Chapter 3: Memories Resembling Apocalypse Movies!


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    Chapter 3: Memories Resembling Apocalypse Movies!


    It was Lu Sheng’s brain’s first response. 

    He had done the same thing before. 

    The zombie’s speed was very slow, and it was unable to catch up with him. 

    Previously, Lu Sheng simply lost consciousness every time he tried running away, and then woke up. 

    However, this time, Lu Sheng decided to do something different. 

    “I won’t run anymore…” 

    Lu Sheng rather patronizingly rolled up his sleeves. 

    It’s a dream anyway, it doesn’t matter even if I get bit, I might be able to wake up faster if I die in the dream…’ 

    Thinking, Lu Sheng took the initiative and took a big step towards the zombie. 

    “Although my grades in school aren’t that great, at least my Blood Qi Value is 0.8, both my strength and speed should be above average adult male from my previous life. How can I be afraid of a mere zombie?” 

    According to the Global Martial Arts Union standard, Blood Qi Value of a level 1 martial artist is 1.5, and Combat Power Index 150, Lu Sheng can now be considered almost a half-standard martial artist. 

    Although Lu Sheng’s performance in the practical combat class was poor and he only knew a few simple fighting techniques, it didn’t affect his current momentum in the slightest. 

    “Wind-Spirit Kick!” 

    Lu Sheng shouted the name of a technique he had read in a novel in his previous life, and accelerated his running speed for a moment, then kicked the tall zombie in the chest. 

    The tall zombie stumbled back several steps, its clumsy body became unstable under the huge impact and fell to the ground on its back. 

    A clear 41.5-size shoe print was left on its uniform. 

    “Looks like that’s it….” 

    With the kick landed, Lu Sheng’s confidence increased instantly. 

    He saw the tall zombie in the uniform struggling to get up again and immediately went up to finish the job. 

    Lu Sheng punched the tall zombie in the face twice with his bare fists. 

    His fists felt like it smashed into a dry coconut shell, and the back of Lu Sheng’s hand started to hurt. 

    Lu Sheng grimaced while looking around for tools that he could use. 

    Soon he found a stone the size of a watermelon a few meters away. 

    Lu Sheng grabbed the stone and aimed it at the tall zombie’s head. 

    “In movies, the zombie’s head is always the weak spot, this should work…” 

    Lu Sheng mumbled under his breath, and his hands stretched hard. 


    The crisp sound of a nose bone breaking. 

    The watermelon-sized stone was lodged into the face of the tall zombie, and the tall zombie’s body twitched twice before it went completely motionless. 

    “It’s done…” 

    Lu Sheng confirmed that the tall zombie was completely dead, and only then sat down on his butt and took a deep breath. 

    Needless to say, this dream was very vivid. 

    Lu Sheng could even hear the sound of his heart beating violently. 

    “Still not waking up…” 

    Lu Sheng muttered and was about to stand up. 

    Just then, he watched the tall zombie in front of him crumble like rubble, weathering and disappearing in just a few seconds. 

    And there were wisps of black threads of smoke steaming out from within the weathered corpse of the tall zombie, viciously scurrying into Lu Sheng’s chest like arrows. 


    Lu Sheng was stunned. Before he could even react, he felt a hot stream emanating from his chest, along with a large number of fragmented memories, like a movie screen, rapidly crossing through his mind. 

    [- What do you want to do after graduation? 

    – Join the base defense team. 

    – I heard that the defense team training is very tough and dangerous. 

    – It’s fine, it has always been my dream. (Laughs)

    – From now on, you’ll be a member of the 1359th base defense team,  No. YH48549. 

    – Yes, sir! I will not let you down! (Excited) 

    – Breathing Techniques, and Body Refining Techniques; these two things that you’ve been taught, practice them when you eat, when you sleep, and even when you go to the toilet! If you get stronger, you’ll have more chances to survive when you encounter the foreign monsters. 

    – Understood, sir! 

    – Team 2! Team 2! Team 3… damnit, where is everyone? Are they all dead? Stop! Who are you? 

    – No. YH48549. Sir! 

    – What are you doing here? What team are you from? 

    – Reporting sir, team 7. 

    – At once! Send your captain to see me! 

    – Reporting… sir, the captain and his men… they’re all dead. I’m the only one left in team 7. (Silence) 

    – …] 

    [- Base entrance, breached… 

    – Foreign monsters, there’s foreign monsters everywhere! 

    – Dark fog.] 

    [- That’s… what…] 

    Lu Sheng slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with deep sorrow. 

    It was as if he had just watched a long movie. 

    The main character was a tall, handsome teenager. 

    The first half of the movie seemed dull and boring, essentially a teenager’s painstaking training scenes. 

    However, the second half of the movie turned heavy. 

    One battle after another. 

    Each battle brought forth blood and death. 

    One by one, the companions around the teenager diminished. 

    The sky was always gray; sadness and pain filled every corner of the memory. 

    Finally, the scene was fixed on a city’s broken walls, the sky was filled with terrifying foreign monsters and swept over by a vast layer of dark fog. 

    That world was about to be engulfed in darkness, before the despair and depression, even Lu Sheng couldn’t help but be moved. 

    “What the hell did this guy go through before his death?” 

    Lu Sheng muttered to himself. 

    Without a doubt, the memory he had just seen was of the tall zombie he  just had killed, from before it had died. 

    And this memory was almost like an apocalyptic movie.

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