Return of the Shattered Constellation – Chapter 3


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    Proofreader – Kshn

    — — —

    Chapter 3 Return of the constellation (1)

    “Also don’t forget. You’re returning as a human, not a god. You’ll have neither your power nor your skills. You’ll have to start from scratch.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind.”

    “And also, your soul is still restricted by the Divine Suppression Steel, so if your suspicious circumstances are detected by anyone, it will be activated once more.”

    “When will this nagging end? My ears will bleed from this.”

    “… Then go now.”

    “Let’s meet again next time, if there’s a chance.”

    “You must always remember. you are an emissary who has received power from the King of the Underworld himself.”

    And just like that, he restarted his life.

    [You successfully passed the Gate of Rebirth!]

    [You have connected to a new server. We are downloading necessary data for smooth operation.]

    [The system is being updated. Please wait a moment.]

    [Your current authority is ‘Administrator’.]


    It was the first thought that came to mind when Changseon passed through the Gate of Rebirth.

    It’s just that, since the world and time axis around him changed together, there was an immense burden on his fallen soul.

    [You have arrived at planet ‘Earth’.]

    Then, as soon as his consciousness returned to normal, Changseon opened his eyes immediately without delay.

    [Achievement Accomplished!]

    [“A regressor with memories of his past life.”]

    [Rewards: Memory Retention, All stats +5.]

    ‘This can also be considered an achievement?’ 

    Changseon thought, as he put the window aside and looked around quickly.

    “Hey, what’s this?!”

    “A gate out of nowhere? I’ve never heard of anything like this!”

    “What the hell is the association doing?!”.


    In a wide open forest, a few people stood in the vacant lot near the center, perplexed.

    All of them had black hair and black eyes, which was rare in Arcadia.

    He was also familiar with the language they were using.

    It was Korean.

    ‘I really am back…’

    Changseon was briefly flooded with emotion, but his eyes soon grew sharp.

    This wasn’t Earth; it was a dungeon on Earth.

    An instant dungeon that appeared at the intersection of Jamsil Station on April 6, 2027.

    — — —

    “I think I’ll have to ask for your understanding first.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “The place where you will open your eyes is Earth, but it is also not Earth. Given that the other gods are watching, it won’t be so easy to connect you directly to earth.”

    “Then where will I wake up?”


    Thanatos gave Changseon a brief rundown on what he should keep in mind just before passing through the Gate of Rebirth.

    And one of them was the place he’d regressed to.

    “The dungeon is merely a fragment of a broken world… you have to use it as a detour.”

    — — —

    So, although he was asked to have an understanding that he couldn’t see his family right away, Changseon liked this place more.

    If he’d returned home right away, he would have been at a loss as to how to train his body, which was soaked in alcohol. Thus, it saved him a bit of trouble.

    Naturally, the general public who went out to the downtown area with the intention of having a fun bonfire wouldn’t welcome this unexpected dungeon break.

    “Damn it…! Please let me go!”

    “Mom! What should I do?”

    There were even instances of people collapsing on the ground and bursting into tears.

    A random break.

    The so-called ‘Non-Symptomatic gate’, which is generated without any warning. There’s only a 1 in 100 million chance for it to happen, and it usually ends only after inflicting terrible damage on those unlucky enough to get caught in it.

    Unfortunately, in a large city like Seoul, its population alone would mean a more devastating aftermath than usual.

    However, the dungeon, as always, was indifferent to the stories of each person who entered it.

    [Congratulations on entering the Instant dungeon, Rosewood Forest.]

    [Current number of attendees: 431.]


    The dungeon’s message, which appeared in their head, made a brief noise.

    [An error has occurred!]

    [A missing attendee has been found.]

    [The number has been newly calculated.]

    [Current number of attendees: 432.]

    Those with a pale complexion had no time to think deeply about the briefly mentioned ‘error’.

    [In order to judge attendee’s individual strength, a mission with appropriate difficulty will be assigned.]

    [The dungeon mission has started!]

    [Mission Theme: Reclamation.]

    [Defeat the monsters lurking all over the ‘Rosewood Forest’ and climb to the top of the hill on the other side of the forest.]

    [The forest is divided into a total of 5 sections. Please note that the types of monsters that inhabit each section are different, and the required reclamation method is also different.]

    [All attendees may access ‘Inventory’, ‘Status Window’ and ‘Skill Window’ to aid their mission.]

    [Please refer to the instructions given below.]

    [We wish you good luck.]

    [The first section has been opened.]

    As soon as the message was finished, Changseon immediately jumped forward.

    “T-That person…!”

    “Hey, it’s dangerous!”

    People were startled and tried to stop him, but he had already left the safe zone.

    And had already gone ahead.

    “Is he a player?”

    “He seemed too ordinary though…?”

    No matter how low-level the players were, they had a different temperament from the general public.

    And since they couldn’t find anything like that in Changseon, they overreacted a bit, concerned for his well-being.

    “But doesn’t he look familiar?”

    “I think I saw him on TV.”

    Some of them who usually enjoy watching game live streams remembered Changseon and their eyes widened.

    “Is he the ‘Tyrant’?”

    — — —

    “This really sucks.”

    Changseon had a frown throughout the run.

    The ground was muddy enough to submerge his feet, but the bigger problem was his body. Despite not running all that much, he was already huffing.

    ‘First, I need to figure out the exact condition of my body.’

    “Status window, open.”

    [Window cannot be opened.]

    [You do not have access rights. Your rights have been forfeited.]

    [The system has been partially updated.]

    [Opening the status window using the『Administrator』rights.]

    [Name: Lee Chang-seon

    Divine name: Twilight of the Gods?

    Title: ??? (Error)

    Affiliation: ??? (Error)

    Strength: ??? (Unknown)

    Agility: ??? (Unknown)

    Stamina: ??? (Unknown) 

    Divine Power: ??? (Unknown)

    Skill Possessed:

    • ??? Lv.??? (Unreadable)
    • ??? Lv.??? (Unreadable)
    • ??? Lv.??? (Unreadable)

    Authorities Possessed:

    • ??? Lv.??? (Unreadable)

    Note: Unable to read a lot of information due to data being unknown.

    Additional stats: 5]

    The ‘Administrator’ was a rank given to the second-in-command of the Underworld.

    Although he was sentenced to labor, he was temporarily given this authority for a smoother operation on Earth.

    And thanks to that, the contents of the status window… were a mess.

    “What bullshit.”

    Since he fell from being a god to a human, it was impossible for the status window to properly reflect the contents.

    Just the fact that it recognized his divine name was already a blessing in and of itself. It wouldn’t be strange for even that to disappear at any given point in time.

    ‘However… Where did the gift from the King of the Underworld go?’

    Changseon narrowed his eyes.

    No matter how much he searched through the status window, he couldn’t find Thanatos’s ‘gift’.

    He frowned, wondering if he had been duped.

    [Based on the new updated data, the contents of the Status Window are being updated.]

    [Name: Lee Chang-seon

    Divine Name: Twilight of the Gods (Unusable)

    Title: None

    Affiliation: Underworld

    Level: 0

    • Strength: 1 
    • Agility: 3
    • Stamina: 2 
    • Magic Power: 0

    Skills Possessed

    • None

    Authorities Possessed:

    • Soul Extortion Lv.1 (New!)
    • Executioner’s Sword Lv.1 (New!)

    Note: Deprivation of authority has been confirmed and all existing information has been reset. Check out the newly-given authorities.

    Additional stats: 5]

    ‘…Fortunately it seems I haven’t been duped.’

    Changseon quickly tapped Thanatos’ ‘gift’ with his index finger.

    [Skill: Soul Extortion

    Description: A privilege that can only be used by special emissaries authorized by the King of the Underworld.

    The soul of the slain target can be stored and karma can be extorted by burning them in the flames of purgatory.

    • Skill Level: 1
    • Type: Authority.
    • Effects: Wound recovery. Physical body strengthening.

    [Skill: Executioner’s Sword

    Description: A privilege that can only be used by special emissaries authorized by the King of the Underworld.

    This skill can be used to execute divine punishment against those who have broken their ‘oath’. Criminals will be tried and judged according to the severity of their crimes, and the executor is given the right to take away some of the criminal’s own authority as compensation.

    • Skill Level: 1
    • Type: Authority.
    • Effect: Divine Punishment. Punisher of Evil. Extortion of Authority.

    ‘It wouldn’t have been easy to give them both, even as King of the Underworld. He must have been really angry with the Otherworld Gods.’

    It could be asserted that the two powers that Thanatos granted were all enormous.

    First, [Soul Extortion].

    The reason why the King of the Underworld was highly regarded was because he was in charge of souls. Among the authorities, [Soul Extortion] concedes some of this power to him, and even allowed him to use the Flames of Purgatory.

    Not only do you gain experience by killing the monster, you also get to extort its soul as well, allowing you to take even more experience. Thus, its efficiency spoke for itself.

    If you were to get a high-ranking soul in your lifetime, you can take a lot of karma from it. In some cases, you can even use it to substitute for a potion.

    And as you move around the battlefield, you can sometimes be surrounded by multiple enemies. 

    In such a scenario, exhaustion and the cumulative accumulation of injuries was something that most people would like to avoid.

    However, by properly applying [Soul Extortion], you can avoid those issues.

    It was the most necessary power for Changseon, who felt more comfortable on the battlefield than in his own house.

    ‘Sometimes, it could be used for torture as well.’

    There is no need to waste time when you wish to interrogate an enemy, not to mention that the probability of failure is significantly reduced as well. Just after killing it, just burn the soul with [Soul Extortion]

    And you can keep burning the soul until they give you the answer, simple.

    ‘So I’ll probably be using this a lot in the future. But as for the [Executioner’s Sword]… for now, I’ll have to hold off on using it.’

    In terms of scaling, [Executioner’s Sword] was superior to [Soul Extortion] by several levels.

    Sealing a god was one thing, but to rob them of their authority?

    Considering that it’s an authority of a god itself, it was really absurd.

    Theoretically, this power can be drawn countless times.

    It isn’t unreasonable to assume that the path to both omniscience and omnipotence could be paved using this power.

    And Thanatos, he seemed to have given such ridiculous powers in consideration of Changseon’s position, as he had to continuously deal with the Otherworld Gods.

    The problem was that there were strict conditions when using [Executioner’s Sword].

    ‘I have to prove that the target is a criminal who has clearly broken the oath, and even if it is possible, if I can’t defeat them properly, there’s a chance I’ll suffer from backlash.’

    The gods are aloof and exist above time.

    The star shines brilliantly. In order to extinguish that light, he needed to shine as much too.

    ‘So, this is going to be sealed for the time being.’

    On the plus side, even if he were to fail in reclaiming his divine status right away, he now had a shortcut. That shortcut being the use of [Executioner’s Sword] on gods and constellations.

    However, such a shortcut was only possible because it was Changseon, someone who was called ‘Twilight of the Gods’, not anyone else.

    ‘So until then…’

    Changseon closed the system window, and returned to reality.

    ‘I’ll become stronger, and as quickly as possible.’

    At that moment, something flashed before his eyes.

    [‘Black Mamba’ has detected you!]


    Among the lush branches overhead, a snake the size of a human forearm opened its jaws and lunged towards Changseon.

    Without a sign of nervousness, Changseon quickly pulled out something from his inventory.

    And swung it ferociously.

    Fortunately, there was only one item in his inventory, as a Novice.

    [You have equipped ‘Rusty Dagger for Beginners’!]

    [Attack initiated.]

    The rusty dagger in Changseon’s hand easily dug deep between the snake’s jaws and tore it apart.

    A clean cut.


    Bodily fluids spewed like a fountain from the serpent as it was split in two.


    [You have successfully defeated ‘Black Mamba’ in one blow!]

    [It was a perfect attack.]

    [‘Skill: Low-Grade Dagger Technique’ has been learned as a reward.]

    [Level Up!]

    [Strength has been increased by 2.]

    [Agility has been increased by 1.]

    System messages appear one after another; it wasn’t until the end that a long-awaited message came to mind.

    [A divine being, ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ is looking at you with interest!]

    ‘And…I am gonna be the rookie that makes those bastards drool.’

    Changseon smiled coldly as he recalled the gods who were watching him from outside the dungeon.

    — — —

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