Chapter 8: Surging Blood Qi Value!


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    Chapter 8: Surging Blood Qi Value!

    He was certainly no genius. 

    Lu Sheng was well aware of this. 

    All of this was the result of the Body Refining Technique that he had just practised. 

    “The result from practising it once is much better than the results I got in the entire last year, maybe even several years… the effect is tens or even hundreds of times greater than that of the 24 Forms of Body Refining Technique!” 

    “No, it’s not just the Body Refining Technique. There’s also the breathing…” 

    “I subconsciously utilised an amazing Breathing Method while I was practising the Body Refining Technique just now, and the combination of the two resulted in such a terrifying effect…” 

    Lu Sheng immediately recalled some images he had seen in the memories of the uniform zombie. 

    [- The Breathing Methods and the Body Refining Techniques, these two things that you’ve been taught, practice them when you eat, when you sleep and even when you go to the toilet!] 

    “Both the Breathing Method and Body Refining Technique are awesome…” 

    Lu Sheng didn’t know what exactly the Breathing Method and Body Refining Technique practised by the uniform zombie before it died was, but he was sure of one thing. 

    These two techniques were much more advanced than the 13th version of the Body Refining Technique that he was currently practising. Which was said to have been jointly created by the masters of the Global Martial Union. 

    Much, much better. 

    “So this is the real treasure of the dream world…” 

    Lu Sheng clenched his fist firmly as his gaze was burning. 

    This was his greatest advantage; no matter how complicated the methods and techniques he obtained in the dream were, with the memories of the person who practised them in their life as a bonus, he would be able to use them without any hurdle in a very fluent manner. 

    This would directly save Lu Sheng a lot of time and energy, a complete shortcut to soaring above heaven. 

    After a brief rest, Lu Sheng walked out of his room, looking for food to replenish his energy. 

    Luckily, there was still a lot of bread, fruits and other food in the refrigerator. 

    Lu Sheng ate and drank a lot, but it barely filled up his stomach. 

    Then he returned to his room and began to practice the mysterious Body Refining Technique, which contained 268 different movements. 

    Lu Sheng performed this Body Refining Technique four times in a row, and the excitement of clearly sensing his own increase in strength made him almost addicted to it. 

    By the end of the practice, Lu Sheng’s body was so exhausted that even lifting his pinky finger became difficult. 

    He even had an illusion. 

    His body resembled a sponge that had been wrung out numerous times, completely drained of all water, collapsing onto the yoga mat in a feeble manner. 

    Sleepiness finally began to sweep into Lu Sheng’s brain. 

    He fell into a deep sleep. 

    Then he woke up in the dream again. 

    Looking at the familiar grey, depressing sky overhead, Lu Sheng, for the first time felt a sense of relief. 

    In the distant wilderness, the zombies wandering around in the grey fog could be vaguely seen. 

    Lu Sheng grinned, his face resembling a lecherous wolf that saw a pretty young girl’s face, fiercely pouncing towards the zombies… 

    — — —

    “Lu Sheng, come online later, you’re the only one missing from the 5 blacks.” 

    Just after the school bell rang, Liu Qiming dashed over to talk to Lu Sheng. 

    Lu Sheng shook his head and refused, “No.” 

    “Going home to catch up on sleep again? Haven’t you stopped having nightmares recently?” 

    Liu Qiming struggled to understand. 

    Lu Sheng lightly said, “Not to catch up on sleep, but to practice and prepare for the college entrance exam.” 


    Liu Qiming had a disdainful expression on his face. 

    “There’s no one here, why are you still pretending in front of me?” 

    Lu Sheng was too lazy to explain it to him. 

    People like Liu Qiming simply wouldn’t understand how enjoyable practising can really be. 

    The pleasure of a rapid increase in strength is simply not something that a computer game can provide. 

    “Forget it, do as you like.” 

    Liu Qiming saw Lu Sheng’s unwavering attitude and stopped persuading. 

    “You will only be enthusiastic for three minutes anyway…” 

    With his understanding of Lu Sheng, within only a few days, this enthusiasm of Lu Sheng will be gone. 

    When that time comes, the two of them will again be the two musketeers fighting in the Internet Cafe.

    — — —

    ‘It’s about time to go to the Martial Arts Hall and do another test…’ 

    On the way home, Lu Sheng walked while silently thinking in his head. 

    A week had passed since he last went to the Martial Arts Hall for the test. 

    During these seven days, Lu Sheng immersed himself in practice every day, as if he was intoxicated. 

    As soon as he got home from school, he went into his room to do the Body Refining Technique several times, ate dinner and did it a few more times, then went to bed at 10 o’clock exactly, hunted zombies and absorbed their memories in his dreams. 

    If not for the fact that he didn’t have a good explanation to give to the school and his parents, he would have even liked to just skip school and practice at home everyday. 

    “I’ll rent the testing devices” 

    Again, at the Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall from last time, Lu Sheng arrived at the testing room in a familiar manner. 

    First, he extracted his blood and tested his Blood Qi Value. 

    Lu Sheng watched as the blue light of the testing device slowly scanned his blood. 

    He was incomparably looking forward to the results of his current test. 

    After a week of hard practice, what kind of heights did he reach under the combined practice of the mysterious Body Refining Technique and Breathing Method. 


    [Blood Qi Value: 1.324]


    Lu Sheng clenched his fist firmly, and his eyes were filled with a gleam of astonishment.

    An unexpected result beyond reason.

    Compared to the last test, his Blood Qi Value once again increased by a whole 0.36, nearly 0.4.

    Other people get high on pills everyday, but still can’t increase as fast as he did!

    [TL/N: Do drugs kids.]

    [PR/N: If they are taking pills everyday, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were really high.]

    “Let’s measure the Combat Power Index now!”

    Lu Sheng walked over to the combat power measuring device, took a deep breath, clenched his fist and…


    Compared to the last test, the speed at which Lu Sheng threw his punch now was much faster and his movements were more precise and smooth.

    This was also due to the large number of combat skills he had absorbed during this period of time, of which there were many techniques related to unarmed combat.

    The way Lu Sheng was now throwing his punches was no less than some veteran fighters who have been fighting for more than 2 decades.


    With a sound, a number popped on the combat power measuring device.

    — — —

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