Chapter 25: He Lingsu!


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    — — —

    Chapter 25: He Lingsu!

    Lu Sheng removed his mask and poured the entire medicinal decoction in the flask into his mouth.

    The medicinal decoction entered his throat and quickly flowed into his stomach.

    Lu Sheng didn’t even taste it.

    He stood there for a few seconds, silently waiting.

    Soon, a heat current flowed out of his body and spread throughout his body within a few breaths.

    Every muscle cell in Sheng Lu’s body was greedily absorbing the heat current.

    It was similar to dry land suddenly being watered, or a sponge that had been left out in the sun being tossed into the water…

    A white gas streamed out of Lu Sheng’s skin, and the Blood Qi in his body started surging, and his entire body felt as if it was being rapidly filled.

    After ten minutes, the feeling slowly diminished and eventually went away.

    Lu Sheng stared brightly at the flask in his hand.

    He knew that he had succeeded.

    The effect of Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction was even better than he had expected, nearly ten times better than the Blood Nourishing Pill he had consumed before.

    And the cost of making it was less than twice that of the Blood Nourishing Pill.

    Lu Sheng also felt that his skin had become slightly tighter.

    This was stated in the formula.

    Since Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction was called such, it naturally had more than just one effect of invigorating blood.

    While invigorating the blood, it can also enhance the person’s skin density, reduce pores, whiten and moisturize the skin, and have other additional effects.

    “The formula from the future is awesome, Even a bit of wisdom from 10,000 years can easily cause chaos in the present.”

    Lu Sheng couldn’t help but sigh.

    The effect of the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction he just consumed hadn’t been completely absorbed, and there was still some of it in his body that had to be stimulated by performing the Stellar Body Refining Technique.

    Of course not right now; the most urgent task was to quickly combine all of the medicinal herbs on hand.

    With one successful experience, Lu Sheng’s following compoundings went exceptionally smoothly.

    — — —

    Knock! Knock! Knock!!

    Lu Sheng opened the door with a blank expression on his face.

    “Didn’t I say not to disturb me in the middle?”

    “Our boss will be back soon; you have to leave quickly!”

    The young man at the door looked nervous and continued to persuade.

    Lu Sheng’s expression froze, and he didn’t say anything to him. He immediately cleaned up the compounding room, took the prepared medicine, and walked out.

    Although the time was much earlier than what he had paid for, the good thing was that the twelve portions of Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction were prepared, which could be considered a complete success.

    Lu Sheng gave another 200 yuan to the young man and then left the Xingshan Hall.

    Before leaving, the young man specifically gave Lu Sheng his phone number, stating that the next time he needed to contact him, he could do so directly, seemingly with the intention to develop a long-term business.

    Lu Sheng walked steadily and fast while carrying twelve copies of the Muscle and Blood Invigorating Decoction.

    Now that he had Blood Qi supplements, he only wanted to improve his cultivation properly.

    — — —

    He Lingsu dragged her tired body out of the car.

    He Lingsu was just twenty years old, with a delicate figure and a pretty face. She should have been the age to enjoy life to the fullest, like a flower, but she took up the family’s burden very early.

    During the time period, the He family made a living from pharmaceuticals, and her ancestors even had a famous level 5 pharmacy in Baihe City, but when it was passed down to her father’s generation, he slipped out of the way.

    The He family was still prosperous in He Lingsu’s grandfather’s generation. The Xingshan Hall’s branches spread over several provinces, with a total of more than 100 branches.

    However, now, only two branches still remain in the entire Baihe City.

    “Martial arts are developing rapidly, and the pharmaceutical industry tied to martial arts is also changing by the day. Every day, new and improved medicine formulas are developed, while the old ones are discarded and thrown out.”

    “The reason my He Family has declined to this point is because it’s too conservative and old-fashioned, following the old rules and not thinking about progressing…”

    “I can’t even think about it. Can martial arts pills that were popular a hundred years ago still sell well today? Many people couldn’t even afford a pair of Blood Nourishing Pills for a month’s salary at that time.”

    “The only way to solve my He Family’s current predicament is to develop new ideas.”

    He Lingsu has been doing the same thing.

    During this time, she had been searching for new martial arts pills as a way to save the He family’s business.

    However, half a year down the line with little success.

    Yesterday, she had heard that an old pharmacist in the neighbouring city had created a new pill, so she rushed over there without delay.

    As a result, halfway through in the car, she received a phone call from the other side, telling her not to come, that a good partner had already been selected for the new pill.

    He Lingsu returned empty-handed.

    “Miss He, you’re back…”

    The young man with the white coat greeted her as soon as she walked through the door.

    He Lingsu was upset and didn’t have time to pay attention to him, so she simply nodded coldly.

    She had taken over the family pharmacy for a long while now, and she naturally knew exactly what the personal behaviour of the two store employees was like.

    This receptionist named Ma Fei was lazy, frequently left work, and occasionally stole pills from the store and sold them. She had warned him several times but he refused to change.

    If it weren’t for the fact that she hadn’t found a suitable replacement, she would have made him pack up and leave a long time ago.

    “So pretty, if only she was my girlfriend…”

    Ma Fei continued to stare at He Lingsu’s back until she disappeared from his field of vision; only then did he reluctantly withdraw his gaze.

    He Lingsu had always been the goddess of Ma Fei’s dreams.

    The reason Ma Fei stayed at Xingshan Hall and refused to leave was because he fantasized how nice it would be to be fancied by He Lingsu one day.

    Although Xingshan Hall’s current business wasn’t very good. After all, a lean camel is bigger than a horse[1]. He also counted love and career as a double harvest and felt as if he already reached the peak of his life.

    [1: Meaning: The gap between a rich person and a poor person. Even if the rich one suffers property damage, the rest of their possessions will still be much greater than the poor’s.]

    Although the possibility of this was smaller than the chance of winning the lottery. But, what if?

    It’s difficult to guess the taste of a rich eldest lady.

    Isn’t that how all those urban YY[2] novels go? An ordinary poor boy…

    [2: Harem novels]

    Ma Fei was lying on the counter, aroused, when He Lingsu’s figure suddenly reappeared in front of his eyes.

    [TL/N: This dude is down tremendous, smh, could never be me]

    “He… Miss He!”

    Ma Fei stood up with a jolt and wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth with his sleeve.

    At this moment, He Lingsu’s pretty face had completely frozen into ice, and her expression was extremely unhappy.

    “Did you sneak someone into my medicine compounding room?!”

    — — —

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