Chapter 6: Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall, Increased Strength!


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    Chapter 6: Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall, Increased Strength!

    “Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall!”

    Lu Sheng arrived at his destination following the navigation on his phone, stopping in front of the Martial Arts Hall closest to his home.

    The Martial Arts Hall wasn’t very big, even the decor was nothing special, it was just an ordinary private martial arts hall.

    “The owner of this martial arts hall, Ni Hongchuan, is a level 4 martial artist who specialises in traditional fist techniques, and he also was one of the top ten in the 23rd Annual Beihai City Martial Arts Conference…”

    The Martial Arts Hall had an enrollment advertisement posted on the door that Lu Sheng noticed.

    The words ‘level 4 martial artist’ on the advertisement caught Lu Sheng’s attention.

    Based on the standards released by the Global Martial Union, a martial artist with a peak Blood Qi Value of more than 200 and a Combat Power Index of more than 100,000 would qualify as a level 4.

    ‘His Blood Qi Value is 200 times higher than mine, while the Combat Power Index is 100 times higher than mine…’

    Lu Sheng roughly compared himself to Ni Hongchuan in his head and got an exaggerated result.

    As the martial arts level increases, the difficulty to reach the next level also increases.

    Level 4 martial artists, even in the entire Beihai City, are regarded as a group of experts, with dignified status.

    Therefore, it seemed that this Martial Arts Hall had a long heritage.

    But it had nothing to do with Lu Sheng.

    He couldn’t even afford the fees written on the enrollment advertisement.

    Martial arts students from ordinary families are already barely able to maintain the supplements needed for daily martial arts practice, let alone enrolling in extracurricular classes to learn fist techniques to improve their combat level.

    That is the privilege that only the children of wealthy families are entitled to.

    For the children of ordinary families, building a foundation step by step and working hard to improve their Blood Qi Value would be enough.

    “If Lu Qinghe asks, the family will probably give her the money, I… forget it. Besides, since I can absorb memories and martial arts from the zombies in the dreams, I don’t really need such training…”

    Lu Sheng thought, striding into the Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall.

    At the front door of the martial arts school was a reception desk. The receptionist was a girl of around 20 years old, appearing quite beautiful.

    Seeing Lu Sheng, the girl quickly put on a professional smile and took the initiative to greet him, “Is this student here to enrol in our martial arts hall’s martial arts training classes?”

    Lu Sheng shook his head, “No, I’m here to test my Blood Qi Value and Combat Power Index.”

    Generally, martial arts halls provide such assessment services, the results of which are similar to those in schools, and the cost also isn’t too high.

    The receptionist girl swept a glance at the school uniform Lu Sheng was wearing, gave a nod, then said, “Alright, please wait a moment.”

    Based on her discernment, she could naturally see that Lu Sheng was one of those kids from an ordinary family, so there would be no point in wasting her time on him.

    “Go down the hallway and proceed to room 8, there are devices for the test inside. Do you know how to operate them? Or do you need me to get someone to help you?”

    The receptionist girl had a fairly good attitude and didn’t look down on Lu Sheng.

    Lu Sheng stated that he could, then took the rental card given by the receptionist girl and followed her directions to the specialised testing room.

    The device for testing the Blood Qi Value was somewhat similar to a printer, with a small notch at the bottom and a disposable sterile sampling needle placed next to it. 

    Lu Sheng opened the sampling needle, took a little blood from the tip of his left middle finger, and then put it in the notch on the device. 

    A faint blue light appeared on the crimson blood, then the device emitted a soft “beep” sound, and a value popped up on the device’s screen. 


    The Blood Qi Value was accurate to the last three decimal digits. 

    When Lu Sheng saw the value, he couldn’t help but clench his fist firmly even though he had already anticipated it. 

    The Blood Qi Value had really increased! 

    And the increase wasn’t small. 

    It went up by 0.18, nearly 0.2. 

    Moreover, this was only the result of him hunting three zombies in his dream. 

    This proves that everything I obtained in that dream can really be brought to reality… This is no longer just a game of killing monsters and levelling up, instead…’ 

    ‘It’s true cultivation!’ 

    Lu Sheng held back his excitement. 

    Nobody would be willing to be mediocre, especially him, who had already lived a mediocre life. 

    Now that he finally saw a glimpse of hope that could allow him to shine in the martial arts world, how could he not be excited and delighted? 

    “Let’s measure the Combat Power Index now.” 

    The device for testing Combat Power was much bigger, almost as tall as a person, and in the middle of the device was a padded groove. 

    The test only required punching hard at the groove. 

    The memories of the uniform zombie contain techniques for punching, let’s give it a try…’ 

    Lu Sheng wasn’t sure how strong those two jumpsuit zombies he killed were when they were alive, but they were definitely stronger than the current him. 

    And the skills and experience they had accumulated through numerous hard training and battles during their lifetime were undoubtedly an even greater treasure to the current him. 


    Lu Sheng took a deep breath, and his right arm muscles followed the trajectory of the techniques in his memory, and he threw a ferocious punch at the force measuring device. 


    A number popped up on the force measuring device. 


    The Combat Power Index had reached 113. 

    It had already exceeded the standard Combat Power Index as represented by his 0.96 Blood Qi Value. 

    This should be the bonus of the skill. 

    Then Lu Sheng tested punching with his left arm as well, the value was a little less than his right arm, but it was also over 100. 

    After several tests, Lu Sheng finally pulled back his punches with satisfaction. 

    “Last year, the undergraduate martial arts score line in Beihai City for Blood Qi Value was 1.05, and the Combat Power Index was 105.” 

    “In other words, now I have almost reached the standard for the undergraduate line.”

    “Even if I can’t enter the dream anymore, I will be able to safely enter any of the No. 2 Martial Arts University after the college entrance exam in just 200 days.” 

    — — — 

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