Chapter 11: Enlightened!


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    — — —

    Chapter 11: Enlightened!

    “Fist, palm, leg, footwork…”

    “Before they died, all the combat-type zombies had different areas of expertise.”

    “Although these memories overlap, they are also complementing one another, like a jigsaw puzzle, making up for the previous shortcomings in my practical combat skills.”

    “In the memories so far, Fist Technique was the most common, and also the first to reach this bottleneck sensation…”

    Lu Sheng thought to himself.

    The biggest benefit that the dream world brought him was the ability to continually absorb memories and integrate them into himself.

    What other people spent a lot of time and effort to achieve, Lu Sheng was able to obtain with ease.

    Making it the same as Lu Sheng stepping on the shoulders of countless predecessors to move forward at a fast pace.

    During this, absorbing the memories of a large number of uniform zombies had another benefit in addition to accelerating Lu Sheng’s martial arts progress.

    Information about Base 1359.

    With the clues obtained from one memory after another, Lu Sheng gradually pieced together a route that actually led to Base 1359.

    “This is the correct direction. If I keep going, eventually I’ll be able to reach Base 1359…”

    “And it shouldn’t be too long before that day arrives.”

    The area ahead of Lu Sheng was shrouded in gray fog, with a few stumbling figures emerging from it occasionally.

    He strode ahead with a firm gaze.

    — — —

    [In the Classroom]

    “About the answer to this question…”

    Lu Sheng was intently listening to the teacher’s lecture.

    After his cultivation reached the 1st Level, Lu Sheng observed that his brain had also become more flexible.

    According to Lu Sheng’s theory, it should be due to the fact that he absorbed a great number of memories from the dream world, and the process of accumulating these memories stimulated his brain’s development, improving his memory, brain functioning speed, and other aspects.

    To put it in layman’s terms, he became smarter.

    To put it in a fantasy term, he attained enlightenment.

    In any case, learning textbook knowledge now felt extraordinarily simple for Lu Sheng.

    Previously, he failed to even comprehend the knowledge, but now after reading it once, he was able to directly reach the level of a “Honors Student”.

    Literature knowledge wasn’t entirely useless to Lu Sheng.

    After all, the purpose of the college entrance exam is to test literature as well, it’s just that they don’t contribute that much in the overall score.

    “All right, class dismissed!” 

    As the bell rang, the math teacher ended his lecture and announced the end of class, reminding in passing, “The next session is a practical class; students should remember to gather early in the practical classroom.” 

    After giving the reminder, the math teacher walked out with the textbooks and a tea cup. 

    [PR/N: He walked out with what?!]

    Lu Sheng sorted his notes and books before packing them and left the classroom.

    The practical combat class is normally held in the school’s Martial Arts Hall, which is a few minutes away from the main school building. In order to not be late for class, they must leave immediately; this is also why the math teacher didn’t dare to delay his lectures.

    “Hey, Lu Sheng!” 

    Right after walking out of the classroom, Lu Sheng heard someone calling his name from behind. 

    Liu Qiming dashed over to him and subconsciously tried to wrap his arm around Lu Sheng’s shoulder.

    But his hand only reached halfway before inexplicably retreating.

    “Wait… wait for me, let’s go together.” 

    Liu Qiming had no idea what just happened to him. 

    Previously, he and Lu Sheng frequently played and joked around with each other, and this kind of little friendly physical contact was nothing. 

    But today, when he approached Lu Sheng, he felt an inexplicable sense of timidness.

    It was as if… 

    An invisible aura existed around Lu Sheng’s body, repelling him strongly. 

    “You have… really changed a lot recently.” 

    Liu Qiming tried to walk beside Lu Sheng, but his voice was unconsciously tinged with some caution. 

    “Is that so?” 

    Lu Sheng didn’t notice Liu Qiming’s abnormality, and casually replied, “After all, the college entrance examination is coming up, and you know my family’s situation, if I don’t work hard, I’ll be a complete burden to them…” 

    “Yes… our family conditions are similar, I also need to start working hard.” 

    Liu Qiming purposefully walked one step behind Lu Sheng, at his side, and immediately felt a lot more relaxed.

    His speech became considerably smoother as he no longer had to directly face the oppressive aura emanating from Lu Sheng’s body.

    “But my situation is a little better than yours since I am the only son…” 

    Lu Sheng slightly nodded. 

    Liu Qiming was correct. If Lu Sheng was the only child or it was only his sister, the burden on his parents would certainly be much less.

    “But your sister is so talented, she’ll be guaranteed a spot in Wuhan University in the future, with a full scholarship and all kinds of other subsidies, without any problem…”

    “The locker room is here, I’ll get the door for you…” 

    Liu Qiming rushed past Lu Sheng and opened the locker room door for him in advance. 

    The two who were supposed to be sworn friends, but suddenly one seemed to be reduced to a mere follower of the other, while Liu Qiming didn’t even realize, as if everything was natural and as it should be.

    [PR/N: Protagonist Halo in effect.]


    Lu Sheng’s eyes lit up with a thought. 

    Liu Qiming’s words gave him inspiration. 

    He had been thinking about how to earn money recently. 

    On one hand, it was to reduce the burden on his family so that his parents wouldn’t have to work so hard. 

    On the other hand, as his martial arts training continued to progress, he would need a lot of money to support it.

    A simple example would be food.

    Now Lu Sheng eats regular meals, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to maintain the nutrients required for the increase in his Blood Qi Value.

    If this continued, it’d definitely slow down his progress, and he’d turn into a nasty manure-making machine.

    Lu Sheng had previously thought of a way to earn money; to officially become a Level 1 Martial Artist, and receive a monthly subsidy of several thousand from the Global Martial Union, which he could then use to buy resources for repleshing his Blood Qi. 

    Now, Liu Qiming’s words made him think of another way – scholarship. 

    Every school would give monetary rewards to students with good academic performance, and Beihai No.3 Middle School was no exception.

    Lu Sheng immediately came up with an idea.

    “I remember the first-class scholarship in the Beihai No.3 Middle School was around 10,000 yuan. If I could get this money…” 

    In order to win this scholarship, he’d certainly have to reveal some of the talent and strength that a first-class scholarship winner should have. 

    — — —

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