Chapter 14: Genius!


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    Chapter 14: Genius!

    “Didn’t you say your last Blood Qi Value test result was 0.8? Did that look like 0.8 to you?”

    Zhong Zhengguo brought Lu Sheng into the office and stared at him with scorching eyes.

    “Teacher Zhong, you asked about the result of the last test so…” Lu Sheng replied, feeling somewhat helpless.

    Zhong Zhengguo was speechless for a minute before saying, “I will test you again right now.”

    Lu Sheng gave a nod.

    A few moments later, the test results came out.

    Zhong Zhengguo sat on his buttocks in the chair and gave Lu Sheng a complicated look that would be difficult to put into words.

    It was a combination of shock with delight, delight with surprise and surprise with doubt…

    Doubts about him, doubts about the truth.

    That kind of complicated look.

    “When was the last time you tested?”

    Zhong Zhengguo took a deep breath trying to calm himself down before opening his mouth to ask Lu Sheng.

    Lu Sheng thought about it and replied, “The last monthly test, about less than a month.”

    ‘If I count the private test, it would be a week ago.’

    “Less than a month ago…”

    Zhong Zhengguo was at a loss for words.

    He took another look at the test results.

    [Blood Qi Value: 1.532]

    [Combat Power Index: 192]

    Two jaw-dropping numbers.

    It already exceeded the standard values for a level 1 martial artist.

    Although the school’s testing devices were supposedly not as exact as the Global Martial Union’s, the up and down fluctuation wouldn’t be that great, and the true score would be accurate to 8 or 9.

    In other words.

    The student in front of him, named Lu Sheng, could already be considered an official Level 1 Martial Artist.

    He was just under eighteen years old this year, and there were still more than two hundred days before the college entrance exam.

    At Beihai No.3 Middle School, the practical combat class he, Zhong Zhengguo, led actually had an official, less than eighteen-year-old Level 1 Martial Artist.

    Zhong Zhengguo was still digesting this outcome.

    Although a less than eighteen-year-old level 1 martial artist in the Dragon Kingdom, or Beihai City, isn’t particularly impressive.

    However, in their Beihai No.3 Middle School, is an absolutely uncompromised top genius, as the sole seedling.

    At least for now, there isn’t a single student in Beihai No.3 Middle School who has reached this height or even come close.

    Moreover, Zhong Zhengguo saw more than just that.

    What he valued most was the Combat Power Index of the student in front of him, named Lu Sheng, as well as his performance in the practical combat class.

    Combat Power Index 192, exceeding the standard of Blood Qi Value by more than an entire 40!

    One should be aware that before becoming an official level 1 – no, level 3 martial artist…

    The Combat Power Index of a martial artist closely follows the Blood Qi Value.

    Because Blood Qi represents speed and strength.

    Naturally, the amount of destructive power one has is proportional to their Blood Qi Value.

    The transformation from a level 3 to level 4 martial artist is a crucial stage, and many would stay at this level to refine their muscles and bones.

    At that time, the role of martial arts techniques really begins to manifest, and the martial artist’s Combat Power Index will grow by leaps and bounds.

    Prior to that, techniques may create various gaps in practical combat, but the increase in combat power will be small.

    For example, Zhong Zhenguo, a level 2 martial artist…

    Has a Blood Qi Value of 15, while Combat Power Index is just over 1500, barely a few dozen points higher than the standard Blood Qi Value

    In retrospect, Lu Sheng, who had a Combat Power Index that was more than 40 points higher than the Blood Qi Value standard for a level 1 martial artist…

    Was simply a monster!

    During the practical combat class, the move Lu Sheng used to send Yang Yifei flying, others may not have seen, but he saw it clearly.

    The skills that Lu Sheng displayed in that punch, made even him a bit awed.

    ‘He is undoubtedly a combat-type martial arts genius!’

    At this moment, Zhong Zhenguo had an incomparably strong sense of premonition in his heart.

    The Beihai No.3 Middle School, this time…

    May really have discovered a treasure!

    Lu Sheng stood there silently watching Zhong Zhengguo’s eyes flickering rapidly, presumably thinking about something on the spot.

    After the slight tension in the beginning, Lu Sheng now was completely calm. 

    Although revealing his strength this time caught him off guard, thinking about it again.

    This was also a good opportunity. 

    It was the perfect opportunity to apply for a scholarship to the school, and with his current strength, it wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t pass. 

    This test also gave Lu Sheng a whole new perspective on his own strength; he had almost met the standard evaluation of a level 1 martial artist, and it was time to take the official examination for a level 1 martial artist.

    The current Lu Sheng was really too short on money. 

    By this time, Zhong Zhengguo had also pretty much sorted out his mood. 

    “With your current scores, you can apply to join the school’s top class…”

    Zhong Zhengguo also didn’t inquire further as to why Lu Sheng’s Blood Qi Value had nearly doubled in less than a month.

    There could be only a few reasons.

    He had previously concealed his strength.

    Or, his body suddenly entered a period of rapid development, and the previously latent talent gradually began to develop.

    These two situations had happened with other students as well, therefore there was no need to investigate further.

    If pursued too hard, the student might start to resent him.

    “Teacher, I think it is fine to remain in the current class; there is no need to change classes,” Lu Sheng replied.

    Zhong Zhengguo nodded with a complicated expression.

    He, too, felt that there was no need.

    Cultivation of Blood Qi Value relied entirely on the students themselves,  and what the teachers could teach were simply some practical combat techniques.

    And, in that regard, Lu Sheng had even surpassed many teachers.

    “Then, if you have any requests for which you believe the school can help you and provide any facilities, you can ask them now.”

    Zhong Zhengguo inquired.

    Lu Sheng had been waiting for this exact opportunity.

    “I’d like to apply for the school’s martial arts scholarship, and… I’d like to have more free time away from school.”

    Lu Sheng mentioned the two things in his mind together, the second of which came to him on the spur of the moment.

    Lu Sheng had always felt that staying in school for the current him was a waste of time; if he had more time every day to practice the Body Refining Technique and explore the dream world, his strength might be able to increase even faster.

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