Chapter 22: Supreme Cultivation Technique, Level 11!


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    Chapter 22: Supreme Cultivation Technique, Level 11!

    [Stellar Body Refining Technique (Introductory)

    Description: Created by Wang He, a level 11 powerhouse of the Martial Union, and incorporated into the Ember Project.]

    [Natural Breathing Method (Introductory)

    Description: Created by Yang Yizhou, a level 11 powerhouse of the Martial Union, and incorporated into the Ember Project.]

    [Crystal Contemplation Technique (Introductory).

    Description: Created by Duan Yifeng, a level 11 powerhouse of the Martial Union, and incorporated into the Ember Project.]

    The three techniques, each greater than the last, with the creators named after the techniques, made Lu Sheng’s eyes leap.

    Level 11! Level 11! Level 11! 

    In the current world, the most powerful martial artists were only level 9, while presented in front of Lu Sheng was the entire legacy of three level 11 powerhouses!

    Although they were only at the Introductory level, their value was still indescribable.

    Lu Sheng noticed that these three techniques were tagged with the words – incorporated into the Ember Project.

    Recalling the prompt [The Ember Project has been initiated] when he opened the database yesterday, Lu Sheng seemingly understood what the “Ember Project” meant.

    “The powerhouses of the future Martial Union probably had long predicted humanity’s fate.”

    “And as they couldn’t do anything else, they preserved the essence of what they had learned throughout their entire lives.”

    “Expecting their descendants to continue this legacy…”

    “Unfortunately, they could’ve never thought that it wouldn’t be their descendants who’d pick up this legacy, but instead, it’d be their ancestors,” Lu Sheng sighed.

    Lu Sheng looked at the three techniques, and thought for a while, before saying, “Inquire about the following techniques.”

    [Insufficient authority, query failed. Please increase access authority.]

    “Sure enough…”

    The Ember Database was an unquestionable treasure trove.

    However, it seemed there were some requirements for opening this treasure trove.

    The requirement was sufficient access authority, which was directly linked to the user’s strength, achievement, fame, contribution, and so on.

    Lu Sheng didn’t continue trying, instead turning his attention to reading the three techniques in front of him.

    Martial arts techniques of Level 11 top powerhouses; Lu Sheng read them word by word, afraid to miss a single one.

    Soon, he finished reading all three techniques.

    Lu Sheng’s eyes were filled with shock.

    Although he hadn’t begun formally practising yet, the wonderful and majestic, heavenly concepts in the techniques had already astonished him.

    “The [Stellar Body Refining Technique] transforms the human body into a miniature universe, when practised to its core, the density of the martial artist’s physical body will reach a terrifying stage. With unfathomable strength and defence, Blood Qi will surge like the sun, appearing majestic like the universe.”

    “The [Natural Breathing Method], when practised in combination with any martial arts technique, will allow the technique’s progress to skyrocket! Furthermore, the [Natural Breathing Method] can assist martial artists to enter a state of heavenly unification, which contains unparalleled benefits for growth in the martial arts realm.”

    “The [Crystal Contemplation Technique], purifies the mind and strengthens the will, involves the most mysterious part of spiritual power in martial arts practice.”

    The focus of these three techniques differed, but they were all chosen by the Optical Brain and were most suited for level 1 martial artists to build their foundation – the Introductory level.

    Lu Sheng couldn’t wait to try them out.

    Although the results of practice in the dream world couldn’t be brought into reality. However, becoming acquainted with the technique in the dream world will help hasten the progress in reality.

    Lu Sheng first practised [Stellar Body Refining Technique] and [Natural Breathing Method].

    Even at the introductory level, the grades of these two techniques were too high, and without the aid of memory proficiency, they would leave Lu Sheng’s, a Level 1 Martial Artist, foundation exhausted for half a day before he could even begin.

    The moment Lu Sheng performed the last movement of the [Stellar Body Refining Technique], his entire body trembled as if he had received an electric shock.

    Like a surging tide, the incomparably intense pain and numbness quickly spread to every part of Lu Sheng’s body.

    Even the muscles and meridians located at the tip of the pinky finger were shocked and tempered.

    The pain lasted for more than half an hour before gradually diminishing, followed by an unparalleled sense of relief.

    Lu Sheng was so immersed in the intense pleasure of practice that his soul seemed to be leaving his body.

    If the [Body Refining Technique] he had previously practised had an effect of 1, then the [Stellar Body Refining Technique] in combination with the [Natural Breathing Method] had an effect of 1,000 or even higher.

    And his first technique, promoted by the Martial Union, the ‘24 basic Body Refining Techniques’ effect would be completely negligible.

    Not any different from aerobic gymnastics.

    After practising just once, Lu Sheng collapsed on the ground, completely unable to move.

    Taking advantage of this time, Lu Sheng began trying to practice the [Crystal Contemplation Technique].

    The concept of the [Crystal Contemplation Technique] was both wonderful and mysterious.

    The practitioner’s initial step would be to visualize a human figure carved entirely out of crystal in their mind.

    The crystal human figure must be full of impurities at first, then, with each breath, little by little, all impurities would be removed, until it’s completely pure.

    Although Lu Sheng couldn’t fully comprehend the concepts and effects taught by [Crystal Contemplation Technique].

    Nevertheless, he also knew the significance of spiritual will in martial arts practice.

    A martial artist with a strong will and no distracting thoughts will far exceed a martial artist with a weak will and many desires, both in terms of combat power and practice speed.

    As a result, there have always been a lot of ascetics in the martial arts world.

    However, while the [Crystal Contemplation Technique] was magical, the difficulty of practice was also very high.

    Even with the assistance of the Optical Brain, which constructed a three-dimensional crystal human figure in front of Lu Sheng, he was still unable to visualize a crystal human figure in his own mind.

    It could only be done gradually in the future.

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