Chapter 2: Defense Team Zombies?


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    — — —

    Chapter 2: Defense Team Zombies?

    Lu Sheng closed the door to his room and let out a little sigh of relief.

    Only in this small room, that belonged to him alone, did he feel at ease. 

    The room was small, with a single bed and a desk in the corner. 

    In the center was a 2×1.5 black yoga mat, surrounded by dumbbells, grip strengtheners, sandbags and other workout equipment. 

    This was Lu Sheng’s martial arts practice and rest room. 

    Lu Sheng put down his school bag, took off his uniform and then sat down on the yoga mat. 

    The reason he returned immediately after school was, in fact, to do more practice; in order to make up for the decrease in his Blood Qi Value caused by the nightmares over the past two days.

    He was at an age where every part of his body was developing rapidly and his Blood Qi Value should be soaring. 

    Unless someone was severely injured or ill, it would be nearly impossible for their Blood Qi Value to decrease. 

    Thus, what happened to Lu Sheng was extremely serious and needed to be addressed immediately, so it could be controlled. 

    After calming himself down, Lu Sheng took a deep breath and silently recited in his mind, “The 13th set of radio exercise*, start!” 

    [*Warm-up exercise performed to music and guidance from radio broadcasts.]

    Then, Lu Sheng, with his body began to perform from one form after another. 

    These forms were somewhat similar to yoga, but they were also very much different from yoga, using gymnastics to describe them was rather fitting. 

    “The Global Martial Union’s 24th Form of Body Refining Technique is said to have been created by the masters of the Union based on ancient yoga, ancient martial arts, ancient jujitsu, etc. It’s most suitable for giving beginners in martial arts a foundation.”

    “The one I am practising now is the 13th modified and revised version, and its effects are several times better than the original version…” 

    Ever since the world changed drastically more than three hundred years ago, when a rift appeared in the sky and on the ground causing a large number of strange and terrifying monsters to emerge, the trajectory of the world’s development had changed completely. 

    After most of the thermal weapons failed to be effective in fighting the monsters, human beings began to look for new ways and methods to defend themselves. 

    Perhaps due to the emergence of monsters, faced with the tremendous threat of mass extinction, a certain genetic lock in the human body was broken, allowing individual strength to easily rise to a level that was previously unthinkable. 

    Thus martial arts began to rise.

    As martial arts began to develop at a rapid pace, advancing with each passing day.

    At present, it had become a social trend for everyone to practice martial arts and work hard to cultivate. 

    But even so, on the battlefield with the monsters fighting for habitable space, humans were still at an absolute disadvantage, with news of cities falling almost every day and the human population continuing to plummet. 

    “You were born in an era of chaos, you must shoulder the responsibilities of this era.”

    “You are practising martial arts for the sake of humanity’s rise, each and every one of you is a spark in the martial path…” 

    This is what the class teacher told Lu Sheng and the other students from time to time… 

    — — —


    Lu Sheng stopped moving his body and sat on the yoga mat to slowly regulate his breathing. 

    He performed the 24th form of the Body Refining Technique three times in a single breath, a thin layer of sweat emerged from his body, and his formerly pale face became a little more flushed. 

    ‘If the nightmares stop, one week should be enough to make up for the decrease in Blood Qi Value…’

    Lu Sheng thought quietly in his mind. 

    So far, Lu Sheng has not found the cause of his nightmares. 

    He used his phone to look up information on the internet. There are generally 4 causes of nightmares: Sleeping position, diet, illness and psychosis. 

    The first 3 factors could be ruled out. So, could it be due to the psychological stress caused by the approaching college entrance exams? 

    Lu Sheng wasn’t sure. 

    In theory, with two lifetimes of experience in college entrance exams, his mental capacity should be much better than that of a normal person. 

    But that didn’t seem to be the case.

    Lu Sheng relaxed while wandering wildly. 

    As he was thinking, drowsiness came in slowly like a tidal wave. 

    Lu Sheng unconsciously yawned, his eyelids drooped, and his body slowly slumped as he gradually fell asleep… 

    — — —

    Ashy sky, brown ground, a hint of grey mist spreading everywhere. 

    Depression, despair, desolate… 

    This was the first thing Lu Sheng saw upon waking up. 

    “It’s the same nightmare again…” 

    Lu Sheng felt completely helpless. 

    “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up…” 

    He tugged violently at his arms and face skin, trying to wake himself up from the nightmare, but to no avail. 

    Unless a certain time was reached, he would remain within the nightmare. 

    Ugh~ Ugh~ Ugh~ 

    A strange sound came to his ears as if someone was choking, accompanied by a rustling and dragging sound. 

    “Here it comes…” 

    A wail went through Lu Sheng’s head. 

    Very quickly, the grey mist not far on his left dispersed, and a tall, stiff humanoid figure appeared right in front of him. 

    The humanoid figure’s complexion was pale, the eye sockets were sunken, and there were no eyeballs, only a pair of empty holes. 

    There was a long slit on the face, which allowed him to clearly see the greyish white facial bones as well as the dark flesh and blood. 

    The humanoid figure was stiff and sluggish, wearing a uniform similar to the defence team’s uniform, but it was very filthy, covered in dirt. 

    Nearly identical to the zombies in movies that Lu Sheng had seen in his previous life.

    — — —

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