Chapter 5: Lu Qinghe, Big Appetite!


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    Chapter 5: Lu Qinghe, Big Appetite!

    It was the voice of his sister, Lu Qinghe. 

    Lu Sheng could imagine Lu Qinghe’s current expression outside the door to his room. 

    There was a trace of impatience within the coldness. 

    Lu Qinghe had always despised him as a brother. 

    Lu Sheng was about to turn 18 this year, but his Blood Qi Value was still 0.8 (declined to 0.78 in the past few days), Combat Power Index and Practical Combat class results were also a complete mess. His total grades were notably below average even within Beihai No.3 Middle School, which was already considered as a sub-par establishment within Beihai City. 

    With such grades, Lu Sheng’s college entrance exam score wouldn’t be enough for even an undergraduate line. 

    But Lu Qinghe was different. 

    She had just turned 16 this year, but her last Blood Qi Value test had already exceeded 1.0, her Combat Power Index was over 100, and she was also very talented in Practical Combat. 

    She currently attends the best High School No.1 for geniuses in Beihai City. 

    Following this trend, it would be possible for her to get a scholarship for a major Martial Arts University in two years. 

    To sum up in one sentence. 

    Lu Qinghe is a prodigy, with extraordinary talent. 

    Compared to Lu Qinghe, Lu Sheng was as mediocre as trash. 

    The cliche combo of a mediocre brother and a genius sister. 

    Although the Lu family didn’t favor one child more than the other based on the differences in martial arts talent, Lu Sheng felt that this was exactly the reason why he and Lu Qinghe have always had a bad relationship. 

    Perhaps in Lu Qinghe’s heart, if there wasn’t the burden of her mediocre brother, she could have gotten all the family resources poured into her right now, and she could have reached an even greater level. 

    “Got it, be right there.” 

    Lu Sheng answered, and the knocking outside came to an immediate stop. 

    At that moment, Lu Sheng also regained his lucidity, and he became aware that he had just experienced another nightmare. 

    But unlike in the past, this time, after the nightmare Lu Sheng didn’t feel any sense of discomfort anywhere. 


    His physical condition was unexpectedly good. 

    “No sense of fatigue, no drowsiness, my whole body feels like it’s full of energy…” 

    Lu Sheng was a little surprised. 

    He tried to remember everything he had experienced in the dream. 

    A few moments later, Lu Sheng was shocked. 

    “All those memories… those memories that I got from the zombies, I still remember them all vividly. The numerous combat skills that I inherited are all still deeply engraved into my muscle memory, so much so that…” 

    Lu Sheng swung his fist in the air. 

    “Even my strength feels like it has increased…” 

    This was especially unbelievable! 

    It should be noted that strength stems from the Qi. 

    The increase in physical strength would inevitably be the result of a rise in Qi. 

    If Lu Sheng felt that his strength had increased, wouldn’t that mean his Blood Qi Value had also increased? 

    ‘The Blood Qi Value can be increased like this through dreams?’


    Lu Sheng couldn’t believe it, doubting that these were all just his own delusions. 

    Naturally, the most direct way to verify whether it was real or not would be to go and do a full physical test. 

    “Let’s eat first, then I’ll go and find a martial arts training center to test it…” 

    Lu Sheng quickly calmed down his excitement, cleaned up a bit, then walked out of his room. 

    In his two lives, the only thing that made Lu Sheng better than his peers would probably be his calm and steady mindset. 

    — — —

    Lu Sheng buried his head and gulped rice into his mouth, as if he had been starving for days. 

    As he picked up the empty bowl he ate clean, handing it to his mother Zheng Yufen to ask for another bowl, he suddenly noticed that the three people at the dinner table were looking at him in a strange way. 

    Only then did Lu Sheng realize that… 

    The amount of food he ate today does indeed seem to be excessive. 

    “Forget it, I’m full.” 

    Lu Sheng hesitated for a moment and was about to take the bowl back. 

    But it was snatched away by Lu Dahai. 

    “What do you mean, how can you stay hungry at home? Wife, please go and cook another pot of rice and stir-fry two more dishes.” 

    Mother Zheng Yufen nodded and then stood up and left. 

    Lu Dahai looked rather pleased, looking at Lu Sheng with a smile, as he said, “Boys tend to be like this when they are growing, they never feel full no matter how much they eat. The head goes up…” 

    “I will go out and buy some pills tomorrow, the development period is a great time to increase the Blood Qi Value, don’t waste it…” 

    Lu Sheng nodded his head. 

    “How much can it be increased? He’ll be 18 soon…” 

    Next to him, Lu Qinghe shoved a piece of roasted pork into her mouth, chewing it while making a disdainful noise. 

    Lu Dahai glared at her and said, “Don’t keep discouraging your brother, being able to increase by even a little is a good thing. Those who graduate from Wuhan University with an undergraduate degree and a junior college degree are treated completely differently…” 

    Lu Qinghe skewed her lips, but didn’t say anything. 

    Lu Sheng kept silent. 

    To be honest, the amount of food he ate this evening was a shock to even himself. 

    He ate seven bowls of rice, and still didn’t feel full. 

    Mind the fact that Lu Qinghe usually only eats five bowls of rice. 

    And Lu Qinghe’s Blood Qi Value was higher than Lu Sheng’s by a whole 0.2, and she consistently ate twice as much as Lu Sheng. 

    ‘Maybe the Blood Qi Value has really increased, and it isn’t just my delusions…’

    Lu Sheng secretly thought in his mind. 

    Mother Zheng Yufen quickly stir-fried another two meat dishes and served them up, Lu Sheng ate two more bowls of rice, then said a quick goodbye to his family and directly headed out the door. 

    He couldn’t wait to test his current values in all aspects. 

    — — —

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