Chapter 12: Sparring!


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    Chapter 12: Sparring!

    “Lu Sheng, why have you lost so much weight…”

    Inside the locker room, Lu Sheng and Liu Qiming were changing into their mandatory martial arts uniforms for the practical combat class.

    Lu Sheng, who took off his coat and trousers, revealed a cheetah-like muscular body with sharp definition and clean lines.

    But appeared somewhat thin, which was due to the rapid Blood Qi growth, as well as a lack of nourishment.

    I need to cut my hair…’

    Lu Sheng looked at the familiar yet foreign face in the mirror.

    Thin, handsome, deep dark eyes that emitted a sharp knife-like glint from time to time.

    The current him, even if just stood calmly, would give people an inexplicable sense of intimidation and cause people’s hearts to palpitate, similar to if an ordinary person encountered a wild animal like a tiger or a leopard.

    This was due to the increase in Blood Qi Value as well as the absorption of a large amount of memories from the dream world, something Lu Sheng himself didn’t notice previously.

    ‘I’ve grown a bit taller too…’

    Lu Sheng changed into his martial arts uniform and looked at the sleeves and trouser legs that were visibly slightly shorter, and thought in his heart.

    Previously, his height was 175 cm, but over these days of practice, he had jumped to nearly 1.8 metres, and the martial arts uniform that had fit him perfectly before had suddenly grown smaller.

    After changing clothes, Lu Sheng and Liu Qiming walked into the martial arts hall together.

    The entire martial arts hall was huge, separated into sections of the padded field, each equivalent to a classroom for practical combat classes.

    They were obviously not the only class being taught at this time of day, so Lu Sheng and Liu Qiming found their own class field and quickly walked over to it.

    Everyone sat in a circle around the edge of the field, and a middle-aged man with a robust physique and muscles that strained his loose martial arts uniform stood in the middle.

    “This practical combat class also consolidates the content of the basic fighting techniques that I taught you before…”

    The teacher of the practical combat class was named Zhong Zhengguo, an official 2nd Level Martial Artist, who was said to have fought head-on with a foreign monster in battle.

    The massive scar on Zhong Zhengguo’s purposefully bare right arm was the biggest proof of it.

    This is also his most proud accomplishment, something he had boasted about to the students in class more than once.

    After that, Zhong Zhengguo began formally explaining the use of various fighting techniques to the students, and he called up a boy to be his sparring partner.

    In Lu Sheng’s opinion, the fighting techniques taught by Zhong Zhenguo were simple and crude, and what he learned from the memories of the dream world was far more advanced.

    “You always ask Yang Yifei to go up, can’t you give ordinary people a chance? Shit!”

    Lu Sheng suddenly heard a sour complaint from Liu Qiming next to him.

    Only then did he notice the boy that was called up by Zhong Zhengguo to be his sparring partner.

    The boy’s name was Yang Yifei, his family was well-off, his martial arts performance was first in his grade, plus his handsome appearance, he had certain popularity even in the school.

    Now, dressed in a white martial arts uniform, with Zhong Zhengguo watching over Yang Yifei’s moves, it attracted the direct peachy gaze of all the girls.

    “Even if you are given the chance, you wouldn’t be able to resist Teacher Zhong’s fist, even if he held back.”

    Lu Sheng glanced at Liu Qiming and said indifferently.

    Liu Qiming’s face flushed as he grumbled, “Who allowed Yang Yifei’s family to consume all types of pills for dinner? I heard his Blood Qi Value is nearly 1.2…”

    Liu Qiming seemed unconvinced, thinking if he and Yang Yifei were practising in the same environment and he could perform better than Yang Yifei.

    Lu Sheng didn’t speak to him again, instead calmly watched Zhong Zhengguo and Yang Yifei’s demonstration.

    On the surface, Lu Sheng appeared to be attentive, but he was in fact thinking about the scholarship.

    When and how to approach the teacher with the matter…

    “Alright, the demonstration is almost over; next, two students come up for practical combat, I will face them alone.”

    Zhong Zhenguo ended the demonstration and casually said to Yang Yifei beside him, “Yang Yifei, don’t go down yet, find another person to practice with.”


    Yang Yifei appeared normal as if he had grown accustomed to such special treatment.

    “Is there any student who wants to challenge Yang Yifei to a fight?”

    Zhong Zhengguo asked loudly, and wherever his gaze swept over, the students underneath dodged.

    “No one?”

    Zhong Zhengguo frowned slightly, somewhat disappointed.

    Every time he mentioned practical combat practice, these students cowered like ostriches, trying to bury their heads in the dirt, making it impossible for him to instruct them.

    Many people secretly claim that he favours the top students in the class.

    But they don’t think about how, every time there’s such a situation, except for the top students like Yang Yifei, how many of them step forward to accept his instructions?

    Many of them complain about a lack of opportunities, but they fail to recognize that; with their repeated retreat the opportunities gradually slip away.

    Zhong Zhengguo swept his gaze over each student, growing increasingly disappointed in his heart.

    Just as he was about to call up a random student, he suddenly met a pair of deep, dark eyes.


    Zhong Zhengguo’s eyes widened as his gaze landed on a student with calm eyes and a thin body.

    Among a crowd that avoided his gaze, someone who dared to look him directly in the eyes appeared very notable and startling.

    “Alright, you, that student. You come up and spar with Yang Yifei…”

    Zhong Zhengguo said loudly as he pointed at the distinctive student.

    “Lu Sheng, Teacher Zhong is calling you…”


    Lu Sheng came back from his thoughts just to discover that he had been chosen by Zhong Zhenguo to go up and spar with Yang Yifei.

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