Chapter 16: Breaking Through the Bottleneck; A New Realm of Fist Techniques!


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    Chapter 16: Breaking Through the Bottleneck; A New Realm of Fist Techniques!

    “Dad bought me the Blood-Nourishing pills last week, and a pair of them cost 3,000 yuan.”

    “These are still the most common types of pills.”

    “Up there are… Bone-Strengthening Pills, Vitality-Boosting Pills and also Blood-Cultivating Pills…”

    “All of them are more expensive than the Blood-Nourishing Pills, and the most expensive nourishing pills cost 15,000 yuan a pair, an exaggerated price.”

    Zhong Zhengguo guaranteed Lu Sheng that he could get him a 30,000 yuan special scholarship in Baihe No.3 Middle School.

    Originally, Lu Sheng thought that amount of money was a lot, but now that he looked at it again, it wasn’t enough at all.

    30,000 yuan was enough to buy only 10 Blood-Nourishing Pills and 2 Vitality-Boosting Pills.

    If Lu Sheng had applied for a first-class scholarship of 10,000 yuan as he originally intended, he wouldn’t have been able to afford even one pair of Vitality-Boosting Pills.

    “Martial arts practice is just too expensive…”

    Only now did Lu Sheng realise just how much money was spent on those brilliant martial arts students in school, such as Yang Yifei.

    How can children from ordinary families like him and Liu Qiming compare with people like them?

    In this era where martial arts were soaring, for humble families such as theirs, it was just too difficult.

    Lu Sheng also realised just how heavy the burden on his parents was.

    “Lu Qinghe’s opinion was definitely right. If it wasn’t for me as her mediocre brother; with her martial arts talent, she would have achieved far greater results than now…”

    Lu Dahai was currently providing him and Lu Qinghe with two pairs of Blood-Nourishing Pills every month. (The Lu family’s limit)

    If all four Blood-Nourishing Pills were given to Lu Qinghe, the result would be obvious.

    Thinking of this, Lu Sheng’s desire to make money became stronger.

    “Whether it’s for my own or for Lu Qinghe’s martial arts journey, I must work harder…”

    Lu Sheng didn’t continue to browse any further and walked out of the mall.

    The central shopping mall was quite far from the neighbourhood where Lu Sheng’s family lived, but Lu Sheng chose to walk home instead of taking the bus.

    The process of walking home like this was a good way for Lu Sheng to relax from his high-intensity daily practice.

    “Let’s go for gold today! I’ve recently learned a new sword skill, so I’ll carry you to slaughter!”

    “Really…? Come on man, like hell I believe you…”

    “Huh? You dare underestimate my sword art?! Just wait, it seems like I need to showcase some of my newfound strength to you…”

    Several high-school students in school uniforms and carrying backpacks rushed past Lu Sheng in groups, heading to the nearest net cafe.

    A tremor went through Lu Sheng’s heart.

    He was like these students until just a month ago, hanging out after school every day and going to a net cafe.

    Like a fish living in mud, dazzled by the sights and turbidity in front of him, everyday was muddled, spinning in place, with no direction, and no motivation.

    Now, he is out of this mud, clear-headed, understands exactly what he wants, and knows exactly what lies ahead.

    “Do I have any regrets?”

    Lu Sheng asked himself softly.

    “No, I have none.”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes were calm and he answered firmly.

    He sacrificed some of his happiness, but he was undoubtedly more fulfilled and satisfied now.

    At that moment, several memories of fist techniques suddenly raced through Lu Sheng’s mind.

    A large number of fragmented images rapidly flashed past his eyes.

    In that instant, he seemed to have grasped something.

    Something appeared to be broken.

    Lu Sheng’s mind became incomparably clear, and something entirely new appeared in his mind.

    “A breakthrough…”

    Lu Sheng looked at his hands, slightly disoriented.

    He definitely felt that the bottleneck of fist techniques that he had reached previously by absorbing a large number of memories had been broken through, and his understanding of fist techniques had reached a whole new realm.

    It was a complex state to describe.

    Removing the weeds while retaining the essence results in a whole new appearance.

    The current Lu Sheng felt that he could perfectly master any of the Fist Techniques in his mind.

    He could use the Fist Techniques to react accordingly in any situation.


    That’s most likely what it meant.

    “I had previously heard from the teacher in class that those powerful martial arts masters would gain wonderful insights under certain specific circumstances and states of mind, allowing their martial arts to undergo a significant transformation.”

    “A clear heart and a clear mind.”

    “In martial arts, this scenario is known as enlightenment.”

    “Did I just experience enlightenment?”

    Lu Sheng wasn’t sure.

    But it didn’t matter.

    He only knew that his strength should’ve increased once again.

    If the current him and the past him fought each other, the winner would be determined in a matter of a few moves.

    This was the gap brought about by the attainment of Mastery in the Fist Techniques.

    Lu Sheng was tempted to rush to the Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall to take another test, but he quickly restrained himself.

    The amount of tests taken has no effect on one’s strength capabilities.

    Strength is one’s own, and it won’t run away just because you didn’t test in time.

    Besides, it was already quite late today, and if he delayed for any longer, he’d inevitably be questioned by his parents when he returned home.

    Thinking of this, Lu Sheng quickened his pace.

    — — —

    “I’m going back to my room.”

    Lu Sheng put down the bowls and chopsticks, calmly said goodbye to his family, and returned to his room.

    “What’s wrong with Xiao Sheng today? Is he not feeling well…?”

    Mother Zheng Yufen looked at the rice bowl in front of Lu Sheng and said with some worry, “He ate half a bowl of rice less today than yesterday…”


    Lu Qinghe stood up, shook her head slightly, and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m also going back to my room to practice.”

    With that said, Lu Qinghe quickly ran back to her room.

    Perhaps due to the big changes that occurred in Lu Sheng recently, Lu Qinghe felt an inexplicable sense of threat in her heart, and she practised more diligently than before.

    Lu Dahai smiled as he rubbed his wife’s hands and comforted her, “The children have matured; they are smart and know how to study hard. This is a good thing, we don’t need to worry too much. Oh, and this money is for you; go buy some Bone-Strengthening pills for Xiao Sheng and Xiao Qinghe…”

    “You were complaining about your back pain yesterday, but you still went to another part-time job? Are you okay?”

    “What’s the big deal, you can just put two plasters on me later…”

    “Where will I even put them…”

    — — —

    [Inside Lu Sheng’s Room]

    Lu Sheng listened to his parents talking in the living room, then took a deep breath, and slowly calmed down.

    His five senses had been substantially enhanced as a result of the increase in Blood Qi Value; even through a door, he could still hear the voices outside.

    A certain knot in Lu Sheng’s heart became increasingly tighter.

    After doing two sets of the Body Refining Technique to clear the distracting thoughts in his mind, Lu Sheng slowly entered the dream world.

    Currently, he could control his brain to easily fall asleep in a short amount of time.

    — — —

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