Chapter 9: It’s False!


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    Chapter 9: It’s False!


    Lu Sheng’s eyes glowed with intense excitement.  

    Even he was surprised by the results. 

    “Combat Power Index 168, it already exceeds the standard combat power of a Level 1 official Martial Artist!” 

    “In other words, as long as I can increase my Blood Qi Value, I will soon be eligible to take the level 1 Martial Artist test.” 

    Lu Sheng became very excited. 

    A goal that he once couldn’t even imagine, in just a week’s time, was close at hand, almost within his reach. 

    This feeling was quite wonderful. 

    “The gap between Combat Power Index and Blood Qi Value has widened even more. This situation is only possible for those geniuses who also practice practical combat martial arts. But now I, too, can be considered a genius…” 

    Lu Sheng smiled, imagining what kind of surprised face his teachers and classmates would have if his current strength was exposed. 

    “You have been using our Hongchuan Martial Arts Hall’s secret medicinal bath to assist your cultivation for so long. Your Blood Qi Value should have grown considerably; it’s time to test it…” 

    The sound of footsteps and talking came from the entrance. 

    Lu Sheng’s ears twitched as he quickly erased the data on the tester and walked towards the door. 

    When he was almost at the door, Lu Sheng saw a beautiful woman with smooth skin and a tall figure leading a teenager about the same age as him, approaching in his direction as they brushed past him. 

    “It’s a student who came to rent the testing devices… I guess he’s from a nearby school…” 

    Ni Shuang glanced at Lu Sheng, who walked out the door and casually said to the teenager beside her. 

    “This type of student, whose family can’t even afford a tester, probably didn’t do too well…” 

    The teenager behind Ni Shuang spoke with a smirk. 

    The teenager had fair skin, looked slightly handsome, dressed rather more refined than people from ordinary families, and spoke with a natural sense of superiority. 


    Ni Shuang nodded her head. 

    Although the tone of the teenager’s speech made her slightly uncomfortable, there was no denying that what he said wasn’t wrong. 

    As the saying goes, “poor in academics, but strong in martial arts”. 

    In martial arts practice, resources also play a big part in the overall process. 

    The children from wealthy families grow up taking all kinds of pills even before they start to develop, their Blood Qi Value far exceeds that of others by a wide margin, and later there remains room to practice all kinds of martial arts techniques, widening the gap between them and their peers. 

    Whereas the children of poor families may not even get to eat properly, and occasionally taking a single pill will cost the family’s entire savings, how could they ever compete with the children of those wealthy families? 

    Just like the kid who had just walked out, he was very skinny and malnourished over a long time. 

    “Let’s begin with the test.” 

    Ni Shuang refocused her mind and instructed the teenager to begin with the test. 

    The test results came out shortly. 

    “Blood Qi Value 1.253, Combat Power Index 130!” 

    The teenager was pleased and said, “Blood Qi Value has increased by a whole 0.03 from half a month ago. Senior sister Ni, this medicinal bath is far more effective than the pills I usually take.” 

    Ni Shuang’s face also revealed a smile as she explained, “You usually take too many pills. Naturally, some residual medicinal energy will be accumulated in your body. Our Ni family’s medicinal bath is to stimulate these medicinal energies within your body. 

    The effect for the first month will indeed be remarkable. Afterwards, it will gradually decrease, so you must continue taking various pills to assist.” 

    “Pills? My family has plenty of them. More importantly, they are effective…” 

    The teenager waved his hand indifferently, the increase in Blood Qi Value made him very excited, suddenly his eyes turned as if he thought of something, and he quickly walked to the device that Lu Sheng had just used, saying to Ni Shuang, “Senior sister Ni, can you bring up the test results of that guy just now, I would like to see how wide the gap is between men and others…” 

    “The ones you should be comparing yourself to now are those geniuses in your school, the top students, not ordinary people…” 

    “I know I know, I just want to boost my self-confidence a little, Senior Sister Ni, please…” 

    Unable to resist the teenager’s pleading, Ni Shuang reluctantly walked over to the device and brought up the previous tester’s results. 

    “That guy was as skinny as a bamboo stick, his Blood Qi Value is probably not even 1. He’s probably also a little older than me… hehe…” 

    The teenager’s mouth was chattering, and his face was already beginning to reveal a sense of pleasure after his sense of vanity was satisfied. 

    But when the data was displayed in front of him, the teenager’s expression froze. 

    His entire body was frozen in place, his eyes staring straight at the data on the display as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes. 

    [Blood Qi Value 1.324, Combat Power Index 168!] 

    “It’s false!” 

    The teenager yelled up immediately, shouting in disbelief, “That guy… that guy just now… how can his Blood Qi Value be so much higher than mine?!” 

    Ni Shuang was also frozen for a moment. 

    A Blood Qi Value of 1.32, in Beihai City, regardless of which high school it is, will be considered an upper-level score. 

    But what was even more exaggerated was the Combat Power Index of 168, which exceeded the standard of Blood Qi Value by more than 30, demonstrating that the other party had obviously attained a considerable level of attainment in practical combat as well. 

    ‘When my Blood Qi Value was 1.3, even my Combat Power wasn’t this exceptional.’ 

    The young man who was considered “poor” and “malnourished” by him, turned out to be an undeniable genius. 

    “Sister Ni, could you have pulled up the wrong data? It’s impossible, it’s just not scientifically possible… how can that guy…” 

    The teenager was still fiddling around with the device from top to bottom, mumbling with a reluctant expression. 

    He initially wanted to feel superior to Lu Sheng but ended up being severely defeated, and now he was more depressed than ever. 

    “Now, if you know how good others are, you should work harder. When the entrance exams come, there will be many other geniuses like this…” 

    Ni Shuang comforted while secretly memorizing the appearance of Lu Sheng that she saw earlier in her mind. 

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