Chapter 17: Base 1359!


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    Chapter 17: Base 1359!

    Lu Sheng’s figure appeared discreetly in the familiar wilderness.

    A burly zombie pounced toward Lu Sheng with a low roar as soon as it noticed his appearance.

    Without any hesitation, Lu Sheng rushed forward.



    In just two moves, Lu Sheng twisted the neck of the burly zombie in front of him wearing unrecognisable clothing.

    A black thread of smoke appeared and quickly infused into Lu Sheng’s body.

    “A martial artist…”

    After absorbing the zombie’s memory, Lu Sheng sighed lightly.

    “My strength has really increased…”

    The fight just now gave Lu Sheng a more intuitive understanding of his own current strength.

    He had encountered this type of burly zombie before.

    It was a new type of combat zombie that differs from the uniform zombie, and its strength is also erratic.

    Some are weaker than grey uniform zombies, while others are more powerful than blue uniform zombies.

    The combat power of this type of zombie can only be ascertained by observing the opponent’s size.

    The strength of the one that Lu Sheng just took care of wasn’t weak; in fact, it was the strongest he had encountered so far, in terms of both strength and speed, it was nearly twice that of ordinary blue uniform zombies.

    “The combat power was roughly equivalent to that of a level 1 official martial artist…”

    Even so, it still couldn’t withstand two moves from Lu Sheng’s hands.

    “After the breakthrough, the Fist Technique is really powerful now, and it gives me a sense of peace. Against opponents whose abilities are weaker than mine, it’s practically like an adult beating a child.”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes revealed some joy.

    After taking care of the zombie, Lu Sheng continued to move forward.

    He had been walking through the wilderness shrouded in the grey fog for an unknown amount of time. According to his estimation, he should be extremely close to Base 1359 in the memories of those zombies.

    “According to the memory of those zombies before their death, Base 1359 should have been destroyed by a black fog and an almost endless tide of foreign monsters. It’s strange that I haven’t encountered a single foreign monster in a long time…”

    “Are all foreign monsters dwelling in the base’s ruins?”

    “Or did they leave after destroying the base?”

    Lu Sheng had no idea.

    Although the strength of his martial art had significantly improved, the dream world was still dangerous and unknown to him.

    So far, Lu Sheng hasn’t died in a dream, he also doesn’t know what the consequences of dying in a dream will be, and he doesn’t want to find out either.

    Along the way, Lu Sheng killed a few more zombies.

    The martial arts memories obtained from these zombies gradually filled the gaps in his legs, palms, footwork, and so on, as they kept approaching the bottleneck.

    Simultaneously, the martial arts attainments that have achieved a new realm continued to slowly and steadily progress towards a higher level.

    Just as Lu Sheng punched the head of a zombie and was absorbing its memory, his eyes were suddenly stunned.

    Lu Sheng looked in the direction in front of him.

    The grey fog dispersed like flowing water, and the outline of a ruined yet magnificent structure slowly appeared in his field of vision.

    “Finally… I’m here…”

    The Legendary Base: 1359.

    Lu Sheng’s heart was unusually calm, and he was more cautious.

    Sometimes, the unknown also indicates danger.

    Furthermore, Lu Sheng had seen Base 1359 being submerged in an overwhelming wave of foreign monsters on numerous occasions in the memories he obtained.

    Despair and oppression had always weighed heavily on his heart like a boulder.

    Lu Sheng moved quickly, but his steps were light.

    The closer he got to the massive city, the more zombies there were wandering in the grey fog, and as the number increased, the strength of the zombies also continued to increase.

    Lu Sheng had already sensed the dangerous, long-lost aura emanating from a number of zombies.

    Fortunately, despite the improvement in strength, the perception of these zombies wasn’t that great. As long as he was careful enough, he wouldn’t attract their attention.

    Something that appears close but in reality is very far away.

    Even with him rushing, Lu Sheng ran for more than half an hour before gradually approaching the massive city, 

    One could imagine just how big the scale of the city was.

    Lu Sheng finally arrived at the foot of the massive city.

    He hid behind some rubble and looked up at the city in front of him.

    This magnificent city was displayed right in front of him.

    It was hard to describe just how big this city was.

    Lu Sheng had to tilt his head close to its limit just to barely see the top of the city wall.

    The entire city was surrounded by towering city walls.

    This reminded Lu Sheng of a certain anime from his previous life in which characters hid in a massive besieged city to fight against evil giants.

    [TL/N: “Attack on Titan” reference anyone?] 

    Compared to that anime, the city walls in front of him were undoubtedly much taller.

    It’s difficult to imagine any force in the world breaking through such an impenetrable line of defence.

    But what Lu Sheng witnessed, were instead, massive, horrifying cracks.

    Looking from the outside, the entire city resembled a gigantic broken bowl full of holes.

    The rubble that Lu Sheng was leaning on right now was also a small piece of debris from the gigantic broken bowl.

    Lu Sheng’s face turned solemn as he thought of the depressing scenes he had seen in his memory.

    Perhaps the apocalypse scenes he had seen in his memory were only one ten-thousandth of the actual situation.

    Height determines the field of view.

    For those zombies he could kill easily, the despair they saw before their death was undoubtedly only the tip of the real horror.

    “Base 1359, in other words, there are at least a thousand other bases like this.”

    “So, where are the other bases? Are they even still standing?”

    “What did the people of this world experience, are there even any survivors?”

    Lu Sheng had many doubts in his heart.

    About the origin of this world, about this dream, the mysterious Body Refining Technique and Breathing Method he was currently practising…

    He walked towards the massive city.

    He had a feeling that the truth was waiting for him ahead.

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