Chapter 19: The Road to Extinction!


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    Chapter 19: The Road to Extinction!

    “A parallel universe? Or is there some connection between the two worlds…?”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes flashed, as if he had caught hold of something.

    He quickly picked up the disc and examined it closely.

    The disc’s surface was so smooth that no buttons were visible.

    Lu Sheng had no idea what the disc was, so he could only inspect it inch by inch.

    Soon after, he noticed a millimetre-deep groove in the centre of the disk.

    Lu Sheng held out his hand for comparison and discovered that the groove was exactly the size of his thumb.

    “A Fingerprint scanner?”

    Lu Sheng analysed it, and then carefully inserted his thumb into the groove.

    After waiting for a minute or so, Lu Sheng was just about to give up.

    Right then, he heard a “beep” sound, as the entire disc in his hand began to emit a faint blue light.

    The blue light was becoming increasingly bright, but it wasn’t blinding.

    With the emergence of the blue light, the dusty and lifeless room appeared to slowly become lively.

    [Welcome user, Tianheng Technology…]

    A soft feminine voice came from the disc.

    Then, the blue light from the disc began to gradually condense into the silhouette of a woman.

    “I can’t believe it actually worked!”

    Lu Sheng’s heart pounded with excitement.

    But the excitement didn’t last long, as the disc in his hand appeared to have consumed all of its energy and quickly dimmed.

    After a few seconds, it reverted to a cold metal disc.


    Lu Sheng exhaled, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.

    “Looks like there’s still some energy left in this city. If I’m lucky, maybe I can find more information about this world…”

    Lu Sheng picked up the disc and quickly walked out of the room.

    He began exploring door-to-door, and in the process found a few more discs in different colours and designs than the first one.

    Lu Sheng guessed that the discs were something similar to a computer, which was common in many households and was mostly found in the living room and bedroom.

    Lu Sheng gathered about a dozen similar discs and finally attempted to activate them one by one in a certain spot.

    Before his eyes, a faint blue light flashed on and off.

    The majority of the discs were depleted, while the rest were either damaged or prompted Lu Sheng that he lacked sufficient access permission.

    [Password required…]

    Lu Sheng felt a little hopeless.

    At last, things finally turned around as Lu Sheng picked up a silver-grey coloured disc.

    This disc was found by Lu Sheng in a box, and he hadn’t had time to unpack it.

    [Welcome, Tianheng Technology…]

    The blue light condensed into a hand-sized female figure, dressed in a pink outfit with perfect body proportions.

    Lu Sheng waited for a while and was relieved when there was no prompt, such as a [Password required] window popped up.

    “How do I use this?”

    Lu Sheng paused for a moment.

    But, almost immediately, the blue-light beauty in front of him smiled and said.

    [Users using Optical Brain for the first time can operate it according to the following instructions…]

    Fortunately, there was a tutorial for new users.

    Lu Sheng breathed a sigh of relief.

    Under the intelligent instruction of the Optical Brain, he quickly understood how to use it.

    “The next step is to gradually comprehend the course of this world…”

    Lu Sheng took a deep breath and, after some thought, gave a command.

    “Help me bring up information on news from the most recent date.”

    [Connecting to Skynet…]

    [Skynet connection failed.]

    [Connecting to Base 1359 civilian database…]

    [Connection successful.]

    In the next moment, a large amount of information flashed across Lu Sheng’s eyes.

    Wherever Lu Sheng’s eyes focused, the text in the corresponding position was enlarged and actively presented to him.

    “On June 21, 11024 Martial Calendar, Main Base No.2 successfully launched the 58th batch of life exploration spaceships, destination Lyra solar system…”

    “On July 12, 11024 Martial Calendar, Base 105 fell…”

    “On September 24, 11024 Martial Calendar, Lieutenant General Sun Changhe was promoted to level 10 Stellar Realm, becoming the 472nd level 10 Stellar Realm powerhouse in the history of the Global Martial Alliance. At present, the Martial Alliance has a total of 23 level 10 Stellar Realm powerhouses…”

    “On September 30, 11024 Martial Calendar, Base 114, 893 and 1022 fell, the Global Martial Union will hold the 274th Sectarian Conference at Main Base No.1…”

    “On October 3, 11024 Martial Calendar, Base 585, 697, and 1253 fell…”

    “November 19, 11024 Martial Calendar…”

    Lu Sheng quickly browsed through the information presented to him by the Optical Brain.

    All types of information continued to flood Lu Sheng’s brain.

    Level 10 powerhouse, planet immigration plan, sectarian conference…

    As Lu Sheng had predicted, the martial arts civilization of this world was far more advanced than the one he currently lived in, having progressed to level 9, 10, and even 11 of martial arts!

    Nonetheless, the majority of the information Lu Sheng received was news of martial arts bases failing one after the other.

    “The martial arts civilization in this world was magnificent, rising to unimaginable heights, but the enemies they faced were equally terrifying. Even Level 10 and Level 11 Martial Artists couldn’t keep the human race from falling under the claws of the foreign monsters…”

    “In the end, they even decided to abandon this planet and search for another habitable planet for humanity.”

    “But, based on the information…”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes lowered, and the blue-light information passing in front of him slowed as well.

    “Until the day Base 1359 fell, none of the exploration spaceships that were launched returned with any good news…”

    Lu Sheng mourned for them.

    What he saw in the cold news was the despair and grief of a glorious civilization on the road to extinction…

    Lu Sheng stopped reading the information and said, “Help me bring up world history.”

    [World history data is being retrieved…]

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