Limitless Interpretations – Chapter 9


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    — — —

    Chapter 9: Hao Zi Seizes Credit; Ah Long Wounded.

    “What happened? Why were there cops?” Xing Zi glanced at the injured Ah Long and pointed to the passenger seat, “There are bandages there. Stop the bleeding first, we’ll find a doctor immediately.”

    “A snitch from New Fortune probably tipped off the cops.” Yan Wang wiped the sweat from his forehead, speaking in a hushed voice. “Just as the deal ended, we were surrounded by cops. If it weren’t for those black-suited guys running off first and killing a few cops along the way, drawing most of their attention, this could’ve been a real close call.”

    Xing Zi chuckled: “Getting out and securing the goods is what counts. You have done a great job this time, Yan Zi.”

    “Let’s talk about that later, getting Brother Long to the doctor comes first,” Yan Wang replied softly, looking at his reflection in the car window.

    Unlike the knife wound Yan Wang had received before, a gunshot wound couldn’t be treated at a regular hospital, requiring more medical expertise to handle.

    Considering the increased scrutiny from their higher-ups, they also needed to see an underground doctor this time. These doctors typically charged high fees, and mainly dealt with clients from ‘their’ type of organisations.

    — — —

    [Half an hour later]

    [Chunyang Street]

    After settling Ah Long’s urgent situation, Xing Zi immediately rushed alongside the others towards the gang’s headquarters. Losing three guns was a big deal, and had to be reported to Mr. Li.

    “Just explain everything that happened during the transaction in detail, okay?” Xing Zi instructed them seriously.

    Yan Wang glanced covertly in Hao Zi’s direction, sensing that something was a bit off ever since they got on the car… Hao Zi had been too silent.

    And he always felt that this person was up to no good.

    “Mr. Li.”

    Upon reaching the third floor of the nightclub, Xing Zi carefully knocked on the door,  before respectfully walking towards the elegant man sitting in the centre and bowing.

    Mr. Li smiled: “Hmm. Not bad…”

    “Mr. Li, here’s the goods.” Yan Wang, acting tactfully, placed the briefcase he was holding onto the table, and opened it for all to see.

    He then smoothly lit up a cigarette for Mr. Li.

    The elegant man seemed surprised at his conduct, even chuckling as he patted Yan Wang’s shoulder. “You’re promising, kid. Well done.”

    Yan Wang smiled and instantly retreated to the side, since he knew he wouldn’t have a say in the present matters. Standing out was fine, but overstepping the boundaries was frowned upon, and could get him in trouble.

    “New goods. Wanna try?” Mr. Li glanced briefly at the white powder inside the box, before tossing a pack to the scantily-clad showgirl nearby.

    Then, with a meaningful glance towards Ah Xing, he signalled him to leave.

    She would help ‘test’ the quality of these goods.

    Xing Zi gave Yan Wang an approving thumbs-up as he left, wrapping his arm around the girl’s waist while she playfully protested, and promptly escorting her out.

    Mr. Li turned and had a few hushed words with the others.

    When he was done, he then patted Yan Wang and Co. on the shoulder.

    “Follow me.”

    They travelled further up, arriving at the fourth floor, which was a stark contrast to the lively and colourful atmosphere of the floor below. Here, the office’s decorations were much more minimalistic, setting a sombre and serious tone.

    As they sat down on the sofa, a woman in a graceful cheongsam came along with a tea tray, silently brewing and pouring tea for them, before gently closing the door.

    “Tell me, what exactly happened there?”

    Mr. Li immediately began questioning them in a stern voice.

    And Hao Zi, quickly seizing the opportunity, cut Yan Wang off before he could speak, and started recounting the events by himself: “At the time, we… Brother Long and Yan Zi didn’t understand the language, so I had to speak to them in my broken English. However, just after the deal, sirens started blaring outside.”

    “Then, Yan Zi told me to call Brother Xing. So we ran from Warehouse No. 7 to the area near Warehouse No. 5, and Brother Long got injured in the process. It was a close call getting out. After that… so we… and then…”

    Once Hao Zi finished, Mr. Li looked towards Yan Wang: “Anything to add?”

    “No. That’s about it.” 

    Yan Wang nodded, seemingly unbothered by Hao Zi taking the lead.

    “Alright, you lot did well this time. Go have some fun,” Mr. Li finally spoke after a long pause, pulling out a stack of money from under the table and tossing it to them. “Don’t worry about Xing Zi; I’ll give him his share directly.”

    Soon after, the woman serving tea leaned in to whisper something in Mr. Li’s ear.

    The elegant man became lost in thought for a moment, as he pondered something, before addressing them again, “Also, since Ah Long is currently injured, you two shall be jointly taking care of Chunyang Street for now. Don’t mess it up. We’ll talk about reclaiming Longbao Street at a later time.”

    “Yes, Mr. Li.” Directly in front of the advisor, Yan Wang divided the money into four parts, pocketing one portion for himself, and handing another to Hao Zi: “Hao Zi, as Brother Long was injured this time, I think we should be giving the rest to him. What do you think?”

    Hao Zi nodded and smiled in agreement: “It’s only right.”

    “Thanks, brother.”

    Yan Wang playfully punched his chest, and nodded to Mr. Li first before leaving.

    During Hao Zi’s personal narration, he’d very subtly emphasised his own importance, while diminishing both Yan Wang and Ah Long’s roles.

    Yan Wang inwardly sneered at this deception, but didn’t show it on the surface. Mr. Li and the leader both hated squabbles over credit, and he didn’t want to leave either of them with a bad impression of himself.

    However, that didn’t mean Yan Wang would simply let this go.

    It just wasn’t the right time for his retribution.

    ‘Mr. Li isn’t so easily fooled, though,’ he thought, remembering the gang leader’s final decision, and shaking his head with a light laugh.

    Hao Zi’s manoeuvres were still too naive.

    Mr. Li had clearly sensed something fishy, so instead of letting Hao Zi simply replace Ah Long completely, he advocated for them to jointly manage Chunyang Street.

    Yan Wang softly muttered to himself: “This is going to be interesting.”

    Back on Chunyang Street, he weaved his way to an old shack, where Ah Long had already awakened. His gunshot wound, compounded by the running afterwards, left him somewhat weakened.

    “Brother Long, this is what Mr. Li rewarded us.” Yan Wang, with a grin, placed a stack of money beside Ah Long’s bed. Biting into an apple from the table, he tacked on, “Mr. Li also let Hao Zi and I temporarily manage Chunyang Street.”

    “Un. Not bad, do well.”

    Ah Long glanced at the thickness of the money stack, and instantly smiled: “Yan Zi, I’m not that inexperienced. You think I can’t see what’s going on?”

    Yan Wang’s face stiffened.

    Forcing out a few laughs, he then suddenly stood up, “Brother Long, I didn’t quite catch what you said. But I do have something to do, so I’ll be going now-“

    “Oi. Stop right there.” Long pulled out a portion of the money and called him back: “Take back your share.”

    Yan Wang sweated, picking up the money hesitantly: “Brother Long, this…”

    Ah Long waved his hand, and jokingly chided him: “Tch. Just look at yourself, that outfit looks like you crawled out of a sewer. Better roll back in at this point…”

    “Okay, okay, if you insist.” Yan Wang put his hands up in defeat, “Get well soon, Brother Long” Eventually taking his share, Yan Wang lingered a bit at the doorway, before quickly running out, leaving only a parting phrase behind.

    Ah Long shook his head and leaned back on the bed, silently lighting a cigarette.

    The doctor had just told him the bullet had fortuitously only broken his femur.

    Nevertheless, even if he did fully recover, he would never be as agile as before. In other words, this meant he could no longer stay in the gang.

    Mr. Li probably already knew this, and should soon give him his settlement to start a business on their Star Society territory.

    And as for his position… it was natural that either Yan Wang or Hao Zi, who had both made good contributions, would take over his spot,

    Yet Mr. Li had arranged for them to work together instead?

    Wait. Now that he thought about it, the effort had mostly been from Yan Wang’s side, so logically, Hao Zi shouldn’t even be involved at all?

    Or had something changed in the situation?


    • Zi – For those who are wondering why some people’s names have Zi when they are called by other people even when their name does not have Zi in it. Like Yan Wang getting called Yan Zi. It’s like an affix, like Japanese -chan or -kun]

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