Chapter 10: Bottleneck!


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    — — —

    Chapter 10: Bottleneck!

    Exhale! Inhale! Exhale! 

    Inside his room, Lu Sheng was sitting on the floor in a strange posture. 

    As he kept changing his posture, his breathing also adjusted accordingly in a wonderful rhythm. 

    After the final movement, Lu Sheng relaxed his body. 

    Sweat flowed down his muscles like a stream, and his whole body was steaming as if he had just stepped out of a sauna. 

    “The combat zombies in the dream world were all practising this Body Refining Technique before they died, each with different levels of proficiency with different body parts. I am now able to do the whole set of movements perfectly…” 

    The results will naturally vary even if different people practice the same Body Refining Technique.

    For example, someone might be better at the first 30 movements, while someone else might be better at the last 30 movements. 

    Different movements correspond to different muscle group exercises, resulting in the difference in each individual’s physical qualities. 

    And Lu Sheng absorbed the memories of so many uniform zombies, almost integrating the parts that everyone was good at,, so much so that he has now attained a very high level of proficiency in the set of Body Refining Technique and the accompanying Breathing Method. 

    “The effects are still amazing. I can almost feel my previously unexercised muscle groups being developed every day.”  

    “If the level of human body’s development with this set of Body Refining Technique is at 100%, then the level of  human body’s development with the 24 Forms of Body Refining implemented by the Global Martial Union may not even be 1%…” 

    “The difference between these two Body Refining Techniques is simply too great…” 

    Lu Sheng couldn’t help but sigh. 

    After practice, Lu Sheng got up and simply used a towel to wipe off his body. 

    A familiar knocking sound came from outside the door just after he changed into some dry clothes.

    “Lu Sheng, come out to eat.” 

    “Got it.” 

    Lu Sheng replied back and quickly cleaned up before walking out of his room. 

    The family was already waiting for him at the dinner table. 

    There were around seven or eight plates of dishes on the table, most of which were meat dishes. 

    A basin full of white rice was placed in front of the seat belonging to Lu Sheng.

    That’s right, a basin. 

    Because the family could no longer find a container larger than a basin. 

    “Xiao[1] Sheng, come and eat.” 

    [1. Xiao = Little. (An affectionate way of calling someone)] 

    Mother Zheng Yufen asked Lu Sheng to sit down. 

    Lu Sheng nodded, sat down, and began to bury his face in rice. 

    Over the past week, Lu Sheng’s meal size had progressively gotten larger and larger. 

    Initially, it was only twice the size of his sister Lu Qinghe, but now, it’s nearly five times the size that Lu Qinghe eats. 

    With two large eaters at home, mother Zheng Yufen’s everyday task: cooking, had become a major job. 

    “Really can eat…”

    Lu Qinghe looked at the way Lu Sheng buried his face in rice and muttered out, then she also stuffed a few mouthfuls of rice into her own mouth, not willing to be outdone by him. 

    Lu Dahai joyously watched the pair of kids eating, his mood was very pleasant. 

    “Eat all you want, there’s more than enough rice.” 

    “What’s wrong with Xiao Sheng recently, he eats so much, but is still getting thinner and thinner…” 

    Zheng Yufen pinched Lu Sheng’s sharply defined arm and said with some concern. 

    “What do you know… boys are like this during their development period.” 

    Lu Dahai added a piece of pork ribs to Lu Sheng’s rice bowl and asked with a smile, “Have you measured your Blood Qi Value recently, did it increase?” 

    Lu Sheng didn’t even raise his head and said in a muffled voice, “Yes, it has increased a little.” 

    Lu Dahai’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but ask, “How much did it increase by?” 

    “Almost… almost exceeded 1, I think.” 

    Lu Sheng’s mouth was stuffed with rice as he replied in a vague manner. 

    He didn’t dare to tell the truth for fear of scaring his parents, nor could he explain. 

    “Almost exceeded 1? Good, good…” 

    Even if he had withheld most of his progress, this result still made Lu Dahai extremely surprised. 

    “Tomorrow, I’ll go out and buy some pills for you… Blood Qi growth isn’t something that can be replenished by just eating…” 

    Lu Sheng lifted his head, and his eyes lingered on the plaster patch that showed a corner of his dad, Lu Dahai’s, shoulder for a while, but he didn’t speak. 

    Lu Dahai was only an ordinary worker, and his mother’s salary at the supermarket wasn’t high either. 

    With a family like this, it was already a struggle to afford the everyday martial arts practice for the two kids. 

    Buying additional pills would only make the burden on his parents even heavier. 

    From his parents’ usual conversation, Lu Sheng learned that Lu Dahai was already actively looking for extra jobs to do after work these days, while his mother was also working other part-time jobs. 

    I have to! I have to find a way to make money!’ 

    Lu Sheng secretly made up his mind within his heart. 

    — — —

    Two figures were exchanging blows in the grey mist-covered wilderness. 

    Lu Sheng’s opponent was a zombie dressed in a blue uniform. 

    This type of zombie was much stronger than the ones he had encountered at first, the ones wearing grey uniforms. 

    They had greater strength, greater speed, and they had even retained some of their combat skills. 

    The one before him was one of them. 

    The blue uniform zombie roared and extended its big arm to fiercely grasp Lu Sheng. 

    The arm made a “whirring” sound in the air as it approached Lu Sheng. 

    Lu Sheng’s eyes remained unchanged, taking several fierce steps forward, using his shoulder against the blue uniform zombie’s big arm, he deflected the punch. 

    Then he quickly reached out and wrapped his arm around its neck in an obscure position. 

    With a fierce downwards pull… 

    His knee blasted out like a cannonball, brutally hitting the zombie’s jaw. 


    The blue uniform zombie’s head turned at a weird angle, drooping behind its shoulders. 

    After staggering for a bit, it fell to the ground. 

    The zombie quickly weathered, and a black line of smoke emerged, rapidly scurrying into Lu Sheng’s body. 

    “Squad leader… good at fist techniques…” 

    Lu Sheng opened his eyes, indicating that the memories had already been absorbed. 

    The blue uniform “elite monster” brought Lu Sheng a considerable harvest. 

    After absorbing the memories, Lu Sheng felt that his comprehension of the fist techniques had reached a new level. 

    It seemed to have vaguely hit a bottleneck. 

    And above it was a whole new world. 

    — — —

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