Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 8


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    Chapter 8: Tiao Zi’s Ambush and Desperate Escape.

    “Interesting, if Xing Zi was here instead, this situation probably wouldn’t have been resolved so smoothly,” Yan Wang mused from the back, squinting his eyes.

    Ah Long once mentioned that if Xing Zi understood a foreign language and could just directly communicate with the suppliers, then he would have been in charge of their procurement negotiations, rather than simply handling the delivery and distribution of goods. 

    From this, it seemed that Xing Zi also didn’t know any foreign languages.

    Quite a coincidence, wasn’t it?

    While he was still pondering, Hao Zi and the supplier had already begun engaging in a rather awkward, yet fruitful English conversation, managing to please both parties and successfully exchanging the money and goods.

    However, right as the black-suited men were about to leave, a series of horn sounds suddenly erupted from outside – Sirens.

    The lead black man’s expression changed drastically. He roared a few words in their local language, and the men holding AKs immediately pointed their guns at them.

    Hao Zi, now sweating profusely, raised his hands, trying to explain in broken English, fearing they might fire in a moment of agitation.

    Fortunately, with the police sirens getting louder by the second, they dared not delay their departure any longer. 

    They furiously cursed at Yan Wang and his group, before quickly retreating towards the beach behind the warehouse.

    “Now how do we get out of here?” Ah Long asked, his face darkening like a storm as gunshots echoed from outside.

    “Contact Xing Zi, and tell him to drive the car… behind Warehouse No. 5.” Yan Wang recalled the layout of the old goods dock, and patted Hao Zi on the shoulder, taking the goods from his hands as he led the way out of the warehouse.

    Hao Zi looked at the backs of the two men with a complex expression, hesitating for a moment before following. 

    Nevertheless, his fingers quickly flew, typing out a string of characters on his phone, and then pressing send. 

    After a few minutes, he finally called Xing Zi.

    Outside, a vicious gun had already started, with people being shot and falling to the ground, screaming in agony.

    The group of black men, sprinting incredibly fast, headed towards the beach where their speedboat was hidden. 

    Once they went on the boat, the police would have no chance to catch them anymore.

    Ah Long looked at the flickering gunfire and pointed in a direction: “There, they’ve created an opening. We can escape through it.”

    On their way, the three of them witnessed several dead bodies. Under the moonlight, they could vaguely see these uniformed individuals had been riddled with bullets.

    Having encountered almost no living people for several hundred metres, Yan Wang and the others couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    It seemed the black-suited men had attracted most of the police’s attention, providing them with a gap to escape-

    “Freeze! Stop right there…”


    Yan Wang crouched and slid on the ground, his dagger slicing across the wrist of a policeman. 

    Amidst the officer’s screams, like a charging wolf, he then knocked him down, slamming the heavy briefcase against his head.

    The forceful blow cracked the officer’s skull cleanly. Yet still, he managed to roll over and tackle Ah Long to the ground relentlessly.

    “Ugh! Give me a hand!” Caught off guard, Ah Long was grabbed by the policeman and couldn’t quickly break free. He called out to Yan Wang.


    Yan Wang turned back, propping up Ah Long’s shoulder. And with a kick, he sent the policeman rolling onto the ground, blood gushing from his mouth and nose. 

    Ah Long stood up angrily, but stopped instantly when his body suddenly shook.

    On closer inspection, it turned out that the policeman had fired, hitting Ah Long’s leg. Ah Long, now clutching his bleeding limb, fell to the ground again.

    “Brother Long, I’ll help you.”

    Yan Wang, gritting his teeth in faux outrage, picked up a rock and smashed it against the policeman’s forehead.

    Without waiting to see the result, Yan Wang then immediately shouldered Ah Long’s arm, helping him to limp forward. “Just a few hundred metres more. Brother Xing should be almost here.”

    Hao Zi arrived shortly after, and supported Ah Long’s other arm:

    “Let me help.”

    Suddenly, the flash of a torchlight appeared ahead.


    Yan Wang instinctively crouched down, feeling the chilling sensation on his shoulder. Looking down, he saw that his clothes had been sliced, and his shoulder was grazed by a passing bullet. A close call.

    Cold sweat slickened his forehead, as Yan Wang immediately pushed Ah Long onto the ground, before whispering in his ear. 

    “Stay down, this guy is a good shot. We need to take him out.”

    Drawing his dagger, Yan Wang’s blade gleamed under the moonlight with a dazzling shine. 

    Following that, he laid prone on the ground, staring intently in the direction of the gunfire as he screamed in agony, pretending to have been shot.

    Soon, the rustling sound of footsteps approached.

    Ten metres, five metres…


    Like a viper strike, Yan Wang burst from the ground, his sharp dagger slicing towards the policeman’s abdomen, as swift and deadly as a serpent’s fang.


    A crisp sound echoed and sparks flew.

    Yan Wang’s blade had struck the gun thrown up by the man in defence. 

    And with not an ounce of hesitation, he instantly kicked forward, his heavy shoe heel striking hard at the man’s thigh.

    But the policeman was no rookie, and simply extended his hand, grabbing Yan Wang by the ankle, pulling him backwards. 

    While the other hand drew a smaller firearm from his back and fired.


    Fortunately, his large movements allowed Yan Wang to lift his other foot and kick the policeman’s shoulder, causing the shot to miss. 

    However, knowing he needed to act quickly, Yan Wang rolled away on the ground and decisively threw his dagger.

    The blade traced a silver arc in the air, accurately piercing the policeman’s shoulder in the darkness, causing the man to unwittingly scream and drop his pistol.

    “Another one! Be careful…” Yan Wang, waving around the briefcase, knocked the policeman unconscious and wiped the dagger on his neck.

    Yet, just as he was about to leave, he suddenly dove to the ground, gunfire erupting everywhere around them, kicking up dust and making it impossible to look up.


    Seeing the situation worsening, Ah Long didn’t hesitate to tear off his shirt and toss it to the others: “Cover your faces, we’ll use this policeman as a hostage.”

    “Hao Zi, support Ah Long. Get ready…”

    Yan Wang speedily lifted the unconscious policeman from the ground, using him as a human meat shield, and warned the approaching figures: “Move, or the cop dies.”

    “Let him go! Drop your…”


    Yan Wang, not willing to waste anymore time on fickle words, stabbed the policeman in the leg once, waking him up with a blood-curdling scream.

    “Not moving? Let him bleed to death, then.”

    “Move. Everyone move aside.” One of the more senior policemen suddenly spoke up, raising his hands to show sincerity to Yan Wang and the others.

    Under Yan Wang’s decisive threat, the police force dared not get too close, and only followed them at a distance of a few hundred metres behind. 

    They finally neared Warehouse No. 5

    “Here he comes.” Yan Wang’s ears perked up, looking towards the distance. The sceptic in him glanced suspiciously at Hao Zi… but did not notice anything unusual, even at this pivotal moment.

    “Get on!” Xing Zi, driving the getaway vehicle, pulled up in front of them and shouted.


    Yan Wang stabbed the policeman once again before kicking him out of the car.

    And as the man screamed and fell to the ground, a hail of bullets rained down, hitting the car and sending sparks flying everywhere.

    Xing Zi immediately floored the gas pedal upon hearing the shots, not even checking if the doors were closed yet, as he swiftly turned a corner, and disappeared into the darkness, blending deftly onto the streets.

    — — —

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