Chapter 23: Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction!


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    — — —

    Chapter 23: Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction!

    It took Lu Sheng a long time to recover from the exhaustion of practising the [Stellar Body Refining Technique] for the first time.

    This could be regarded as the most exhausting moment he had ever experienced in the dream world.

    After barely recovering some of his strength, Lu Sheng gave an order to Optical Brain again.

    “Bring up the most suitable pills for Level 1 Martial Artists to replenish their Blood Qi…”

    [Serch in progress…]


    A large amount of information appeared in front of Lu Sheng once again.

    “Filters, 300 years of martial arts, attainable medicinal formula…”

    [Filtering in progress…]

    The information rapidly decreased.

    Soon, a handful of contents were presented in front of Lu Sheng.

    In addition to the formula of each pill, the appearance, current name, and former name of each herb were all listed one by one in these contents, saving Lu Sheng a lot of time.

    Lu Sheng wrote down all of the formulas one by one before choosing to wake up.

    — — —

    “It stinks…”

    As soon as Lu Sheng woke up, he smelled a strong fishy odour.

    He hurriedly got up and found himself covered in a layer of black and greasy sludge all over his body.

    The stench was being emitted from this sludge.

    “It’s because of [Stellar Body Refining Technique] and the [Natural Breathing Method], although I only practised them in the dream world, some of the effects were still transmitted to reality…”

    Like a regular person dreaming about something sad and actually waking up crying in reality.

    Or dreaming of something extremely terrifying resulting in anxious twitching in reality.

    This is the brain’s instinctive response to stimulate the muscles.

    With just muscle instinct producing such an extreme effect, Lu Sheng felt that he had still underestimated the overlapping effect of the [Stellar Body Refining Technique] and the [Natural Breathing Method].

    After figuring out the cause, Lu Sheng hurriedly went to take a shower.

    “The Blood Qi Value should have increased again; I’m just not sure by how much…”

    Lu Sheng walked out of the bathroom with wet hair, and looked up at the wall clock, “It’s almost time to go to school.”

    — — —

    “Next time, at least greet me first.”

    Zhong Zhengguo handed Lu Sheng a bank card[1] and reprimanded him with some dissatisfaction.

    [1: A debit card or cash card.]

    “Understood, Teacher Zhong.”

    Zhong Zhengguo opened his mouth to speak further, but when he saw Lu Sheng’s face as calm as water, he closed it again.

    “Go, go, and come to school at least once a week from now on.”

    Zhong Zhengguo helplessly waved his hand.


    Lu Sheng took the bank card, turned around, and left.

    Zhong Zhengguo had an inexplicable feeling in his heart as he stared at Lu Sheng’s departing back.

    It was a very strange feeling, hard to describe.

    If it had to be described, it would be;

    The original Lu Sheng, Zhong Zhengguo, was able to see right through him.

    However, the current Lu Sheng, Zhong Zhengguo, wasn’t able to see through him at all.

    And this change occurred in the middle of one day.

    Zhong Zhengguo shook his head.

    ‘It’s not something I can figure out right now, I should stop thinking about it.’

    — — —

    “Finally, I have some money…”

    Lu Sheng walked out of Zhong Zhengguo’s office, and for the first time, his heart felt a little lighter.

    Of course, the money couldn’t be spent immediately on supplements; that would be a waste.

    “Buying materials and combining them myself will be the most efficient way to use this money.”

    Lu Sheng had just searched the Ember Database for a number of pill formulas, which could now come in handy.

    However, even though the Optical Brain filtered out various formulas that could be attained in his era, determining which type was best suitable for the current Lu Sheng required further filtering.

    The primary filtering condition for this step was money.

    Lu Sheng went straight to an Internet cafe near the school and searched online.

    Zhong Zhengguo would definitely vomit blood from anger if he saw his most valued student turn around and go into an Internet cafe after negotiating with him on the condition of free rein during school hours.

    He swiftly registered and logged onto a computer.

    The Internet cafe was filled with smoke, Lu Sheng casually took a seat.

    On his left and right, several teens were playing games.

    They appeared to be about his age, with colourful hair and tattoos on their arms.

    After seeing Lu Sheng sit down and turn on the computer to search for information, the teens glanced at him and sneered.

    Lu Sheng ignored them and looked up the information one by one with the formulas in his mind.

    Mainly to check the price of the materials.

    Then, by calculating the cost of each formula he’d choose the best one based on cost-effectiveness.

    Soon, Lu Sheng found two that were suitable for him.

    Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction, and Marrow Nourishing pill!

    The materials for these two pills were widely available on the market, and the price was also reasonable, something Lu Sheng could afford.

    Among them, the effect of the Marrow Nourishing pills was a little better, but Lu Sheng saw that one of the herbs needed to be freshly harvested and used within a few hours for it to be effective.

    And that herb didn’t grow in Baihe City.

    “Then I’ll choose the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction, since the preparation for it is also relatively simple, it’s ideal for a novice like me…”

    Lu Sheng made up his mind.

    There was only one problem left for him to consider.

    “Now, where can I prepare the decoction?”

    — — —

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