Chapter 24: Xingshan Hall!


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    Chapter 24: Xingshan Hall!

    “Even making a simple decoction requires professional tools, and the slightest changes in temperature or dosage will significantly worsen the effect…”

    “It’s unrealistic for me to buy them myself, and the money I have on hand is also not enough.”

    “It will be better to rent it from somewhere else.”

    Lu Sheng was a little distressed.

    A place where they prepare medicines; a drug research institute, a large pharmacy, or a pharmaceutical company should have it.

    But the question is, why would anyone rent it to him?

    How can they just let anybody in, let alone rent out an important facility such as the compounding room, that holds commercial secrets of many pharmaceutical companies?

    “Forget it; let’s first purchase all the herbs required to make the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction, and then I’ll think of a way.”

    — — —

    “Are you joking, sir? This is absolutely impossible.”

    Seeing that the face of the pharmacist in front of him turn dark, Lu Sheng quickly stood up and left.

    “The seventh store… sure enough, this isn’t realistic…”

    Lu Sheng sighed softly as he walked out of the pharmacy, with a look of hopelessness on his face.

    He had already bought all of the herbs required to make the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction, even buying several extras.

    Because the money in the card Zhong Zhenguo gave him wasn’t 30,000, but a whopping 80,000!

    The extra 50,000 was most likely Zhong Zhenguo’s personal sponsorship.

    However, the process of renting a compounding room was far from smooth. Lu Sheng visited seven pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, all of which turned him down.

    “This is the last one, if it doesn’t succeed this time, I can only buy some cheap equipment online and try…”

    Lu Sheng thought to himself as he stared at the eighth pharmacy that appeared in his field of vision.

    In front of the pharmacy was a signboard that read “Xingshan Hall.”

    Such a store name was uncommon in Baihe City.

    Lu Sheng fixed his clothes and walked in.

    The pharmacy wasn’t large, but there were some medicine cabinets on display. A young man in a white coat was laying on the counter, playing with his phone.

    Hearing the sound of Lu Sheng entering the door, the young man raised his head and looked at him, then quickly lowered his head again.

    “What do you want to buy, look around by yourself, come back to me when you want to check out.”

    He added suddenly, as if he remembered something, “don’t think of taking things and running, there’s surveillance, and the cameras are quite clear.”

    After speaking, the young man returned his attention to his phone.

    Lu Sheng’s eyes narrowed.

    The store’s business didn’t seem to be booming.

    No matter which pharmacy Lu Sheng went to before, no matter how rude the receptionist was, they would immediately ask him what he needed.

    The receptionist in this store, on the other hand, simply ignored him, clearly not interested in doing business.

    How can such a shop be successful?

    Of course, whether the store’s business was successful or not had nothing to do with Lu Sheng.

    Lu Sheng approached the counter, reached out, and snatched the phone from the young man’s hands.

    “You wanna die?!”

    The young man’s gaze shifted away from the phone screen, as he was on the verge of becoming enraged.

    But as soon as he looked Lu Sheng in the eyes and felt the overwhelming aura emanating from him, he softened up again in an instant.

    “You… what do you want?”

    The young man quickly took two steps back, looked at Lu Sheng with fear, and occasionally glanced at the phone in Lu Sheng’s hand.

    Lu Sheng calmly said, “I have something to ask you. Does your pharmacy have its own medicine compounding room?”

    “What about it? So what if there isn’t? Are you not here to buy medicine?”

    The young man responded quickly.

    “If there is, I would like to discuss business with you,” Lu Sheng replied casually as he extended out his finger and lightly tapped on the glass counter.

    — — —

    [Five minutes later.]

    Lu Sheng followed the young man to the door of a room behind the pharmacy.

    The young man’s expression appeared a little nervous, and he repeatedly confirmed with Lu Sheng, “Okay, 200 yuan per hour, less than one hour will still count as one hour, at most you can use it for three hours, after three hours…”

    “Also, you have to pay 200 yuan for the first hour in advance.”


    Lu Sheng casually took out 200 yuan and handed it to the young man.

    The young man’s eyes lit up. He immediately stuffed the money into his pocket after receiving it, then took out a key, opened the door, and told Lu Sheng, “Okay, enter quickly. Be careful not to break anything, or you will need to compensate accordingly. “

    “I know.”

    Lu Sheng entered the room without hesitation.

    The young man returned to the store quickly, pretending to be nonchalant, but his expression was filled with delight that he couldn’t hide.

    ‘What a great deal, isn’t this getting money for nothing? I just need to go back and delete the surveillance footage…’

    Lu Sheng looked around the room, satisfied with what he saw.

    The compounding room wasn’t big, but it had all the tools he needed to get started.

    The pharmacists of Xingshan Hall clearly took good care of these tools and used them frequently; all of the tools were spotless and very clean.

    Lu Sheng didn’t waste time.

    The young man who agreed to rent him the compounding room clearly had little say in the matter and was very sneaky.

    He needed to complete his objective as fast as possible to prevent the people from the Xingshan Hall from returning and adding to the trouble.

    “Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction…”

    Lu Sheng put on a white pharmacist coat, and a mask, and began processing the medicinal materials one by one according to the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction formula.

    This was the most difficult and important step in contrast to the final mix.

    Fortunately, making Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction wasn’t difficult; the process was similar to that of regular chemical experiments, albeit a little more time-consuming.

    Gurgle~ Gurgle~ Gurgle~~

    Lu Sheng carefully poured the boiled medicinal decoction into a flask.

    “I didn’t expect things to go so well on the first try…”

    Lu Sheng watched the medicinal decoction in the flask gradually cool down, revealing a beautiful pale green colour, and felt a little excited in his heart.

    However, whether it was a success or not could only be determined by tasting and feeling its effect.

    — — —

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