Chapter 7: Mysterious Body Refining Technique; Large Gains!


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    Chapter 7: Mysterious Body Refining Technique; Large Gains!

    Naturally, Lu Sheng’s current ambition didn’t stop there. 

    The standard Blood Qi Value of an official level 1 martial artist is 1.5, and the standard Combat Power Index is 150. 

    Lu Sheng’s goal is to become an official level 1 martial artist recognized by the Global Martial Union, before the college entrance exams. 

    “The benefits official martial artists receive are just too good; even if you do practically nothing every month, you can still receive several thousand Yuan subsidy from the Martial Union.”

    “Being a level 1 martial artist is also the requirement for many high paying professions.”

    “If I can reach the standard of a level 1 martial artist before the college entrance exam, I may even be able to enter a major martial arts university.” 

    “And after studying for a few years, no matter whether it’s teaching at a martial arts school, or applying to be an officer, all of them have a promising future…” 

    At this moment, Lu Sheng keenly felt just how bright his road ahead had become. 

    And all of this was due to a dream that he had just a few hours ago. 

    After the test, Lu Sheng paid a fee of 100 yuan and then quickly returned home. 

    He couldn’t wait to enter the dream world again and explore it. 

    — — —

    “Shit, I actually can’t fall asleep?!” 

    Lu Sheng sat up from his bed, slightly bewildered, scratching his head with a frustrated expression. 

    Perhaps due to having eaten an excessive amount at dinner, as well as the increase in Blood Qi Value, Lu Sheng’s current mental state was surprisingly good, his mind was clear, and he didn’t feel sleepy in the slightest. 

    “It’s only 7 o’clock, it’s way too early to go to bed. Forget it, let’s do some exercise first, and when my body is tired, I’ll naturally fall asleep…” 

    Lu Sheng looked at the time and eventually decided to do some pre-bedtime exercise. 

    The exercise was naturally the 24 Forms of Body Refining, which he called the 13th set of radio exercises. 

    “It just so happens that my Blood Qi Value has increased a lot and it needs to be consolidated…” 

    Scientific research has shown that the human body’s Blood Qi Value is not constant, it has a peak and a plateau point. 

    When you exercise vigorously or take pills, the Blood Qi Value will peak temporarily. 

    And when you are resting, or are sick or injured, the Blood Qi Value will decline to the bottom. 

    Therefore, martial artists generally need to perform a series of high-intensity exercises after taking pills to ensure a permanent increase in Blood Qi Value in order to maximise the effectiveness of the pills; it was considered common sense. 

    Lu Sheng’s Blood Qi Value had increased by a whole 0.18 today, so appropriate exercise was essential. 

    “1st form…” 

    Lu Sheng followed the 24 Forms of Body Refining that he had done countless times on the yoga mat and started practising late at night. 

    [PR/N: According to the author, 7 pm is a time late at night to practice but still too early to go to bed.]

    But not long after the practice, Lu Sheng felt that something was wrong. 

    “Wait… how can I perform movements like this?” 

    Lu Sheng suddenly stopped his movements with a slightly strange expression. 

    He had been practising the 13th version of the 24 Forms of Body Refining Technique released by the Martial Union since elementary school, having practised for more than 7 years, it had become almost instinctive, and he could do the movements even with his eyes closed. 

    Although it wasn’t at the standard, at least it wasn’t wrong. 

    But just now, he distinctly felt himself subconsciously performing a different set of movements. 

    And that set of movements was something he had never learned before. 

    “I see…” 

    Lu Sheng quickly understood what was wrong. 

    He had absorbed the memories of martial arts from the two uniform zombies, and alongside their combat skills and experience, he had also inherited the memories of their practice. 

    And what he had just performed was the Body Refining Technique that the two uniform zombies had practised repeatedly during their lives! 

    “The Body Refining Technique of the uniform zombies before they died are completely different from the ones I practise now!” 

    With curiosity in mind, Lu Sheng decided to practise the Body Refining Technique from the memories of the two uniform zombies. 

    “The movements are considerably larger than the Body Refining Technique I practise now, with over… 200 forms!” 

    “Some of the movements appear difficult, but with the memories I inherited from those two zombies, it’s equivalent to having practised it myself countless times, making it easy to perform…” 

    “As for the effects…” 


    As soon as Lu Sheng did one of the movements, a certain part of his body produced a tingling sensation similar to an electric shock. 

    The sensation was extremely pleasant as if a wave of warmth was flowing through his body, it felt so good that he nearly let out a moan. 

    [TL/N: Ayo? Sussy baka…]

    [PR/N: I don’t like where this is going…]

    “This sensation appeared only once before when I first attempted to perform the 24 Forms of Body Refining…. This is the second time I’ve felt this sensation after all these years!” 

    It was as if Lu Sheng had discovered a whole new world all of a sudden. 

    He began to focus on practising the Body Refining Technique. 

    At this moment, if a second person was present in the room, they would see Lu Sheng’s body continuously twisting into one weird movement after another. 

    These movements were connected together with an unexpected and wonderfully harmonious sense of grace. 

    And throughout the process, Lu Sheng’s body continued to tremble slightly. 

    His body temperature kept rising, a large volume of white vapours steamed out from the surface of his body, and sweat flowed down his body, nearly drenching the yoga mat underneath him. 


    Lu Sheng finally performed the last movement. 

    His entire body collapsed on the yoga mat as if it was falling apart. 

    However, he felt like he had never been in better shape, and his whole body had gotten a deep massage from the inside out as if he could actually hear the muscle cells all over his body singing with joy. 

    Grumble, grumble, grumble!

    An intense sense of hunger passed through Lu Sheng’s brain. 

    “Didn’t I eat dinner just a few hours ago?” 

    [PR/N: Who the duck eats dinner at 6 pm?]

    Lu Sheng was feeling incredible. 

    The empty stomach constantly reminded him that his body was now in dire need of energy.

    A lot of energy. 

    And there was only one thing that could cause this… 

    Lu Sheng’s Blood Qi Value, once again, had increased! 


    Lu Sheng’s face was filled with amazement. 

    He had performed the Body Refining Technique only once, yet he was able to increase his Blood Qi Value once again. 

    If word of this were to get out, he would probably be immediately treated as a martial arts genius! 

    — — —

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