Chapter 18: Fallen Civilization!


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    Chapter 18: Fallen Civilization!

    Lu Sheng couldn’t find the city wall’s gate, but he found a wide hole, cracked from the top to the bottom of the wall, and approached it carefully.

    Just ten metres away from him, there were several zombies with terrifying strength.

    Lu Sheng experienced a strong sense of terror and numbness on his scalp as he got closer to them.

    Right now, he felt like a newbie that had just emerged from the beginner village and was wandering into the high-level monsters’ area.

    Any mob around him had the ability to kill him instantly.

    “The closer I get to the base, the stronger the zombies become. It’s hard to imagine what level of martial artist powerhouses these zombies were before they died to give me such a huge sense of danger…”

    Lu Sheng sighed in his heart.

    There was no consciousness nor perception, only some fighting instinct that remained in the body.

    Even in such a state they still gave him a strong sense of danger. 

    ‘These zombies were certainly unimaginably powerful masters before they died.’

    Lu Sheng carefully kept his distance from each zombie.

    After numerous experiments, he discovered that the safe distance between him and the zombies was about ten metres.

    As long as he doesn’t approach within ten metres of the zombies, he won’t be noticed and attract their agro.

    Lu Sheng approached the hole he was aiming for little by little, carefully avoiding the zombies roaming around.

    It was impossible to hide, so he picked up a stone from the ground and threw it into the distance to diverge the attention of the zombies.

    In this way, he was able to safely reach the foot of the target wall without any risk.

    Although the hole was large, it was still seven or eight metres above the ground.

    Fortunately, Lu Sheng now had the strength of a Level 1 Martial Artist, and a strong body, so with the help of the grooves and cracks in the wall he was able to easily climb to the hole.

    “I’m afraid this city wall is more than 20 metres thick, but it was still destroyed like this…”

    Sheng walked through the hole, his heart pounding.

    After coming all the way inside the wall, the scene of the city was presented in front of Lu Sheng’s eyes.

    The various tall buildings, streets, and designs all were vastly different from the real world in which Lu Sheng lived.

    There were many means of transportation scattered on the streets that Lu Sheng didn’t know of.

    Although most of these were now destroyed and dilapidated.

    Above the ruins shrouded in grey fog, Lu Sheng could still imagine how prosperous this city once was. 

    “This level of technological advancement far exceeds the world I live in now and even the world in my previous life…”

    Lu Sheng jumped down from the city wall and landed on a vehicle that resembled a rowboat, with smooth lines and a futuristic appearance.

    “This was probably a world with a highly advanced civilization, whether it was a technological civilization or martial arts civilization.”

    “No wonder the Body Refinement Technique and Breathing Method from the memories are so profound…”

    The world Lu Sheng was living in now, the development of Martial Arts had only been around for less than three hundred years.

    Many aspects were still in their Exploratory Stage.

    It was also mentioned in the history books that when martial arts were just emerging, the most powerful Martial Arts Experts in the world were only Level 5.

    But now, humans have numerous Level 7 Masters, Level 8 Grandmasters, and even Level 9 Martial Arts Saints.

    “Such a powerful civilization still fell under the claws of the foreign monsters, what about us…”

    Lu Sheng suddenly became a little worried.

    His real world was also fighting against the invasion of the foreign monsters.

    Even if more human Martial Art Powerhouses continue to emerge, the entire human civilization’s habitable space has been compressed and reduced.

    Something that was broadcasted on the news almost every day.

    “Still, getting here is a great opportunity for me…”

    “This world fell, but my world might not…”

    “I can get resources from this civilization, and in the future when I become stronger, I might be able to spread the advanced martial arts information from here…”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes became firm once again, and at the same time he felt the weight of heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

    The shock and impact of the devastated ruin of civilization was too much for him, as his mentality shifted as well.

    There were many zombies within the city walls, but their strength was generally low, and there were just a few “high-level monsters” on rare occasions.

    This could be easily explained.

    The city walls protected the vulnerable civilians, while those who were powerful mostly converged on the front lines of the battlefield.

    Lu Sheng’s exploration progressed a lot faster.

    He walked into a tall building.

    It was an ordinary residential building.

    Lu Sheng just found a random house and entered, but there was no one inside.

    The house was divided into multiple smaller rooms, but the overall space was very small.

    In the middle of the living room, there was a table with some dishes and tableware scattered on top.

    Lu Sheng imagined the family that was eating at that time, just before their end.

    Lu Sheng’s mood became inexplicably gloomy.

    There were no zombies inside the house, and according to Lu Sheng’s assumption, amid the terrifying black fog, ordinary people might’ve not even had the qualifications to transform into zombies.

    It was also possible that they did once turn into zombies, but due to being too weak, they decayed over time to the eroding effect of many long years.

    Lu Sheng entered a room and noticed something resembling a picture frame on the bedside table, but there were no pictures in it.

    He assumed it to be something akin to a digital picture gallery, so when the energy ran out, the picture in it disappeared.

    “The last one should be the kid’s room.”

    In the corner of the room, there was a single bed, a bookshelf, and a desk.

    Lu Sheng searched for things that could contain information.

    But, this world’s civilization was too advanced, books were entirely liberated from the restraints of paper, and he found nothing.

    At last, Lu Sheng discovered a palm-sized, lead-grey, less than half-centimetre-thick disc on the desk, with traces of some text.

    “Tian… Heng… Technology…”

    Lu Sheng wiped away the dust on the disc and recognized a few small letters engraved on the bottom of it.

    After reading those letters, Lu Sheng was shocked.

    How was he able to identify those words?!

    The language of this world’s fallen civilization… was the same as his real world!

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