Chapter 4: Inherited, Combat Skills!


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    Chapter 4: Inherited, Combat Skills!

    “Why did I get his memories even though I killed him… ? Is it because it’s in a dream?” 

    Many doubts arose in Lu Sheng’s mind. 

    Unfortunately, there was no one to answer his questions, he could only find the answer to everything by himself. 

    Lu Sheng collected his thoughts and started walking in the barren wilderness. 

    Soon, a few more wandering zombies appeared before Lu Sheng’s eyes. 

    These zombies were wearing dirty and tattered straps, one of them was wearing a yellow helmet on its head, which looked a lot worse than the previous uniform zombies. 

    This time Lu Sheng wasn’t afraid and charged towards the zombie wearing the yellow helmet. 


    A forward dash plus an arm twist, Lu Sheng simply snapped the opponent’s neck. 

    Looking at the head of the zombie that rolled to his feet like a worn football, Lu Sheng froze for a moment. 

    He looked at his hands, feeling disbelieved. 

    “When did I become… so strong?” 

    Lu Sheng recalled the chain of movements he had just performed. 

    As if he had already used it countless times in real battles, it was almost instinctive and he just did it subconsciously. 

    That kind of precision and ruthlessness was a realm he didn’t even dare to think about before. 

    “Could it be because I absorbed the memories of that uniform zombie…?” 

    Lu Sheng was trying to analyze. 

    The uniform zombie seemed to be a combatant at a base called Base 1359 before he died, although his strength wasn’t exactly strong, he had experienced many battles and had extensive experience in real combat. 

    Lu Sheng absorbed his memories, naturally also inherited a portion of his skills. 

    “It’s almost unbelievable…” 

    Lu Sheng couldn’t help but sigh, “To obtain someone else’s lifelong experience with such ease, if only this wasn’t a dream…” 

    Just because it was a dream, whatever unimaginable things happened seemed ordinary. 

    To put it bluntly, Lu Sheng had clearly realized that he was dreaming, but he just couldn’t wake up. 

    At that moment, the zombie Lu Sheng had just killed in one move also began to weather, the same black thread of smoke emerged from its body penetrating into Lu Sheng. 

    Lu Sheng hurriedly absorbed a part of its memory. 

    This time the memories left Lu Sheng a little disappointed. 

    The helmet zombie was just an ordinary plumber before he died, the memories that interested Lu Sheng were few if any. 

    The only thing of value from the memories of the helmet zombie was probably that he and the uniform zombie had supposedly come from the same place – Base 1359. 

    “Looks like I need to find this Base 1359, maybe there I can find the answer to the truth behind this dream…” 

    Lu Sheng thought to himself. 

    He was now completely treating this dream as an Open World RPG type game. 

    Hunting the zombies roaming around the wilderness would provide him with the necessary experience to “upgrade” and the clues to proceed to the next step. 

    As for what the clues point to, Lu Sheng had no idea nor did he care. 

    He was simply killing time to make this nightmare a little more interesting and less torturous. 

    “If I want to upgrade more quickly, I will have to find combat class zombies to hunt, their memories will be of more use to me…”

    “And as for how to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants, looking at their clothes will do the trick…” 

    Lu Sheng cleared his mind and quickened his pace, then began to pick his hunting targets selectively. 

    Lu Sheng ran through the wilderness for a while and soon encountered the same combatant zombies as the first zombie he had killed, wearing a similar uniform as the defense team. 

    Since he didn’t care about getting injured or even dying, Lu Sheng charged towards the zombie without any concerns. 

    This zombie looked a little more advanced than the first one with a weapon in its hand. 

    A meter long rusty iron rod, the tip was cracked, and it wasn’t possible to tell exactly what kind of weapon it was. 


    The zombie saw Lu Sheng and immediately let out an unpleasant growl, before slowly lifting the iron rod in his hand to strike at Lu Sheng. 

    Lu Sheng dodged the strike with a nimble duck, then closed in on the other side and stabbed the opponent in the throat with a fierce elbow strike. 


    A clear crunch of the neck breaking was heard. 

    The head of the iron rod zombie snapped backwards at a weird angle, and Lu Sheng knocked it down with a single punch, then he grabbed the iron rod from his opponent’s hand and quickly stabbed it in the head. 

    Once! Twice! 

    As the iron rod zombie’s body began to weather, it signaled that the battle had ended. 

    A black thread of smoke penetrated into Lu Sheng’s body. 

    “Base… falling… dead… doomsday… ember…” 

    Lu Sheng slowly opened his eyes. 

    This time, the memory absorption provided him with a large amount of skills and experience about the weapon – spear, but other than that it was quite confusing. 

    Lu Sheng guessed that this guy had probably gone insane before he died. 

    From time to time, the images he saw flashed all kinds of strange-looking monsters, and the memories were drenched in a strong sense of despair and depression. 

    “Let’s keep moving…” 

    Lu Sheng sorted out the memories and picked up the weapon he just obtained; an iron rod, to be precise it was a broken spear, and prepared to continue exploring. 

    But at that moment, a muffled sound rang in his ears. 

    Bang! Bang! Bang- 

    With that sound, everything around Lu Sheng started to turn illusory and erratic. 

    — — —

    The sound of a door slamming violently woke up Lu Sheng. 

    He struggled to open his eyes as he slowly got up from his yoga mat. 

    Then he heard a clear and cold female voice come in from outside the door. 

    “Dinner is ready! How long are you going to stay cooped up in your room…” 

    — — —

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