Chapter 21: My Future Will be Greater!


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    Chapter 21: My Future Will be Greater!

    Lu Sheng immediately checked all the people he was familiar with.

    As a result, except for his younger sister, Lu Qinghe’s one-star historical evaluation, no one could achieve one-star, with the majority achieving half-star or worse.

    Lu Sheng concluded that his two-star evaluation was due to his military feats after joining the military district, and his final sacrifice on the battlefield.

    After all, it could be regarded as contributing to the survival of human civilization.

    “It’s not exactly the same…”

    Lu Sheng muttered to himself, “According to this data, my score in the college entrance exam was: Blood Qi Value 2.012, Combat Power Index 257, Practical Combat Grade – A, and so on. Entering Baihe Wuhan University ranked 23rd in the city.”

    “If I ignore the Dream World and judge it solely by the rate at which I practice the Body Refinement Technique, Breathing Method, and the available resources, achieving this result after more than 200 days should be considered normal.”

    “However, if I consider my practice and progress in the dream world, then…”

    Lu Sheng’s eyes suddenly burst with two firm intense auras.

    “More than 200 days… more than 200 days of practice, more than 200 days of dreaming.”

    “I don’t believe my progress will be this slow.”

    “How could I, Lu Sheng, be ranked only 23rd in the city? My ranking should be in the entire country, my name should be known by more people…”

    “My future…”

    Lu Sheng clenched his fists fiercely, “Surely, it can’t be only that!”

    “Since it’s the future, it can be changed…”

    “My future can be changed, and so can the future of the human race. “

    “If the future human civilization is on the road to extinction, then I, Lu Sheng, must be the one to alter history and save the world!”

    Lu Sheng spoke calm and firmly as the words “Project Ember Database” flashed with a blue light on the Optical Brain screen.

    “I am the ember, I will definitely set ablaze!”

    [TL/N: So edgy I almost cut my fingers writing this…]

    The depression, uncertainty, and despair in Lu Sheng’s heart were all swept away at this moment, replaced with unprecedented determination and confidence.

    His attitude underwent a complete transformation, and his eyes were burning with passionate flames.

    The path of martial arts should be one of courage.

    If the future is destined to be dire, then life will definitely find a way even in that dire scenario!

    This was Lu Sheng’s belief.

    — — —

    “Why didn’t you put on your school uniform, Xiao Sheng? Do you not have to go to school today?”

    Zheng Yufen carried the breakfast bowls to the table and asked Lu Sheng with curiosity, who was sitting at the table for breakfast in a casual outfit.

    Lu Sheng picked up a meat bun and nodded, “Yes, the teacher said you can study on your own at home from now on”

    “There’s such a thing…?”

    Zheng Yufen murmured doubtfully, but at the same time, she was working multiple odd jobs and didn’t have the energy to give it much thought, so she didn’t ask any further questions.

    Next to him, Lu Qinghe was habitually about to say, “Why haven’t I heard anything about this new rule in No.3 Middle School?” but when she met Lu Sheng’s dark and deep eyes, she forcefully swallowed it back.

    [TL/N: She can swallow something else too, if you get what I mean. *wink* ]

    “This guy…”

    Lu Qinghe fiercely took a bite out of the bun in her hand.

    Recently, the changes in her brother, Lu Sheng, had become increasingly greater, and he was no longer mediocre and cowardly.

    Previously, she felt that Lu Sheng had gotten somewhat profound and mysterious.

    But today, Lu Sheng gave her the feeling of a mountain, a solid block of iron, a blazing fire…an ember!

    Even as she sat next to Lu Sheng, she felt an oppressive sensation as if she couldn’t breathe.

    The sensation was awful.

    Lu Qinghe’s abnormality wasn’t noticed by Lu Sheng. He quickly finished his breakfast before returning to his room to start practising the Body Refining Technique.

    After doing the Body Refining Technique for the fourth time, Lu Sheng’s phone rang with a call from an unfamiliar number.

    “Lu Sheng, your scholarship is here. Come to the school in the afternoon to receive it.”

    Unsurprisingly, the call was from Zhong Zhengguo.

    “Understood, Teacher Zhong.”

    “And why didn’t you come to class today, by the way? Didn’t I say that the school needs to hold a meeting to discuss your school schedule? Thankfully, I remembered not to call your parents and asked your classmates for your personal phone number instead.”

    “Teacher Zhong, I don’t have much time, so I can’t waste even a second.”


    Lu Sheng hung up the phone, not caring if Zhong Zhenguo on the other end of the call understood what he said.

    Since returning from the dream world last night, Lu Sheng’s mentality had completely changed.

    Prior to this, Lu Sheng had carefully concealed his strength, not daring to reveal it to too many people or to expose it in a crowded place.

    He considered numerous factors, and it was difficult to explain it to his family.

    But now, Lu Sheng no longer considered any of it.

    He only wanted to be more prominent and shock others.

    Only by demonstrating more talents can he receive more resources.

    He needed to climb to the top as fast as possible, and then find some ways to change the future.

    He couldn’t afford to waste even one moment.

    In addition, Lu Sheng also wanted to use this to confirm an idea in his mind.

    — — —

    Lu Sheng practised the Body Refining Technique coupled with the Breathing Method repeatedly.

    Over and over again.

    With the purpose of draining his energy as quickly as possible, producing a sense of exhaustion, and then entering the dream world.

    When Lu Sheng performed the Body Refining for the 27th time, he was so exhausted that he collapsed onto the ground, not wanting to move even a single finger.

    Drowsiness overtook him, and he gradually fell asleep.

    When he opened his eyes, he was in the exact position he had left the day before, with an Optical Brain in front of him.

    Lu Sheng skillfully activated the Optical Brain and gave a command.

    “Bring up all the cultivation methods, insights, and notes related to martial arts that I can inquire about within my authority…”

    [Search in progress…]

    Soon, a huge amount of information appeared in front of Lu Sheng’s eyes.

    Densely packed, all of them related to martial arts.

    It was too much.

    With the accumulation of more than 10,000 years, from the insight and wisdom of innumerable people, even if Lu Sheng’s authority was only level 2, the information that he could obtain was immense.

    Lu Sheng thought for a moment before continuing, “Filter the most suitable practices for Level 1 Martial Artists, and the most useful information.”

    [Filtering in progress…]

    All the information in front of Lu Sheng started to rapidly decrease, and finally, the information left in front of him…. was only three.

    — — —

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