Chapter 20: Project Ember; 10,000 Years in the Future!


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    Chapter 20: Project Ember; 10,000 Years in the Future!

    [World history data retrieval successful…]

    Lu Sheng looked toward the new information that popped up.

    “In the first year of the Martial Calendar, the ground fractured and a large number of foreign monsters emerged from it in the northern part of the Ancient Eagle Kingdom, the southern and eastern part of the Ancient Lion Kingdom, and the western part of the Ancient Dragon Kingdom.”


    As he read the first line of the world’s history, Lu Sheng’s brain seemed to be struck by a heavy hammer, and the buzzing was incessant.

    Lu Sheng thought he misread it, so he came closer to read it again word by word.

    “In the year 34 of the Martial Calendar, the world’s first Inner Strength martial artist was born in the Ancient Dragon Kingdom, and in the same year the Global Martial Union was founded…”

    “In the year 42 of the Martial Calendar, the Martial Arts Classification System was established, and Mr. Yang Qianhe, Martial Arts Master of the Ancient Dragon Kingdom, became the Global Martial Alliance’s first level 5 Master…”

    “Year 104 of the Martial Calendar…”

    Lu Sheng sat on the ground in despair. He was always calm, and his joy and anger were nowhere to be seen. But, at this moment, his face was full of shock and disbelief.

    He looked through the first hundred years of this world’s history and discovered that they heavily overlapped with what he had learnt in history class.

    The time, the historical figures, the historical events… were exactly the same.

    The information from martial arts years 310 to 315 gave him the illusion that he was flipping through old newspapers in the present time.

    Lu Sheng finally had an unimaginable, incomprehensible conclusion-

    The dream world, and the real world he currently inhabited…

    Are exactly the same!

    The information he had just scanned through was not the history of some other world’s martial arts civilization from prosperity to extinction, rather…

    The future of his world!

    10,000 years in the future!

    “Martial Calendar 11024, that is to say, my current world will be completely destroyed in 10,000 years.”

    “Perish in the overwhelming black fog, perish in the endless wave of foreign monsters…”

    Lu Sheng’s face turned pale, and he was unable to accept the result.

    Just a minute ago, he expressed grief for the demise of this glorious civilization.

    A minute later, he discovered he was grieving for the future of his own civilization.

    “Not certainly… It might not be the same, it could be a coincidence, or it could be a parallel world…”

    Lu Sheng comforted himself and tried his best to calm down.

    He needed further information to confirm.

    Lu Sheng tried to zoom in on the world history and piece together clues with smaller clues.

    But this time, Optical Brain prompted.

    [Insufficient permissions, guest users cannot inquire.]

    Lu Sheng frowned slightly and said, “Generate a user.”

    [Please provide a genetic blood sample.]

    The Optical Brain of future technology actually required genetic blood samples to generate users, it was truly fascinating.

    Lu Sheng wasn’t sure whether it would work in the dream, but he bit his index finger and dripped a drop of blood on the groove in the center of the Optical Brain.

    After Lu Sheng dripped the blood drop, the Optical Brain fell silent for more than ten minutes.

    Just when Lu Sheng wondered if it had died, the Optical Brain finally made a sharp “beep!” sound.

    It wasn’t a prompt for new users being generated successfully, but-

    [The human genetic blood sample has been detected, project ‘Ember’ has been initiated…]

    [Connecting to Ember Database 1359…]

    [Connection successful.]

    [Permissions granted!]

    In the next moment, a large piece of information popped up in front of Lu Sheng.

    [Name: Lu Sheng]

    [Gender: Male]

    [Lifespan: June 297 – August 334, Martial Calendar]

    [Martial Arts Strength: Level 4 Martial Artist]

    [Authority: Level 2]


    At the top of the prompt was a picture of a person.

    In the picture was a handsome middle-aged man with a resolute face, which Lu Sheng was very familiar with.

    That man was Lu Sheng himself!

    Lu Sheng calmly continued to read below, all information about his life.

    “…Graduated from Baihe No.3 Middle School in Baihe City and entered Baihe Wuhan University that year ranked 1st in school and 23rd in Baihe City…”

    “Three years later, after graduating from Baihe Wuhan University, enlisted in the military region.”

    “After serving in the Southern Military Region…”

    “At the age of 37, died on the battlefields of the Southern Military Region in August 334.”


    “Highest military rank: Lieutenant General.”

    “Military Feats: First-class x1, Second-class x5, Third-class x12…”

    “No exceptional contribution.”


    “In other words, I will die at the age of 37, on the battlefield with foreign monsters, and I will only be a Level 4 Martial Artist till I die. Historical evaluation…”

    At the bottom of the profile there was a character historical evaluation, which was marked two-star.

    It directly corresponded to Lu Sheng’s level 2 authority in the Project Ember Database.

    Lu Sheng took a deep breath, his eyes became extremely complicated.

    It was difficult for him to accept that this was the future he was going to experience.

    Because the “Lu Sheng” in the database had exactly the same life trajectory as him until the age of 18.

    Even the sudden surge in strength less than 200 days before the college entrance exam was recorded.

    In the face of the heavy history, his sudden transformation from mediocre to genius wasn’t even a ripple.

    To be more accurate, even after the transformation, he was no “genius” in the large human race database.

    Because in the history of more than 10,000 years, there are so many geniuses who were a hundred times, a thousand times better than him, that it’s impossible even to count them.

    Leaving a name in history was done many times, but only a few are capable of doing so.

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