Chapter 13: Shocked!


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    Chapter 13: Shocked!

    The students to the left and right all looked at Lu Sheng with a sadistic gaze, as if looking forward to a good show, and even Liu Qiming gave him a self-seeking look.

    For nobody-students like him and Lu Sheng, the chances of being called up by the teacher in class were the same as winning the lottery.

    There is no telling what kind of bad luck Lu Sheng had today, to be picked in the practical combat class as a sparring partner.

    Lu Sheng quickly calmed down.

    If he was called on, he was called on. And it wasn’t like he had never been picked before.

    Then, he stood up and walked toward the middle of the field.

    When Lu Sheng stood up, Zhong Zhenguo was stunned.

    At that moment, he had an illusion, as if he was looking at a fierce tiger slowly getting up from its slumber.

    The natural temperament that exuded from Lu Sheng’s body made Zhong Zhenguo almost think that what he was looking at wasn’t just an average student, but a warrior who had experienced countless battles striding towards him.


    Lu Sheng walked over to Zhong Zhenguo and calmly greeted him.

    Zhong Zhengguo noticed the strong, smooth and well-defined muscle full of strength revealed under Lu Sheng’s visibly short sleeves, and couldn’t help but light up.

    ‘How come I didn’t notice that there was such a good seedling in the class  before?!’

    Zhong Zhenguo looked up and down at Lu Sheng with a slightly pleased look and asked, “What is your name?”

    “Lu Sheng.”

    “What was your score on the last Blood Qi Value test?”

    Lu Sheng thought for a moment and replied truthfully, “0.802.”

    ‘Only 0.8? It’s a bit on the low side, it doesn’t look like it.’

    Zhong Zhenguo frowned.

    ‘Could it be that I have misjudged?’

    Zhong Zhenguo shook his head, but didn’t continue to think too deeply, then arranged, “Spar with Yang Yifei, use the martial arts techniques I just taught, and after the end, I will point out any shortcomings in your movements.”


    Lu Sheng nodded, then walked over to Yang Yifei and stood still.

    Yang Yifei’s expression was relaxed, he nodded slightly at Lu Sheng, and reminded him, “My Blood Qi Value is 1.22 already, so I might strike a little too hard later, you should be careful.”

    Lu Sheng didn’t react, only casually nodded.

    However, the students at the bottom all exclaimed in a lowly voice.

    “Dammit! Yang Yifei’s Blood Qi Value is 1.22, I haven’t even reached 0.9!”

    “He’s too strong, I’m afraid he can be ranked in the top ten in his grade.”

    “As expected of Yang Yifei.”

    Yang Yifei heard these admiring voices, he obviously felt a bit flattered, and with a faint, confident and calm smile on his face, he said to Lu Sheng, “Are you ready? Let’s go.”


    Lu Sheng nodded.

    “Here I come.”

    Yang Yifei shouted, and his entire body sprang forward like a cheetah, dashing towards Lu Sheng.

    Even Zhong Zhenguo, who was watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but nod his head slightly when he saw his performance.

    As for the students at the bottom, they were already well prepared to be amazed.

    One by one, in the eyes of all the girls, sparkles began to appear.

    Liu Qiming turned his head slightly and looked at Lu Sheng with a worried expression.

    Then, in the next moment…


    A figure flew out from the middle of the field, flying out five to six meters away, before falling hard on the ground.

    “Yang Yifei you’re so handsome! Yang Yifei…”

    The admiring voice of a girl rang out just in time, making it exceptionally abrupt.

    The girl shouted only halfway, only to notice suddenly that something was wrong.

    Everyone around was silent, staring fixedly at the middle of the field with an expression she couldn’t comprehend.

    The girl looked back carefully, and her entire body was instantly frozen.

    Only to see at the edge of the field, the pale figure holding his chest was the male god she worshipped in her mind- Yang Yifei.

    As for Lu Sheng, he was standing in the middle of the field with dignity, and it appeared as if he didn’t even take one step.


    The field became eerily quiet.

    Everyone looked at Lu Sheng in a daze, and Yang Yifei, who fell to the ground from pain, couldn’t believe his eyes.

    “Lu… Lu Sheng, with a single move, sent Yang Yifei, a genius with a Blood Qi Value of 1.2 who was ranked in the top ten of his grade, flying out?”

    They doubted whether they were dreaming.

    Even Zhong Zhenguo was stunned.

    Then he quickly realized one thing.

    He indeed didn’t misjudge.

    “Hurry and get two people to help Yang Yifei go to the infirmary.”

    Zhong Zhengguo quickly gave orders, and only then did the others wake up as if they were dreaming and took action.

    Then he looked at Lu Sheng’s eyes again, as if he was looking at a monster.

    “Teacher Zhong, I just…”

    Lu Sheng wanted to explain to Zhong Zhengguo that it wasn’t his intention to not use the fighting techniques he taught.

    Instead, when Yang Yifei was rushing over, his fighting instinct drove him to do so subconsciously.

    By the time he reacted and wanted to cooperate with the sparring, Yang Yifei was already sent flying.

    Who knew he was so incapable of fighting…

    “Stop, you come with me for a moment.”

    Zhong Zhengguo waved his big hand, ordered Lu Sheng and breezed out the door, not caring whether the practical class was over or not.

    Lu Sheng could only obediently follow.

    Only after the two left did a loud chatter explode in the field.

    “Holy shit! Was Lu Sheng high on drugs? Why was he so strong? Even Yang Yifei couldn’t beat him?”

    “That guy is Lu Sheng, isn’t he? The Lu Sheng we know, right?”

    “Yang Yifei has a Blood Qi Value of 1.22, but even he couldn’t beat Lu Sheng, just how much is Lu Sheng’s Blood Qi Value?”


    Amidst a wave of awe and chatter, Liu Qiming’s mouth was wide open, staring dazedly in Lu Sheng’s distant direction, he was still confused…

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