Chapter 15: The Tiger And The Sheep!


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    Chapter 15: The Tiger And The Sheep!

    “I’ll apply for a 30,000 yuan scholarship to the school for you, and you should be able to receive the money within two days.”

    The school will hold a meeting to discuss the matter during school hours, but there shouldn’t be any problems with that too.

    “After all, you are a genius. Genius should have certain privileges.”

    Zhong Zhenguo promptly responded to Lu Sheng’s request.

    “In addition to that, I can promise you, If you achieve a high ranking in the city by representing our Baihe No.3 Middle School in the college entrance exams, the school will provide you with an additional reward.”

    “Before the period leading up to the college entrance exams, you can also ask the school for any material you may need.”

    “As long as it’s not too excessive, the school will satisfy your needs.”

    “And I, too, will help you in every way I can.”

    Zhong Zhenguo wore a formal expression as he said this as if he already saw Lu Sheng as equal.

    After giving it some thought, Lu Sheng was able to understand Zhong Zhenguo’s perspective.

    For a talented kid with a promising future like him, now was unquestionably the best time to get the cheapest bargain.

    “Thank you, teacher Zhong. I’m thankful to the school as well.”

    Lu Sheng expressed his gratitude, and after a little thought, he added, “Teacher Zhong, one more thing. I hope that my family won’t find out about my current grades and the treatment I’ve received from the school just yet.”

    “I understand.”

    Zhong Zhenguo nodded.

    Lu Sheng’s sudden increase in strength, martial artists may understand,  but it’ll be difficult to explain to ordinary families.

    If Lu Sheng’s parents found out and questioned him about it, then did something that may affect Lu Sheng’s martial arts progress. It’d be something that no one would like to see.

    “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first, teacher Zhong.”

    “Yes, you can go.”

    Zhong Zhenguo waved his hand and watched as Lu Sheng left the office.

    A few moments after Lu Sheng left, Zhong Zhenguo, who was sitting in a chair, suddenly stood up.

    The calm on his face vanished, replaced with an intense rush of excitement and triumph.

    “Lu Sheng, my Baihe No.3 Middle School has actually produced someone like Lu Sheng!”

    “An official level 1 martial artist who is less than eighteen-years-old, with a combat power of close to 200!”

    “I’ll keep Lu Sheng as a secret weapon before the college entrance exam. After the college entrance exam, I will taunt those from the No.1 and No. 2 High Schools. Haha, I’m getting excited just thinking about those guys’ expressions…”

    “The principal must be notified of this news immediately.”

    Zhong Zhenguo walked out of the office with a bright face.

    — — —

    When Lu Sheng returned, the practical combat class had already ended, and all the students had already returned to their classrooms.

    As Lu Sheng entered, the initially noisy classroom instantly turned silent.

    Then everyone’s gaze focused on him.

    Shock, amazement, intrigued, admiration, fear…

    Lu Sheng walked to his seat as usual.

    The moment after he sat down, the quiet classroom slowly became noisy once again.

    Similar to when a tiger enters a flock, the entire flock becomes silent.

    Then when the tiger goes to rest, the frightened sheep resume their hustle and bustle.

    Lu Sheng was the tiger.

    Soon after Lu Sheng took his seat, he noticed the pale Yang Yifei, limping in with someone’s help.

    Yang Yifei also saw Lu Sheng and his eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

    But when he met Lu Sheng’s gaze, he immediately dodged to the side.

    Lu Sheng’s punch in the practical combat class had clearly frightened him.

    Nearby, Liu Qiming wanted to come up and talk to Lu Sheng several times.

    But he couldn’t dare to open his mouth even after trying a few times.

    Liu Qiming looked at Lu Sheng, who was seated in the seat, calmly flipping through a book, and for a moment seemed somewhat lost.

    He suddenly realised that his long-time best friend had become very unfamiliar… and distant.

    — — —

    [Beihai City, City Centre Mall]

    In a shop named “Martial Medicine Hall”, a tall teenager in a school uniform was looking at the products on the counter.

    The shop assistant lady walked up to the teenager and asked politely, “Sir, what type of pill are you looking to buy?”

    The teenager looked up, revealing a handsome and delicate face, and shook his head.

    “Thank you but I’m just looking around.”


    The shop assistant lady sensibly stepped away.

    The teenager in front of her, dressed as a student, was obviously not her potential customer target.

    This teenager was none other than Lu Sheng, who came to hang out after school.

    A scholarship was on its way, and Lu Sheng couldn’t wait to go to the mall and decide how to spend the money.

    It wasn’t that he couldn’t restrain himself, planning to spend the money before he even received it, instead he just really wanted to improve his strength quickly.

    In the past few days, Lu Sheng noticed that his body was constantly sending out a strong “hunger sensation”, due to the continuous progress with the Body Refining Technique and the Breathing Method.

    This was a symptom of rapid Blood Qi growth and a deficiency in the body 

    Every muscle cell in his body was starving for energy nourishments.

    Although his father, Lu Dahai, bought him a pill to take last week, it was a drop in the bucket that gave him little relief.

    If such a state of “malnutrition” continues for an extended period of time, the body may suffer permanent and irreversible damage, and his strength may even revert.

    Because martial arts practice, in fact, is a continuous process of developing the potential of the human body.

    The increase of a martial artist’s Blood Qi Value would be the embodiment of the human body’s potential being continuously stimulated.

    However, the potential can also decrease, and if not replenished in a timely manner, it will cause harm.

    The way to replenish would be to take in a large amount of external energy.

    Through food, pills, etc.

    However, food can only provide a tiny amount of energy, whereas medicinal materials rich in nutrients required by the human body make up the majority.

    But these precious pills were quite valuable.

    Hence, the phrase, “poor in academics, but in strong martial arts”, is not something that can be said easily.

    “There are two main types of pills on the market, external and internal.”

    “External type is divided into medicinal baths, coating, acupuncture, patches and so on.”

    “External pills are milder, absorbed faster and much easier than internal pills. However, the process is time-consuming and the conditions are harsher, the replenishing effect also worsens with each time, and the dosage has to be increased frequently.”

    “I’ll go with the internal type pills.”

    Lu Sheng had been focused on looking for internal type pills.

    However, the price of internal type pills made him frown.

    — — —

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