My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person – Prologue

  • Prologue.

    Appearance is a deception.

    We are bound by our bodies.

    – Plato.  

    Plato’s principle refers to the essence of something, the absolute truth.

    If someone draws a triangle, each person’s triangle will have different sides and angles.

    So, what is a truly perfect triangle, and what is the triangle itself?

    We have no way of recognizing an absolute triangle. This is because the triangle we see is merely the shadow of an absolute triangle. In other words, the shadow of the absolute truth is all that makes up this world.

    But humans have done it.  

    In fact, it is not known whether it was done by humans or by an absolute being.

    One’s own Edeya.

    Mankind discovered the essence of the human soul. It varied greatly from objects, animals, emotions, even sentences and non-existent beings.

    The manifested Edeya directly affected the world we live in. Someone with a shining sword Edeya could manifest the sword anytime, anywhere.  

    The world changed drastically.  

    Edeya were invulnerable to conventional weapons. They could only be suppressed by a Edeya of the same rank or higher.  

    Those with high-ranking Edeya naturally increased their national prestige.

    Souls were ranked from A to F, and schools were turned into tools to raise a county’s prestige by helping to put people with high-ranking Edeya at the frontlines of war.  

    Society as a whole sought to nurture high-ranking souls and Edeya with high combat power.

    Edeya is the soul of a human being.

    The soul, which was once equal for everyone, was now ranked, and used as a label. 

    And the only way to be at the top of the ranks was to be born with a high-ranking soul.

    In that sense, I ask.  

    What is the essence of your soul?



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