big score.”

    “Okay,” Yan Wang and the others simply nodded.

    By the time Yan Wang and the others finally arrived at the trade location, some time had passed, and Cha Cai’s people were already there. Seven in total, four of whom were carrying the infamous AKs Yan Wang often saw in movies.

    Seeing Yan Wang and his two companions, they immediately raised their guns. One of them thoroughly searched them, taking their pistols before letting them approach.

    However, an unexpected event suddenly occurred that none of them had anticipated.

    They couldn’t understand the language!!!

    Yan Wang and Ah Long were at a loss, the other side’s babbling leaving them utterly confused. Little Hao was no better off, as sweat began forming on his forehead.

    Finally, the leader with the tanned skin also realised something was amiss. How come it seemed that these three men couldn’t understand him?

    Did New Fortune only want to steal the goods and not trade with them afterwards?

    However, General Cha Cai was confident in his new goods, and their inability to be replicated. Weren’t these people aware of that?

    “You, an Englishman?” In the growing silence, Little Hao abruptly stood out, spitting up a string of broken English.

    “Oh, yes!” The man, realising his mistake for using his local dialect earlier, suddenly understood why they were so confused. His previous concerns vanished completely.

    — — —

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